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After an original order of 26 episodes, they revealed in the next time credits of episode 26 that the Season, Series #, Title, Japanese air date, English air date . Excited, Dan takes off to get in some training with Scorpion. . Things only get worse when they discover many other talking bakugan and then they are captured. Bakugan Battle Brawlers is a Japanese action adventure anime television series based They start to get along as Runo finds Tigrera, another talking Bakugan. . Shun then uses "Winds of Fury" which take out some of their Bakugan. Alice finally reveals to the other Brawlers that her grandfather Micheal is the one. My ninth story for THIS pairing Alice x Shun is just so cool, I just can't seem I knew from the moment I heard his voice that something was up.

These energies result in the 6 Bakugan evolving. After losing half the energies, the Brawlers decided to attack instead, engaging a temporary alliance with Spectra Phantom, the former leader of the Vexos, along with his sidekick Gus Grav. However, the remaining energies are taken and the Brawlers rush to New Vestroia to evacuate all the Bakugan. Drago, however, refuses to give up and manages to destroy the BT System by absorbing all 6 Attribute Energies and evolves again into Helix Dragonoid.

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Things quiet down until Spectra resurfaces again to battle Dan and when he loses, he concedes that Dan is number one and joins the Brawlers, returning to his original self, Keith Clay. Keith reveals that Zenoheld is working on a powerful weapon called the Alternative System and helps construct Battle Gear for Drago. Meanwhile, the Vexos begins crumbling from within as both Volt, Lync and Shadow decide to leave, feeling that Zenoheld and his son Hydron have finally gone too far but are quickly disposed of by Prince Hydron.

In the final battle, the Brawlers with Gus, who joins as their newest member, manage to destroy the Alternative and the Resistance go their separate ways. However, Ren is not all that he seems to be and reveals that he is a Gundalian in need of help, saying that his planet Gundalia, is under attack by Neathia. Shun is not convinced and discovers, that Ren is lying once Princess Fabia showed and proved Ren's story wrong. The Brawlers agree to help Fabia and head to Neathia to help fight off the Gundalians.

Meanwhile, Ren begins showing signs of distrust for Barodius Gundalia's Tyrannical Emperor and eventually defects to rejoin the Brawlers. Unfortunately, Jake is captured by Kazarina Gundalia's leading Bakugan biologist and brainwashed, so the Brawlers head to Gundalia to rescue him along with Ren's imprisoned teammates who were imprisoned for failurejoined by Nurzak a former advisor to Barodious, who turned against him when he saw he would lead Gundalia to ruin and Mason Brown a teammate who had escaped imprisonment, who have also sided with Neathia.

Once they do, the Twelve Orders mount a final attack on Neathia. The Brawlers rush back in time to defend the planet while Dan and Barodius engage in their final battle. Linehalt uses his Forbidden Powers to restore the war torn Neathia, while Barodius and Dharak are destroyed by an overload of vast energy and power from the Sacred Orb which they tried to take anyway, despite Dan and Drago defeating themwhich grants Drago new strength and abilities and evolves into Titanium Dragonoid and granting him the status of ruler over all Bakugan.

Mechtanium Surge[ edit ] Part 1[ edit ] The Brawlers' reign as number one in Bakugan Interspace is ended by two new powerful teams: Team Anubias and Team Sellon.

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To make matters worse, Dan and Drago continuously suffer from visions sent to them by Mag Mel and Razenoid. These cause them to lose fans rapidly when Drago loses control in battle several times, threatening the lives of all the children in Interspace. Shun and Marucho find themselves unable to help as Dan is keeping everything to himself. When Dan loses control once again and nearly kills Anubias in battle, all of Dan's fans abandon him and he leaves for New Vestroia to train.

Shun, meanwhile, takes the reins of leader of the Battle Brawlers and charges himself with the task of returning the Brawlers to their former glory. He becomes more and more uncaring and brushes off all opinions but his own while Marucho tries to help him be a better leader. Paige and Rafe show up to learn from them, but find them in disarray. Meanwhile, Dan and Drago fix their problem and prepare to come back. When the Chaos Bakugan start destroying Interspace, Spectra appears out of nowhere to help the Brawlers out and destroys many of the Chaos Bakugan.

