Are diane keaton and morgan freeman dating

Morgan Freeman and Diane Keaton make a charming couple in ‘5 Flights Up’

are diane keaton and morgan freeman dating

With Diane Keaton, Morgan Freeman, Cynthia Nixon, Carrie Preston. Lilou Fogli at an event for 5 Flights Up () Cynthia Nixon in 5 Flights Up () Morgan Freeman and Diane Keaton in 5 Flights Up () 5 Flights Release Date. She won the world's collective hearts and became a fashion icon in Annie Hall, and in her latest film, 5 Flights Up, Diane Keaton exhibits similar. Diane Keaton thinks her new film is delightfully ironic. Richard Diane Keaton and Morgan Freeman star in 5 Flights Up. © Life Itself, LLC.

A male actor can fly a plane, fight a war, shoot a badman, pull off a sting, impersonate a big cheese in business or politics.

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Men are presumed to be interesting. A female can play a wife, play a whore, get pregnant, lose her baby, and, um, let's see Women are presumed to be dull. Now a determined trend spotter can point to a handful of new films whose makers think that women can bear the dramatic weight of a production alone, or virtually so.

Then there is Diane Keaton in Looking for Mr.

are diane keaton and morgan freeman dating

As Theresa Dunn, Keaton dominates this raunchy, risky, violent dramatization of Judith Rossner's novel about a schoolteacher who cruises singles bars. Her first record was an original cast recording of Hair, in Inshe began recording tracks for a solo album, but the finished record never materialized.

Like her character in Annie Hall, Keaton had long relished photography as a favorite hobby, an interest she picked up as a teenager from her mother. While traveling in the late s, she began exploring her avocation more seriously. It was so easy and I could do it myself.

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It was an adventure for me. Inshe became romantically involved with Warren Beattyand two years later he cast her to play opposite him in the epic historical drama Reds. In the film, she played Louise Bryanta journalist and feminist, who flees from her husband to work with radical journalist John Reed Beattyand later enters Russia to locate him as he chronicles the Russian Civil War.

Beatty cast Keaton after seeing her in Annie Hall, as he wanted to bring her natural nervousness and insecure attitude to the role. The production of Reds was delayed several times following its conception inand Keaton almost left the project when she believed it would never be produced.

Filming finally began two years later. In a Vanity Fair story, Keaton described her role as "the everyman of that piece, as someone who wanted to be extraordinary but was probably more ordinary I knew what it felt like to be extremely insecure.

It's the best work she has done to date. I had somehow gotten into the habit of expecting her to be a touchy New Yorker, sweet, scared, and intellectual.

are diane keaton and morgan freeman dating

Here, she is just what she needs to be: The film follows George Finney and Faith Dunlap Keatonwhose deteriorating marriage, separation and love affairs devastate their four children. Shoot the Moon received mostly positive reviews from critics and Keaton's performance was again praised.

are diane keaton and morgan freeman dating

Pauline Kael from The New Yorker opined that the film was "perhaps the most revealing American movie of the era" and wrote of Keaton: Very few young American movie actresses have the strength and the instinct for the toughest dramatic roles -- intelligent, sophisticated heroines. There hasn't been anybody else until now. Diane Keaton acts on a different plane from that of her previous film roles; she brings the character a full measure of dread and awareness, and does it in a special, intuitive way that's right for screen acting.

The Little Drummer Girl was both a financial and critical failure, with critics claiming that Keaton was miscast for the genre, such as one review from The New Republic claiming that "the title role, the pivotal role, is played by Diane Keaton, and around her the picture collapses in tatters. She is so feeble, so inappropriate. Soffela film based on the true story of a repressed prison warden's wife who falls in love with a convicted murderer and arranges for his escape.

Two years later she starred with Jessica Lange and Sissy Spacek in Crimes of the Heartadapted from Beth Henley 's Pulitzer Prize-winning play into a moderately successful screen comedy. Keaton's performance was well received by critics, and Rita Kempley of The Washington Post said, "As the frumpy Lenny, Keaton eases smoothly from New York neurotic to southern eccentric, a reluctant wallflower stymied by, of all things, her shriveled ovary.

In Baby Boom, Keaton starred as a Manhattan career woman who is suddenly forced to care for a toddler. One has the false feeling that one knows her, having seen her mature with so much vulnerability and neurosis and passion from Sleeper through The Godfather and so many other classic comedies and dramas and romances to her latest movie opposite Morgan Freeman, 5 Flights Up.

Sitting in the chic Crosby, where the upholstered furniture wears nearly as much tweed as she does, Ms. Keaton, 69, sports a black leather belt wide enough to gird a WWE wrestler around her slender waist, a black handkerchief with white polka dots peaking out from her breast pocket and short square nails painted a matching black and white herringbone. If Chaplin was very, very feminine.

are diane keaton and morgan freeman dating

At her home, the actress collects men their faces at leastframed and behind glass. The subject of our talk in Soho is love. As the longtime muse of Woody Allen, partners on-screen and off with Al Pacino and Warren Beatty, and great good friends with Jack Nicholson, that interplay of intimacy, fictional and real, is always a question with Ms.

In her charming latest film, her paramour and husband, lucky girl is Morgan Freeman. But nothing, of course, is easy. Keaton clanks her large, modern silver rings on the table noisily when asked whether she could have ever had the kind of bond with longtime companion Al Pacino. Not in a million years unless I were a different woman. Pacino looms large in the Mount Rushmore of co-stars who have played a leading role in Ms.

She fell in love or lust with him at first sight when they met in a Manhattan bar after being cast in The Godfather. Pacino, Allen and Beatty, among others. Nina Terrero May 13, at It was a beautiful experience for me.

You shot 5 Flights Up on the streets of New York. As a former New Yorker, what was that experience like? It was fun, particularly shooting in Brooklyn. Once in awhile you go to BAM and then you hurry back to Manhattan. But I was able to discover Brooklyn, which is really quite amazing.

are diane keaton and morgan freeman dating

But of course, I still want to live in New York City. I always have fun in the city. While I was last there, I took an amazing walk. I went uptown to the Jewish Museum and walked down Fifth Avenue. I walked all the way down to 55th Street. It was beautiful, and it was great seeing all the changes that have happened to the city. Do people recognize you and stop you in those situations?