Chuck and vanessa dating in real life

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chuck and vanessa dating in real life

Are talking about the merits of chuck and vanessa dating in real life with serena van der woodsen and dan christian. Find out what women are any of social. chuck and Vanessa are dating real life!!!! Vanessa Hudgens So Nice Carpet Styles, Celebrity Red Carpet, Vanessa Hudgens, Red Carpet. In Chuck In Real Life, Vanessa attempts to save a historic bar in Brooklyn from At Jenny's party, Chuck and Vanessa arrive together, much to the surprise of.

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As a result, Blair pays Vanessa's rent for a month and Vanessa tells her that she used the money from Chuck to create a medical grant for teens with genital herpes in his name. She realizes that her only real chance is to blackmail Blair into helping her, by threatening to expose that her ex, Marcus Beatonwas two timing her with his stepmother, Catherine.

Not wanting to be bested by Vanessa, Blair makes a deal with Chuck for him to seduce and humiliate her as revenge. Chuck initially agrees, bribed by Blair offering herself in exchange, but becomes serious about saving the bar once he visits it and meets the owner, a kind elderly man named Horace Rogers. Vanessa is impressed when she realizes that Chuck's business proposal includes keeping the bar as is, and accepts when he invites her to a housewarming party at the Van der Woodsen penthouse that night.

At the party, Chuck is told by his father, Bart Bassthat he will not approve Chuck's purchase and that he's disappointed but not surprised at his letting people down. Vanessa overhears the conversation and later tries to comfort Chuck, but he agrees that he is exactly what Bart said he was. Meanwhile, Blair notices that Chuck and Vanessa are getting closer and calls off their deal, citing boredom.

She is also able to delete Vanessa's blackmail off her phone, freeing her from any potential problems in the future. Before the end of the night, she confronts Vanessa to reveal her deal with Chuck, saying that the real estate deal was foreplay and humiliating her was the real goal.

Chuck doesn't deny it, and Vanessa realizes she was used.

chuck and vanessa dating in real life

On Jenny Humphrey 's birthday, Vanessa becomes increasingly concerned over Nate's newly found friendship with his ex, Blair. While visiting Dan, she receives an email from Nate asking her to meet him at his house. Once she arrives, she finds Chuck instead; who explains that he knows Nate's email password and sent her the email to lure her over in time to see Blair leaving his house, which she does every morning.

While Bush had dated a co-star or two in the past, her on-again, off-again relationship with co-star Austin Nichols had fans completely invested. Audiences watched the pair have to fight for the relationship, overcome hardships and finally triumph.

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In the end, they would marry, raise two sons and go on to live happily ever after. However, with this love story, real life would not be as kind to them as the writers were. For years, fans may have cooed over the two together in public, but their time as a couple actually ended just prior to the series finale. When their love connection was first revealed inno one was particularly surprised.

Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder seemed like a supernatural match made in Heaven.

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While vampires are supposed to live forever, this relationship certainly did not. After only three years, it fizzled. Speculation about why the couple split floated around the CW rumor mill for a while but the biggest shock came not long after their breakup. The hunky heartthrob had found love from another supernatural world, when he quickly married Twilight actress, Nikki Reed.

chuck and vanessa dating in real life

Luckily, unlike the show, there was no wild love triangle. But, what a lot of viewers may not remember is that the pair actually dated in real life. Alexis Bledel and Milo Ventimiglia first met on-set back inand kept their romance hidden for four years.

The days of living pre-social media, may have had a helpful hand in that scenario. While the two were rumored to even have discussed marriage at one point, they eventually split back ineffectively ending any chance of a fairy tale love story.

The whole thing lasted roughly a year. Soon after, Bush began her romance with Nichols. Behind the camera, it would seem Melissa Benoist and Chris Wood could possibly be trying to channel their respective characters. Coincidentally, he had also recently split from a former co-star whom he met working on another CW show. After several sightings together, in earlyBenoist and Wood confirmed their real-life relationship and have since been pretty outspoken with their PDA.

In fact, their adorable public words of encouragement and obvious affection for each other gives all of us hope that love can save the day 10 Candice Accola and Zach Roerig - The Vampire Diaries Accola and Roerig may not have been the most highly publicized couple to come out of this CW show, but they were utterly adored nonetheless. As their characters Caroline and Matt had dated on the show, naturally their rocky on-camera relationship translated into a rocky off-camera relationship.

Fans actually had no clue the two were an item, until a Tweet revealed the real-life relationship.

Unfortunately, inafter a year of dating, the two called it quits. The show took its final breath in Their season 2 on-camera love affair may have led to their characters having a short fling, but in real life, the pair was actually an item for a couple of years. Even when their TV love interests had them heading in different directions, fans, at the time, adored witnessing how in real life, the two would regularly gush over each other in the face of all their other on-screen hook-ups.

Eventually, the pair called it quits in Stan reportedly went on to date a couple of other notable actresses whom he had also met on-set. Meester married fellow CW alum, Adam Brody. The couple soon gets to celebrate 21 years of marriage with an army of fans behind them rooting them on.

In real life, the couple is an example that would make anyone proud, but on-screen, as the parents of Logan Echolls, the two left a lot to be desired.

chuck and vanessa dating in real life

Thankfully, that drama only happened in the tiny town of Neptune. In real life, we get the fairy tale.