Hindu and christian dating

I'm a Christian in Love With a Hindu

hindu and christian dating

She enjoys and actively participates in Hindu and Christian festivals alike. .. We both got a really strong yes and have started dating with the intentions of a. If you (a Hindu/Jain/Sikh/Buddhist) have any dating or marriage/divorce experience with a Christian, please share your experience here. Hello People, I have a girl friend who is from Hindu religion and I am Christian. So my question is as per Hindu religion a Hindu girl can marry a.

hindu and christian dating

Hindu teach that Jesus was a guru, one guru among their many gurus. The only way you would have biblical justification of marriage to him is if you have already joined flesh with him.

Then there would be some grounds, and then only if your father goes along with it. But in truth, it is disobeying God for you to join flesh with this man because he is not in Christ. Do you love him more than you love Christ? It is unlikely you will ever be equally yoked unless you convert to the idea of many gods and christ is just one. It is not what any person here says that matters, it is only what God says and He says in His Word the Bible "Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers" That is all you should go by, not the 'opinions' of other human beings.

I really don't know.

Should a Christian Marry a Non Christian?

But, it appears from the Moderator generated title: For all we know, Ana may be a Hindu! So, I need to ask, are you a Christian Ana? There is a lot more to this, than if it is wrong or not.

All Christians and Jews know that a child cannot have Baptism to announce the child Christian as well as Bris to announce the child Jew circumcision ceremonies. The same true for Baptism and Sunat to announce a child Muslim. Religious labeling has no place in interfaith marriages with equality.

Can a Christian boy Marry a Hindu Girl ?

The American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend routine circumcision. Further, there is no medical issue noted or heard for a billion plus of uncircumcised Hindus around the World. To have foreskin on the penis is not a birth defect to be surgically corrected, rather the foreskin has abundant nerve endings designed to increase sexual sensation.

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Do your sons have to have circumcision even though there is no scientific merit to it? Remember what your God told…. Are you taught in your church that Jesus is the only savior and any unbaptized will go to hell? Did you understood, like Mckenna Smiththat…. Mahatma Gandhi will go to hell; while Mother Teresa will go to heaven?

Interfaith Marriage: Christian And Hindu Love Story Told In 'Saffron Cross'

You want Baptism just as a rite, but you believe it is not exclusive and binding. However, your religious leaders will correct you that Baptism is not a hollow ritual devoid of meaning. Here, Baptism as a ritual, just for namesake without any meaning, is not a concern but the thought process behind asking for Baptism and rigid dogmas to follow is a concern. They may find a large audience as blended faith families have become commonplace in American culture.

hindu and christian dating

About out one in four Americans 27 percent is either married to or lives with a partner of another faith, according to the U. But until recently there have been few books on how to make interfaith marriage work.

So Trent decided to write her own, with the help of her husband, Fred Eaker.

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The couple, who are now in their early 30s, met five years ago with the help of eHarmony. Her dating prospects were pretty bleak, she said.

An American-born Hindu convert, he spent five years as a monk at a Gaudiya Vaishnava monastery in California. The time there taught him self-discipline along with spiritual practice. She initially checked Christian and Jewish, and then, on a whim, added other faith traditions.