Afterwards, Dan returns, but is out of sync and accidentally defeats his fellow brawlers with Zenthon. He tells them later about Mag Mel Spectra left beforehand, disappointed in Dan having changed. Shun walks out and dismisses Taylean's words. Dan later has a vision which is true about Gundalia being attacked by Mag Mel who is now free. Well not since Julie made me do a cat-walk on stage, wearing a maid's outfit that came only to my knees.

Shun slowly moved closer to me and took my hand in his. I sat down in the comfortable chair. I gasped as I saw the prizes on the menu. I first looked at Shun and then at the menu. He just smiled at me and asked me to order what I wanted. I wondered if my orders would lead Shun bankrupt, but then considering the humongous wealth he inherited from his family that was unlikely.

Shun, why don't you order for me? He seemed to notice the way I felt and then told the waiter two identical orders. As we waited for the order to arrive, we were unnaturally silent. There was this strange uneasiness in the air. My eyes were fixed on the intricate carvings on the wall. As my eyes drifted towards Shun I was surprised to find his golden orbs staring back at me. I blushed a little…Was he staring at me?

No way…I shook my head from side to side, dismissing the idea. He only smiled at me. Are you telling me that I have no right to ask my best-friend out to dinner?


Best-friend…That word haunted me from time to time. Sure, I was glad that Shun was my best-friend. I mean, he knew everything about me and vice-versa. But at times, I feel like the term best-friend wasn't enough to what I wanted him to be. I fumbled around with my fork. I looked up at him again. I felt my cheeks grow hot as I gazed at the black-haired, golden-eyed boy in front of me. Okay, we are nineteen now. And maybe I should no longer refer to him as a boy.

The order arrived and we ate it, talking about random things-like how the brawlers were holding up even after us turning into adults- After dinner, we headed out. Shun's eyes widened and then sheer happiness filled them. The wind was cool and pleasant as it swept by my face. I turned my attention to Shun's eyes. They were the most beautiful golden color I had ever seen. I raised an eye-brow. He drew the car to a halt and we got out. I gasped at magnificent view of the city with its gleaming lights.

I sighed softly as I lay back on the grass and looked at the starry night sky above. Shun smiled very sheepishly at that question. I couldn't comprehend what he just said. I could only stare at him and marvel at the rich color of his golden eyes and his long dark hair in the silvery light of the moon. He only smiled at my question and the both of us drifted into silence once more.

I didn't know what he was referring to so I could only tell him a statement rather than an answer. I could see the cloud of doubt that covered his eyes. Yet, I submitted to them. As he was about to turn the key I put my hand on his and stopped him.

He looked extremely surprised at my action. I think he could sense the urgency in my voice.

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He took hold of my hand that was atop his and pulled me into a hug in the car. I did not need a mirror to know that I was blushing like a tomato. His arms were around me and I could hear his quickening heart-beat as well.

After a little while he parted from me and pulled his hands away from mine. I felt regret burn through my heart like drops of concentrated acid. Tell him how you really feel Alice…Tell him, you wimp. My conscience was literally screeching at me… But I somehow managed to drown out its thundering echo as I looked out of the window again. I was unaware of the fact that in midst of driving the car, Shun kept shifting his gaze towards me from time to time.

He drew the car to halt in front of my house… I looked at my house. Somehow, I did not feel like leaving Shun just yet. He got out the car and opened the door for me like a perfect gentle-man. I got out of the car as well… He walked me to my front door… My heart was telling me to take his hand or at least wish him good-night with a kiss.

But, our friendship…It was too valuable to risk… And I knew that. If I kissed him then and there, afterwards he might regret it and avoid me. I cherished Shun's proximity more than anything. So I stood with my back to him, my hair covering the expression on my face, ready to open the door He was about five feet away from me, undoubtedly watching me. I heard a little laugh escape his lips.

I turned towards him and I came across the pure adoration that radiated from his face. Did he really just say what I think he said? Did he just mean exactly what I wished him to?