Are austin butler and vanessa hudgens still dating 2013

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are austin butler and vanessa hudgens still dating 2013

Some celeb couples seem to have dream relationships and Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler easily fit that category. Are Vanessa Hudgens. 3 days ago Vanessa Hudgens recently called boyfriend Austin Butler her 'rock' Hudgens was dating co-star Zac Efron at the time. December 6, Austin made his first appearance on Vanessa's Instagram. to hint that things were still pretty casual, it was the first time Butler had made it onto her social media. 2 days ago Vanessa Hudgens will always have her boyfriend's "back." The year-old actress has been dating her partner Austin Butler for almost six.

And the High School Musical star appears to have packed lightly for her trip as she was spotted wearing a similar outfit to the day before. The brunette wore the same knitted beige cardigan and a pair of skinny jeans, but dressed up the casual ensemble with taupe suede lace-up ankle boots that lessened the height difference between Vanessa and her boyfriend thanks to their high platforms.

The pair made the most of Vanessa's weekend off from filming Spring Breakers Packing light: Meanwhile actor Austin was seen wearing an unbuttoned red plaid shirt over a black T-shirt, teamed with a black leather jacket and maroon jeans. The day before the pair certainly seemed to be getting into the St Patrick's Day spirit as they wandered around the Big Apple together.

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The happy couple enjoyed a tapas meal together at a Soho eatery Spring break: Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler spent quality time together in New York today Vanessa was seen trading her black Beatles T-shirt for something more fitting for the occasion. And after making a shopping stop she could be seen proudly showing off a white and green Irish top instead. Perhaps she was persuaded to make the change by her cool year-old boyfriend, as she had already coordinated his colours for the occasion.

are austin butler and vanessa hudgens still dating 2013

The High School Musical star was obviously overjoyed to be getting in the spirit if the occasion on St Patrick's Day Not-so-green with envy: Austin had nothing to worry about though as he had donned a green hooded top for the event While he wore a black jeans, white T-shirt and leather jacket, the Californian had also made sure he wore a green hooded top for their visit to what is arguably the epicentre of St Patrick's Day celebrations.

She will have also been paying tribute to her own roots, for her father is of Irish and Native American descent New York marked the occasion with its st parade in honour of the event, with even Mayor Michael Bloomburg joining in for the march round Central Park.

Austin posted his first picture of Vanessa on Instagram. Butler posted a caption-less picture of Hudgens. Butler spoke publicly about his relationship with Hudgens for the first time.

Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler make the most of romantic New York getaway

Austin spoke to ETOnline about the relationship. Hudgens as Rizzo in "Grease Live. The actress revealed that she would be doing the show "in his honor.

Hudgens opened up about how the longtime couple makes their long-distance relationship work.

are austin butler and vanessa hudgens still dating 2013

The couple did long distance. Her words of advice? Un-censor yourself and just be open. Reports swirled that they were engaged. Hudgens addressed engagement rumors. She quickly set the record straight, taking to Twitter on December 19 to clarify: I posted a pic. Not to show off my ring that I happened to throw on that finger after a long day of filming but to show off my haircut Lol.

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Hudgens explained why she's in no rush to get engaged. The couple said they are happy as is. When asked if the speculation had put pressure on the pair, she told the publication, "No, because if I felt pressure in a relationship, we wouldn't have been together for almost seven years. Hudgens called Butler her "rock" and shares the secret to their relationship.