How long have bosco and myolie been dating

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how long have bosco and myolie been dating

Hong Kong celebrity couple Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu are no more an item. "Been together with Myolie for so long, and now we've split up. Myolie's parents often argued in front of their 3 young daughters. Witnessing her sister's family when they were together, everyone very warm. Hong Kong actress Myolie Wu has been single for over two years, but a high profile break-up with actor Bosco Wong in after dating for.

I did not communicate well, especially regarding issues that gave me a lot of pressure. If there is anything, please come to me and do not bother Myolie. Yet, in the same speech, Myolie hinted that her relationship with Bosco was far from perfect. She proclaimed that he was often difficult to withstand in the relationship, as she also had her own difficult moments.

In a recent interview, Bosco mentioned that Myolie found him to be a boring boyfriendand often chided him to open up more and talk with her. Bosco claimed that he was a quiet and sometimes slightly depressive person in real life. Since Myolie and Bosco spent a large amount of time apart from each other, filming alternately in Mainland China over the last twelve months, this may have compounded their rift as well.

how long have bosco and myolie been dating

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how long have bosco and myolie been dating

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Should you wish to share this article, we recommend that you: After growing up, I realized that there was no need for my parents to have ended their marriage on such a poor note. Divorce was not a big deal.

how long have bosco and myolie been dating

There were no incidents where the entire family went out to have fun together. Her elder sister got married and have 3 children. Perhaps she did not want her children to experience what she had in her own childhood. It was a painful experience and gave the child a lot of stress.

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As a result, I developed an extremely high alertness level in protecting myself well. Possessing this type of personality, it was even more painful to work in the entertainment industry. Myolie did not carry any ounce of blame towards her father, instead possessing only gratitude upon realization that her father worked very hard to raise his daughters and send them to school in Ireland.

Wu straddled a great deal of responsibility upon his shoulders, why would Myolie discredit his efforts? This is already very important! Did the girls have to worry about their mother and where she went? There was no need for me to cook, but I learned how to clean the laundry.

Instead, I became very tough!

Myolie Wu and Bosco Wong Dating in Qingdao |

Living abroad as a young teenager, Myolie did not know anything and was faced with prejudice. I remember that I was very poor at the time. It took me 3 years before I was able to catch up in my English! While working, Myolie thought to herself why she was servicing other people and not the other way around?

In order to save bus money, I would walk to the town center in the middle of the cold wintry weather. I only ate French fries because they only cost one British pound. Although the town did not have a Chinatown, it did have a Chinese restaurant. When her friends asked her to have dim sum with her, Myolie did not have money but she still joined her friends.

With her poor youth, Myolie learned to cherish things in life. Realizing that her father already tried his best in paying for her education, Myolie did not ask her father for additional money. After completing high school, her grades were quite good.

how long have bosco and myolie been dating

Thus, I applied for the Pharmacy programs despite knowing that my family had no money to pay my tuition. In fact, why did they only interview Pedestrian 1but not someone like Nancy Wu, who is a good sister of Myolie?

The bias was pretty obvious. Then when Myolie finally says her piece, well, it pretty much damns bosco. Login or Register before you can reply to Nicole exoidus July 25, at 5: I think everyone will think that Bosco did cheat now, but like I have said, IF he did then he got what he deserved… Relationships sadly cannot last forever at times and maybe the break up is what is best for them.

I also am not a fan of either of them so I try to be fair and unbiased as well. Login or Register before you can reply to Vi exoidus July 25, at 5: I mean yrs is a long time investment especially for a woman. HTS, Im not trying to make you agree with me la: Just a little surprised that you refused to blv that Bosco most likely cheated.

There is more than what meets the eye. Also with some of the reports of how their relationship is may not be what we think, who really knows?? Honestly, even their family members may not always know the whole truth so how do we as outsiders know for sure??? All we can we do is guess and speculate. I am not a fan of either of them so am not trying to side with either of them.

Netizens urge Bosco Wong to snatch back ex-GF Myolie Wu

Login or Register before you can reply to HeTieShou elin says: July 28, at 8: I started to become a fan of Bosco after watching Witness Insecurity. Only if his real-life personality matched the character he portrayed in the show: P Also, Myolie is so much prettier and classier than that chick poster above…sigh.

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