Is juan pablo and nikki still dating after 7

Bachelor star Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell 'split' | Daily Mail Online

is juan pablo and nikki still dating after 7

First Date: For their one-on-one date, Juan Pablo chooses to meet of the date, but after getting slut shamed by the chucklehead after their day,” but he's still going on his overnight date with Nikki, of course. 7/xjpg". Posts about Juan Pablo written by adefrehn. After Nikki's overnight date, Juan sits down for a chat with Chris Harrison and then Andi The Bachelor Episode 7: Mark Your Territory Wait, this door makes me think they are still in Hobbiton?. OTRC: 'The Bachelor' finale recap: Who did Juan Pablo Galavis choose? Juan Pablo Galavis appears in an interview with on Jan. 7, / 'The Bachelor' season 18 finalists Clare and Nikki appear in publicity photos. ocean during a past date (nothing more than PG was shown on TV), later confronts.

Nikki proves to be both annoying AF and insanely cocky after this date with JP. I was so nervous but then the dance recital began and all my nerves went away. Chris Harrison is like totally MIA this season. The fact that Juan Pablo is willing to exploit his family for me is really exciting. I can dance way better than that.

is juan pablo and nikki still dating after 7

She might be the only bachelor contestant to come out of this show looking less like an idiot than when she came on it. This is excruciatingly difficult Juan Pablo: What does excruciating mean? Sharleen look at me. Look at me in de eyeballs. Juan Pablo then bawls his eyes out. Group Date Chelsie is like a Bachelor politician campaigning for her parents…Before the hometown date she brings letters from her parents to show them how funny they are: Andi gets the group date rose and a night on the town with Juan Pablo where she takes an opportunity to see how well a rose can withstand an extensive night of partying in Miami.

The girls go home and instead of drinking decide to put their energy into creating drama.

Meet 'Bachelor' Juan Pablo's new love

Clare comes upstairs to start unnecessary shit with Nikki over nothing. This fight then escalates into something having nothing to do with their original conversation. Who was talking shit? Who was talking shit!? Get out of my room. Renee encourages Sharleen to stay. Juan Pablo and Nikki meet up for their date. Camila is quite the star!! However, the two did exchange a hug as they were leaving. Nikki asks where someone fits in with the family and Carla and everything.

He walks her out and kissing her on the forehead… she tells him good luck, and walks away. Juan Pablo cries in his interview and says he appreciates her honesty and it takes a brave person to be honest.

is juan pablo and nikki still dating after 7

I feel for Sharleen… that had to be a really hard decision to make. Group date time… Juan Pablo arrives in a sea plane, ski plane, whatever those things are called….

He picks the ladies up and they head to this secluded island looking place. The ladies find out that not only does the rose mean that that woman is taking JP to their hometown next week, but that she will also be the only one that continues on the rest of the date with him while the other ladies go back to the hotel.

Juan Pablo takes Chelsie aside first and she explains that her mom gave her a stack of letters so that when she got homesick she could read the notes.

She reads some of the letters to Juan Pablo. So then he takes Andi aside and they sit down and she begins crying. He just has a way of calming her down….

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Juan Pablo sits down with Clare and they discuss who he would meet on his hometown visit with her. She gets choked up about talking about her late father and the video that her father made for her husband to be. She tells him she would love for him to see the video.

No one has ever seen it.

is juan pablo and nikki still dating after 7

He takes the rose and presents it to Andi and says he really wants to meet her family. Juan Pablo takes her into this Latin night club and takes her up on stage just the two of them to dance.

They both seem so happy with huge smiles on their faces. Back at the hotel the three other girls from the group date join Nikki in the hotel.

is juan pablo and nikki still dating after 7

Clare is in a really pissy mood.