Bow wow and melody dating

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bow wow and melody dating

Bow Wow and Melody Thornton of the PussyCat Dolls are a couple and have in fact been dating for the past couple of months. Yep, Melody. Any tea on Melody Thorton from the Pussycat Dolls? She was a the only tea i know on her is that she used to date bow wow. Jun 3, # Shad Moss dating history powered by Who's Dated Who . Bow Wow and Melody Thornton Melody Thornton (born September 28, ) is an American .

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Caitlyn's crush is living life at college and she doesn't really have a thing for dating. This book in the series mainly discusses suicide and death.

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It also deals with moving on and meeting new people. In this book a girl named Jewel started dating Jamal. They got together just a few weeks after Beanie and Jamal broke up. Whenever Jamal broke up with Jewel she thought it would be a good idea to commit suicide. Her attempt failed, but since she tried she had to have surgery on her head and training to start talking again.

Josh came down over the summer and him and Caitlyn caught up on some things.

bow wow and melody dating

Caitlyn got to meet his little sister Chloe and they really seemed to like each other. When josh went back to college Chloe started to hang out with Caitlyn. She would go see Jewel with her and she even started going to church with Caitlyn.

Caitlyn, Jenny, Beanie, and Anna all applied for the same college which was a Christian college.

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Everyone got accepted, but Caitlyn's parents couldn't afford the cost, so Caitlyn had to go the the State University instead.

I would recommend this book to anyone that is twelve or older.

bow wow and melody dating

One reason why I recommend this book is because it has to deal with people moving on and meeting other people. When Caitlyn had to go to a different college by herself she wasn't sure who was going to be there. Also after a breakup you should move on to another person, but you can still be friends with your ex. Another reason why I recommend this book is because it shows you what could happen if your heart gets broken. When Jewel and Jamal broke up, she attempted suicide but failed.


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bow wow and melody dating

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