Arrow 3x02 felicity and roy dating

arrow 3x02 felicity and roy dating

He had thought that Felicity would walk away from him and Team Arrow after the I'm just waiting for 3x02 to see if I can pull it off, or if I'll just keep Both Dig and Roy had tried to convince him that he was making a mistake. Felicity and Oliver might be the "it" couple of Arrow, but in real life, there's a good possibility Roy, aka Arsenal, and Felicity are dating. Arrow 3x02 felicity and roy dating. Roy hears the commotion, comes down to the kitchen shirtless and starts blanching out and then Felicity comes out now.

She flashes a fake smile toward him before turning a real one on Dig. She rolls her eyes at him. The moment the door clicks into place, the awkward silence settles around them once again, as both guys refuse to make eye contact with him once more. He lets out a huff and slams the arrowhead that he has been working on down on the metal table.

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He has a look of skepticism on his face. I thought they didn't work out?! So she was going out on a date, even if it wasn't with the Flash.

Part of him is pissed that she is trying to move on from him. And it is that part that he decides to focus on for a while.

With a snarl, he pushes away from his work station and marches to the case holding his hood. It would be better to channel his anger in something more productive than beating the hell out of Dig and Roy.

Or tracking Felicity down and breaking her date's jaw. Neither of his teammates say anything as he heads toward the bathroom to change. He would need to patrol the city on his own, if only to blow off some steam so he doesn't explode at Felicity again.

He is still trying to convince himself that it is merely a coincidence that has brought him into this particular part of town tonight. But after circling past her apartment building for the third time, Oliver cannot lie to himself anymore. He cannot even convince himself that it is solely to make sure that she is safe.

He wants to know who she is using to get over him. He wants to know who his competition is. Not that he is even in the running anymore. A Bentley pulls up in front of her building and he slips into the shadows of the alleyway so that he can still see and hear everything without being discovered himself. The driver side door opens and his blood begins to boil as a familiar figure steps out.

Ray Palmer walks around the front of the car and opens the passenger side door for his date. Oliver loses his ability to breathe as he catches sight of Felicity being helped out of the car. A beautiful blue dress hugs all of her subtle curves, stopping at her knees. Her blond curls are gathered to one side, reminding him of their undercover operation at that casino so many years ago. She flashes a smile that he hasn't seen in almost a month.

But this one hurts the most because it is not for him. At least, not anymore. Instead, it is for Palmer. The man had already taken his company and his family home. Now he was going to take the one thing that he gave a damn about anymore He had used the same smirk on girls before Lian Yu. Her eyes narrow playfully. He had no idea what that was about.

Then he realized that they already had inside jokes and his heart breaks a little more. Ray leans down and brushes his lips against her cheek, effectively cutting off her laughter.

arrow 3x02 felicity and roy dating

She turns her head toward him as he pulls away a bit to look her in the eye. I cannot wait for our next date.

Oliver turns his head, unable to watch the scene play out anymore unable to leave the alley without giving himself away to Felicity. It felt like he had spent an eternity in that alley before he hears the car start up. It idles for a few moments, as if Ray is waiting for Felicity to go inside before he leaves.

That theory is proven when Oliver hears the front door of the apartment complex click closed. It is not long before the engine noises fade into the night. But he stays in the alley. He presses his back against the wall and slides to the ground, his head in his hands. While he had pushed her away, he had never once thought that Felicity would be able to get over him so fast. She had stayed with him through all of his issues with Laurel, Helena, Sara, and Isabel.

Now it was his turn to watch her fall for guys like Barry and Ray. Karma really is a bitch. It was time for him to get used to seeing her with someone else, because he is the one who let her go. And she should not have to wait on him to get over his split personality issues, no matter how much he loves her and really wants to be with her.

But he would allow himself this one moment to mourn what could have been if he wasn't such an idiot. This was going to simply be some little 1, word prompt, but it turned into this. Hell, it's a whole page longer than the assignment I just turned in for my college class.

So, I hope that y'all enjoyed this angst-fest. Maybe tomorrow's episode will give me happy material, but with the subject matter, I doubt it. Any ideas for prompts can be PM'd to me here, or you can message me on Tumblr at little-miss-gambit. Sara Arrow 3x02 Review Overall, I was a little underwhelmed. I think I built it up too much in my head. I gotta bone to pick with you Mr. They gave us our happiness in 3x Why are the writers doing this? They have to break the ship down so it can be rebuilt.

Rebuilt into something EPIC. Then the rest of the season is about deciding, if they can or WANT to find their way to back to each other.

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This was the beginning of the different trajectories. But what is a soul without the will to live? What Felicity wants, what she has always wanted, is Oliver. For a brief moment, he was hers. But then to finally have that love returned, only to lose it, is a far greater and much worse kind of pain? She was raw and exposed and grieving.

Felicity has never believed life as The Arrow and life outside of The Arrow are mutually exclusive. Nor does she believe that it prohibits Oliver. Felicity is the better. Felicity is the more.

arrow 3x02 felicity and roy dating

All she was asking Oliver to do was try. She thought they were on the brink of it in 3x He asked her out, he was opening up and for a moment she allowed herself to believe that it was real.

And then it all exploded. And Oliver chose The Arrow. He chose life as The Arrow over Oliver Queen. That scene in The Foundry was really painful to watch. Something struck me in the opening monologue. But I must be more…I must be something more. When Felicity looks at Oliver…she sees Oliver. Show his emotions, grieve with her, comfort her, let her comfort him…let her love him…be the man she fell in love with, not the weapon she works with. She reacted like any human would…with anger.

Not today of all days. Not when she knows the other side exists. Seeing him cold, unattached, aloof, almost machine like. Felicity wants her Oliver. She asked him why he was acting this way. I believe she was just trying to elicit a reactiontry to get Oliver out from under the hood and to open up.

He has to lead. The mission comes first. If he grieves, no one else gets to. This is what death is to Oliver.

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He is a person. Stop being The Arrow. Be Oliver Queen with her…and grieve. I loved this part because one thing Felicity Smoak does best is call Oliver on his bullshit. Look at what happened with Slade!

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Look at the explosion! Look at what happened to Sara! He risks nothing so he loses nothing. And for a brief second, The Arrow goes away. Oliver is in that room and what Oliver has to say is bone chilling. Maybe three arrows in the chest. He was trying to warn her. This is Oliver pushing Felicity away…hard. It will be Oliver that Felicity has to mourn. Oliver knows how to survive. How can she wait with him? Knowing what they could have had?

The unbelievable strength of Felicity Smoak is unmatched. Some women would stay. They would stay in the dark, just to be with the man they love. There it is folks. The line I was praying the writers would use. None of us is making it out of this gig alive. The best way you know how.

arrow 3x02 felicity and roy dating

You survive to live. He might not know how to live, but Felicity does. Remember when I said Felicity would try to move on?

arrow 3x02 felicity and roy dating

This is the moment it starts. This is Felicity moving on. Remember when I said Oliver would let her go? He just let her walk right out of that Foundry and right into Ray Palmer. She walked away and he let her go. Oliver sits alone in The Foundry.

arrow 3x02 felicity and roy dating

Remember how I wanted it to be Diggle Oliver finally opened up to?