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Cite this publication. Chris Hodge at Vision Eye Institute Not all patients are symptomatic and sim- cases of flashes and floaters and treated. PDF | Acute onset of monocular floaters and/or flashes represents a common presentation to primary Normal Eye Anatomy, PVD, Retinal Tear, and Retinal Detachment . //beljournalist.info simulating a patient's Join ResearchGate to discover and stay up-to-date with the latest research from leading. My Eyes Go Blurry For A Few Seconds Floaters Flashes Eye Simulation as well as the common Ginkgo Biloba – This oldest surviving tree specie dating back.

Flashes are caused by fibers in the vitreous gel tugging on the retina with eye movement. This type of flashing light is different from migraine. What do these symptoms mean?

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Although many people have occasional floaters or flashes of light, the sudden onset of many new floaters with or without flashes is an important sign of abnormal pulling on the retina by the vitreous.

In some instances, the retina may tear and cause blindness from detachment of the retina. What causes floaters and flashes? Floaters and flashes are usually due to degeneration of the vitreous gel in the eye from ageing. Over time, the vitreous shrinks, condenses, and pulls away from the retina.

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The condensation causes floaters and the pulling irritates the retina and is perceived as flashes of light. Myopia near-sightedness is a common cause of long-standing floaters.

What should be done about these symptoms? The most important step is to have a thorough dilated eye examination, preferably by a retinal specialist. The need for examination is urgent if the onset of symptoms is sudden. The eye doctor will check for the presence of a tear in the retina. If a tear is found, laser or cryopexy is usually recommended to decrease the chances of blindness from retinal detachment. If a retinal detachment is found, more extensive surgery is required in attempt to repair it.

What Are Floaters and Flashes?

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