French kissing and christian dating

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french kissing and christian dating

Jan 2, For those dating, it can be exhilarating—actual, real-live, skin-to-skin Hand- holding, hugging, kissing or any other similar contact can be oh so delightful. Some have asked, “Just how far can a Christian go without sinning?. Oct 29, French kissing someone without being married to them is a sin and so is french especially french kiss if shes not married to that guy, even if hes a Christian. .. Allowing our kids to date when they are not mature enough. Apr 27, a must read, below is the link to the original site Is French kissing bad? The world would like to tell us that we're acquiring better dating skills.

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I felt honored that he chose me. We dated for the rest of high school. I wore his jerseys with his last name on them. We went to every dance together at both our high schools. We were both raised in Christian homes, so we went to his youth group and my youth group together most weeks. We dreamed of him becoming a professional baseball player someday and buying me gucci jeans lol, makes me laugh now.

Point being, we were in some kind of love and grew extremely emotionally and physically attached.

french kissing and christian dating

The whole time we were dating, I struggled with inner turmoil. It was only natural for us to become physical. We were together constantly and we both had access to cars with back seats.

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Every time things went too far, I would cry. After about a year of ongoing struggling, he would cry, too. It was ridiculous, but we could not stop fooling around. Our fights became more intense as our adolescent souls became more and more intertwined.

We were on a rollercoaster ride and we were way too attached to each other to simply stop the madness. We both wanted to please God, but we were trapped.

We were way too immature to consider marriage. The shame was unbearable, but I loved him in the way that teenagers love — fireworks and all. Run from anything that stimulates youthful lusts. Instead, pursue righteous living, faithfulness, love, and peace.

Enjoy the companionship of those who call on the Lord with pure hearts.

french kissing and christian dating

This is what I had to do if I wanted peace; I had to run. So, I decided I would go to Bible college over 2, miles away. Leaving him was the hardest thing I had ever had to do at that point in my life. It ripped my heart in half, and his as well. The thing is though, we cannot outrun ourselves. I made a pact with myself not to date at all until I found the man I would marry.

Dating was bad because dating led to sexual sin and sexual sin led to God being disappointed in me.

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I could not handle the guilt and the shame anymore, so I avoided all of it as much as possible. I became prideful about my ability to stay focused and out of a romantic relationship. I became hyper focused on my virginity because I thought it was all I had left to give. Christians would praise me for maintaining my virginity and I would eat it up. Unbelievers would make fun of me and I honestly believed they were just jealous. It was too painful to deal with. I not only ran from sexual impurity literally; I ran from it emotionally.

I would never let my heart get ripped in half again. I met my now husband in and fell head over heels fast. It should have been the most blissful time of my life, and many aspects were, but it was also filled with extreme inner turmoil. In fact, in that case Genesis However, kissing was more of a common greeting then, like a hug or a handshake today; the Bible also talks about Jacob kissing his dad Genesis A more relevant verse is 1 Corinthians 6: But my question is: And that means that kissing before marriage can be a sin, if it goes against 1 Corinthians 6: But you would only kiss your sister in a certain way.

You definitely would not French kiss your sister, for instance. And where the Bible leaves things open, we have freedom. But there are some practical things to consider: Make it a conscious decision.

In other words, decide beforehand whether you are going to kiss while dating, and decide when that would be appropriate.

french kissing and christian dating

Then stick by that decision. Guys, this is part of being a leader in dating: You can explain that you are attracted to her—which may be an insecurity of hers—but you want to honor her and get to know her in a non-physical way.

a must read, below is the link to the original site

As mentioned, there are different kinds of kisses. There are also different situations in which kissing can occur. For example, our premarital class for people who are engaged or seriously dating encourages couples to sign a purity pledge that lists out a range of different physical activities, from holding hands to sex and everything in between.

Light kissing might be allowed, whereas kissing the neck or any place other than the lips or cheeks is considered a step too far.