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Destination Truth is a weekly American paranormal reality television series that premiered on Casey Brummels (S2) Josh Gates – host, lead investigator, co- producer; Erin Ryder – case manager; Kyle Wheeler – cameraman; David. Thanks to Brad Kuhlman and Casey Brumels who inherited DT and took it to new heights. I'll never forget your first episode, when we drove for 22 hours straight. Then, the Team heads to Lagarfljót Lake in Iceland to search for a large lake- dwelling worm. Stars: Casey Brumels, Gabriel Copeland, Josh Gates, Erin Ryder.

Ryder can outrun many wild animals. Ryder can jump vast distances by clearly taking flight during her jump. Ryder has the ability to sing in foreign languages at a moments notice. Ryder know when to Get The Rope! Ryder has abilities to recreate scenes from various movies, and does a fine job doing them! She was there at the ruins of Masada as Josh Gates and Team Truth searched for spirits, in Petra, on the Great Wall of China, and in Philippines to investigate reports of paranormal activity at the hanging coffins.

In no way can I account, in this small article all the joy, worry, humor or love we as Truthies feel for this woman. The moments we were allowed to tag along with Ryder and the team were some of the most enjoyable moments of television viewing I can remember and I will carry those experiences with me forever! The show debuted on June 29, ! In we were introduced to Jael De Pardo!

As Jael became a part of Team Truth we were again engaged immediately with this strong woman! Through freezing temperatures, snow drifts, radiation, and negotiating rivers in a box on a rope!

We quickly learned that this extremely girly girl was as tough as they come! Jael and Ryder shared Josh Gates side-kick position for a couple of seasons and the switch off became seamless for us, the viewing audience! Jael was there when Team Truth traveled to Chernobyl to follow-up on reports of haunting shadows and voices in the dark deserted nuclear power plant, she ventured to a Mexican island with the team to check out some haunted dolls, she was there in Romania, on Team Truths first visit there, and in search of the Banshee Ghost on the Live from Ireland special, along with Ryder!

There were several episodes where Josh Gates would bring more than one of our favorite women along for the investigation! Those were special, exciting episodes and thank the gods for Netflix where we can continue to enjoy them on demand!

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She traveled to Peru to investigate a lost Incan city with ghostly activity and was there for the Bhutan Yeti investigation. Sharra was a great asset to the team and showed courage beyond words at times of peril! We were all introduced to Ali Zubik! As we soon discovered Ali had her own style and soon became an integral part of the team.

Ali was field producer for eight episodes! Thank you Ali for your contribution to Team Truth and good luck in your career! Another Destination Truth favorite and woman of interest is Vanessa Smith.

Vanessa resided at base-camp on most episodes but through her eagle eyes and quick snap of humor we felt like Team Truth was in good hands. With Season 5 airing on Syfy July 10, It had been over a year since the 4th Season concluded. Josh Gates and Team Truth did not disappoint!

For Season 5 Ryder was back with Team Truth and in rare form as they traversed the globe with backpacks in hand! Team Truth traveled to Guatemala looking into local reports of Restless Spirits at the Mayan ruins, they returned to the Haunted Forest in Belize, visited Echo Valley in the Philippines where mysterious voices were being reported near The Hanging Coffins!

Ryder, Thank you being apart of our lives for these past 6 years, for being a strong role model for young women everywhere, thank you for being my friend and of course the badassary! Thanks girl, love ya! Season 5 also introduced us to Katy Murakami, Field investigator!

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Katy seemed to fit right in and jumped right on the crazy train! Katy led EVP sessions, played as translator and was an important cog in the wheel of what kept Team Truth on track for Season 5! I am sure there are and were more women, behind the scenes, in the offices and in the trenches. I thank each of them. All for being apart of the Destination Truth Team and for making this show the success it is and has been for Syfy, Ping-Pong Productions and for us, the viewers.

I personally love this show; I have traveled the world with these friends for years now. I hope to make more trips abroad with them in the future, but if not, I will never forget the laughter, the special moments that we were allowed to witness and feel apart of!

Thanks for dropping by Wormholeriders! I invite you to follow me on Twitter, follow along on my journey through the world of television, science fiction and my real life! Although he has shot numerous cable television shows covering a wide range of subjects, his greatest passions are wildlife and travel documentaries. Jed has traveled and worked extensively on five continents and is currently producing his own wildlife series about snake hunting.

Erin loves to stay on the edge of adventure wherever she happens to be. From sky diving to bathing with leeches or eating goat testes, Ryder is willing to try anything once.

Her drive has lead her all over the globe and helped her collect over six years of experience as a producer in the travel, entertainment, and sports industries.

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And while Ryder has tried her hand in all aspects of production, ranging from show idea development, directing, and writing, she loved the freedom of investigating out in the field for Destination Truth.

As a producer she's worked on dozens of shows and her credits include: Jarrod has worked everywhere from downtown LA to Equatorial Guinea. He is trained as a scuba rescue and deep-sea diver. Jarrod left the service to become a paramedic and has been in the emergency medical field for a decade.