How long have lisa and shane been dating

Who Has Shane Dawson Dated? | His Dating History with Photos

how long have lisa and shane been dating

He has started making more in-depth long, multi-part series' with other Because the channel was inactive, Shane asked YouTube if he could have it to which From –, Shane was in a relationship with Lisa Schwartz. In October Dawson confirmed he was dating former Clevver News host Ryland Adams. Shane Lee Dawson (born Shane Lee Daniel Yaw, July 19, ) Dawson is Dawson's first videos on Youtube were old assignments that he turned in Dawson grew up in Long Beach, California, where he attended Lakewood High School. In October of , He confirmed that he is currently dating Clevver News'. 'Over the last year, I have been extremely sexually confused. . Shane says he started dating girls, including his former girlfriend of two years YouTube Forever friend: Shane says Lisa was amazingly supportive and . Arrested: Melinda McSwain, 46, has been accused of kidnapping Sabrina Long,

On May 8,Dawson revealed in a video that he has begun working on his next original song, which is tentatively titled "The Vacation Song". He previewed about 10 seconds of the "rough edit" of the song, and stated that he was going to change the mood of the song, saying, "Right now, it's a little too happy, because it's a break up song.

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In Octobera film called Smiley was released to theaters starring Dawson. As ofDawson revealed that he is pitching a talk show and is continuing to pitch the series about him working at a weight loss center.

The project has been titled Losin' It and, if picked up, will be a half-hour single camera comedy series focusing on a successful former-client at a weight loss center who decides to share his inspiration by becoming a consultant at the center, and subsequently becomes the manager by the end of his first day.

how long have lisa and shane been dating

People who watched both films then voted online to vote for the films. Not Cool competed against Anna Martemucci's Holidaysburg. Zachary Quintoproducer of The Chair, called Dawson's film "deeply offensive" and "tasteless", and that Dawson should not be making films at all, removing his name from the film in disgust.

Dawson defended his film by saying that "I like the movie. The producers that I trust like the movie. The test audience liked the movie. I know I deserve to make a movie because I've been working my fucking ass off these last eight years on YouTube.

YouTube star Shane Dawson reveals he is bisexual in heartfelt video

This video was found to be in poor taste by her labels, Big Machine Records and Sonywho removed it, [44] citing "copyright infringement". Dawson subsequently claimed that the parody was removed because Sony objected to the video's violent content.

The video was restored in February A Collection of Essays. In JuneShane uploaded a three-part documentary series about the TanaCon convention. The series received tens of millions of views in one week and garnered significant media attention.

The first episode, self-titled as "The Mind of Jake Paul" got 7 million views in under 10 hours.

how long have lisa and shane been dating

Dawson has body dysmorphic disorder. They've been together two years and counting. He focuses on quality instead of quantity now as he makes his videoed better and better [15] Every Monday, posted on his second channel, he also has an "Ask Shane" weberies where he answers questions from his viewers. This series is similar to a previous web series, " Viewer Orgy Party ", which currently only airs approximately once a month.

how long have lisa and shane been dating

His third YouTube channel, Shaneis where he posts unedited videos directly from his iPhone. He began using this channel in May, He has also begun a new series called "Shane and friends" on his main channel which he does once every month.

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This series includes him giving advice and talking as basically all his characters. In Augusthe announced that he was going to write a TV pilot and post it on his main channel, featuring himself and his characters from previous videos, about him in high school.

Previously, the funding he needed for the pilot was provided by digital media group Take after he helped them out with acting in their own videos.

how long have lisa and shane been dating

When In his previous videos, the story centers around a teenage boy in school, and his interactions with the other characters.