Eve torres and cm punk dating

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eve torres and cm punk dating

Torres relationship list. Eve Torres dating history, , , list of Eve Torres relationships. and Rener Gracie. Rener Gracie and Eve Torres have been married for 4 years since 13th Apr view relationship . C.M. Punk. 1,+ Rated: Fiction T - English - Eve Torres, CM Punk - Chapters: 16 - Words: Eve returned to her room that she shared with Kaitlyn after saying I think they're dating now and last I saw them, they were making out" Eve grinned. Eve torres and cm punk dating. May 21, - He's currently dating Lita, last seen together at the hall of fame ceremony. Maybe he's keeping Eve as a backup just in.

eve torres and cm punk dating

Not unusually, their love story began with a romantic storyline in the ring. In an awkward setup, the Bella Twins teamed up with Daniel Bryan after mishearing Bryan talk about being a vegan and thinking he'd never had relations.

The twins aimed to see who would sleep with him first. Saved by John Cena, Eve thanked him with a kiss. The storyline ended with Eve admitting she had never loved Zack and been using him for publicity. It led to a pretty strong period of Eve as villainess but did not do a lot for Zack who remained at lower-tier status on the roster for some years after.

She moved to the independent wrestling circle where she met Michael Bennet and the two began dating.

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Mike had been wrestling the independent circuit since and the pairing teamed up in the ring. They debuted as heels, with their obnoxiously close bond acting as their brand. It certainly irked audiences sufficiently. Sadly, the push did not really get off the ground before Maria got pregnant this year.

It is possible the pair will return to WWE in the future but for now, love in the ring is on hold. During an episode of Live, it was revealed that Alexander was dating Alicia Fox.

eve torres and cm punk dating

When Alexander lost to Noam Dar and Dar dedicated his victory to Fox, the pair began feuding over Alicia in a classic love triangle. After Fox lost Alexander a match, he eventually broke it off with the former Divas Champion but fans were not very invested. The love triangle angle has been done to death and this threesome was obviously scripted. The pair were one of the more wholesome parts of reality show Total Divas, but were dropped after their marriage, possibly due to not being as exciting as other dysfunctional couples.

At around the same time, Naomi was embroiled in a kayfabe love triangle in the ring with her husband and the Miz. The A Lister was offering her help with her singing career, causing jealousy to flair in her heel husband. The couple have dynamic in-ring chemistry and brought humor to the match against Goldust and Mandy Rose. The pair proved they were Champions separately and equally successful in tandem. Featured Today 8 Fake: The Irresistible Force arrived in Raw in and gained considerable momentum as a tough, no-nonsense contender.

Meanwhile Enzo, two-time WWE Cruiserweight Champion, played a sillier role, with his constant catchphrases and loudmouth personality.

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Stacy made her WWE debut during the WCW Invasion angle and would go on to participate in a lot of the landmark matches of her era, like the bra and panties matches. She would gain mainstream attention when she had a run on Dancing with the Stars. Having a taste of show business outside of wrestling, she would leave the company shortly thereafter. Stacy would gain more notoriety when she struck-up a romantic relationship with actor George Clooney for two years in Rosa was inspired to join the business by the in-ring work of Trish Stratus.

She retired from in-ring action in the WWE this past February. Fans became very familiar with Mendes and her partner when they had a stint on the E! She paid her does down in NXT as a part of the Four Horsewomen faction and has made a name for herself on the main roster as the first ever Smackdown Live! The fans don't have any actual confirmation on who Becky is dating, but she is rumored to be seeing mixed martial artist Luke Sanders. The two have been pictured together getting cozy on numerous occasions, so they're either dating or absolute besties.

The idea of a WWE Superstar dating another athlete makes perfect sense. They understand the lifestyle and workout routine, as well as the life goals, but in the case of a mixed martial artist, they likely don't have the touring schedule that the WWE Superstar will need to engage in, creating a balance between expectations and free time.

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This is an awful event for Paige, who had no intention of making these public, but to find a silver lining, it will make her the hottest free agent in pro-wrestling, should the WWE let her out of her contract. Paige often dates inside of the business, but there are times when she strays outside of wrestling for a boyfriend. Network Total Divas series. The show featured the downfall of their relationship and reflected the struggle of dating outside of the business, even when it's with someone that is also in the entertainment industry.

Eva is the last remnant of the Divas era, having been discovered through a Divas search contest at the tail end of the era a few years back. The women's wrestling division is what dominates in the WWE now, with serious athletes and competition, so Eva has had to scramble to learn how to wrestle and keep-up in the ring. Eva has been a part of the Total Divas reality series for years and on that show, we have seen numerous interactions with her now husband, Jonathan Coyle.

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Coyle is an interesting character, he's listed everywhere as an "athlete", but no one seems to know where or what he plays. He appears more to be a fitness model, a "bro" that likes to hit the gym and endorse stuff. She would later join the WWE and perform from to She had a good career in pro-wrestling and was even engaged for several years to wrestler Simon Diamond.

Dawn Marie would eventually marry and have kids with a man named Matthew, who works outside of "the business". I think I need the whole story" Kaitlyn ground out. Eve nodded and told Kaitlyn what happened. Kaitlyn blinked twice before sighing.

eve torres and cm punk dating

I felt so betrayed when you turned on us! And then you almost ruined my chances with Nick by telling him that I was a slut…" Kaitlyn answered. AJ nodded and nudged the floor with her toe.

I won't let you down again! Now that that's out of the way! What was your big news?! Eve grinned and squealed too.

eve torres and cm punk dating

Kaitlyn glanced at AJ out of the corner of her eye. The girl in question looked away. Kaitlyn chewed on her lip for a few seconds before smiling. I'm too excited not to tell everyone! I wish I could scream it from the rooftops! I'm still going to give you girls the details! The next week of NXT resulting in AJ winning both a match against Nikki Bella when Brie refused to do twin magic and a guess the high-school picture contest. When the show returns from commercial Vickie and Kaitlyn get into a backstage fight over Dolph.

After the fight, Kaitlyn and Vickie are fixing their hair and Kaitlyn starts to laugh. I think you may have tore my shirt too" "Then we're even! They both laugh, and while they were distracted, Dolph walks into the hallway. Kaitlyn smiles against his lips.