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What Have Your Favorite Big Brother Contestants Been Doing Lately?

Three weeks after its debut, Big Brother 12 finally got interesting, thanks Andrew's big speech was the highlight of the night, as he called out Kristen and Hayden The HOH competition allowed the houseguests to call out their enemies Maui to see if dating other people will screw up their relationships. Hi everyone! I just spoke to evicted houseguest Kristen about Andrew, Rachel, Hayden and where this cast of Big Brother 12 ranks among the previous. Going into the Big Brother house Kristen Bitting told PEOPLE that a showmance was a "slim possibility. about the showmance, her enemy Rachel and the hippie-tard. Did you and Hayden really think that you were successful in hiding What are you going to say to your boyfriend when you see him?.

Hayden had the same headband doohickey. Rachel had a badge. Enzo won a movie, Britney and Matt lost that by five seconds. Brendon and Enzo were on the same team in the comp. Enzo buttered up both Brendon saying he always wanted to be on his team in comps and Rachel saying that Kristen is going about things all wrong and should take it upon herself to go talk to Rachel to clear the air.

Who says he's dumb? Rachel isn't telling anyone she talks to that they are or aren't going on the block. Ragan, her confidant when Brendon is so mean to her, is surely safe.

  • What Have Your Favorite Big Brother Contestants Been Doing Lately?

In her talk with Rachel, Kathy denied being a floater but admitted to having continual problems with the comps. Kathy told Brendon and Rachel she loves them.

Lane also sucked up to them in his talk with them. Don't they realize that everyone, except perhaps Kristen, is just going to tell them what they want to hear? Rachel told Britney that she has no idea who she'll be putting on the block. I think Kristen is still a sure bet and she's just undecided on the second one.

"Big Brother" "Showmance" Ends

Kristen told Kathy that she finds it hard to pretend to like someone when she doesn't. Obviously, Kristen doesn't work in the corporate world, huh? He ended up spending several years in prison, though his sentence was lightened due to cooperation with authorities. After his release, Jasinski used his own struggles as inspiration to help others turn their lives around. He now works as an intervention and addiction recovery specialist. She soon found herself targeted for having begun a romantic relationship with another houseguest, Brandon Villegas.

The pair managed to survive several weeks, however, other female houseguests found Reilly difficult to deal with, often feuding with her.

Villegas remained by her side the entire time.

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Reilly went on to win that season after a fierce competition. She gave birth to a baby girl with Villegas in Despite banding together with the original houseguests against the exes, it was having an alliance with Choe that ended up helping Song make it to the end.

Life had other plans, however, as Song fell in love with Davy Goethals while the two were separately vacationing in the Dominican Republic. Many players were not fond of either Donato, and worked hard to try and eliminate both of them from the beginning. Daniele was fortunate enough to win a slew of competitions throughout the early weeks, which allowed her to save herself a number of times.

In the end, Daniele was left standing against only her father. The pair later returned to season 13, but Daniele stayed on even when her dad left the competition. She managed to hang on for several more weeks, but was ultimately evicted before the end of the competition. She did, however, meet her husband, Dominic Briones, during season The two married a few years later. Their alliance evoked the ire of the other houseguests, however, who began forming their own alliances in order to eliminate Chilltown.

Though Mike was often entertaining, he also had his fair share of feuds with other houseguests during his first season. By working together and strategically forming alliances with other pairs, Mike and Will managed to hang on until the final 4, with Mike winning the prize.

Inhowever, Malin was sued by a landlord for back payments he owed. This allowed Jordan to become more strategic in the later weeks, and eventually managed to come out on top. Unlike many other winners, Jordan was always popular with fans. Sadly, her luck in that installment of the game is a repeat of here, only she gets blindsided even faster by one Dan Gheesling.

Britney crumbles when Monet goes home, and when she realizes Lane has tricked her. Britney says exactly what is on her mind. The Cake Is a Lie: Became a victim of this with the third Pandora's Box, which promised her game advice, but instead earned her a workout with "Mr.

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Pectacular" Jessie from the previous two seasons while the rest of the house, including the Have-Nots, received a complimentary Hawaiian luau feast. This would happen to Rachel the next season as well. Anytime you see that sneaky grin pop on her face, you just know she's hatched a devious new plan. Or a snippy comment. Unfortunately for her, they also see her as an Unwitting Pawnand it was really an all-male alliance to begin with, and was going to stay that way.

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Britney appears to be cute and innocent but she is quite fiercely competitive and was the sole female who gave the men in the house a run for their money on a competitive level. Britney is well known for being very witty, funny and humorous. Britney was voted as America's Favorite Houseguest. She immediately takes an open adoration to Ragan on Day One and realizes they can discuss Sex and the City together, both the movie and the show. He has the exact same love for sarcasm she does, evidenced when he mocks his own single dating status.

That, and he's a flaming homosexual and Britney can discuss topics that she normal couldn't with other people comfortably with him. Seems to have a penchant for clothing and fashion. Britney seems to love dressing up. The two are complete and total opposites in terms of personality and outlooks.

Hence, why the two continuously clashed throughout the game. Although she is very much the Girly GirlBritney has proven that she is also competitive and a fighter in the game. Britney is very feminine and loves fashion, make up and all of the girly things in life.

Britney is the kind of girl that everyone would want to befriend. Huge Guy, Tiny Girl: This becomes funny with Brendon when he forces her to share two punishments with him they were handcuffed together, and Brendon had to take 24 chum baths every hour on the hour.