Kim hyun joong and hwang bo dating 2010

All Seoul'd Out: Hyun Joong: I dated a celebrity before

kim hyun joong and hwang bo dating 2010

Kim Hyun Joong also expressed his gratitude towards Hwang Bo actions and revealed, “In the past, I always thought cathy corpuz | January 13, at 7: 27 pm yeah i think that Lee Yunha girl and him are dating tho~. Hyun Joong openly admitted that he was in a relationship with a cuz if he is dating a girl OPENLY, why hasnt he been caught, i mean i believe its Hwangbo unniE!!! and i want to believe it is her!!! She played Kim Bum's first love in BOF.. .somewhat sadden by the news. . January 7, at PM. Wednesday, December 15, Hwang Bo and Kim Hyun Joong, affectionately nicknamed the 'ssangchu/lettuce couple' by their fans, had their own.

Moving in together, writing their couple contract, paper cranes, aegyo, Japan trip, their wedding shoot kisses … there was much to love with this odd couple. Oh, and when Hyun Joong told his fans not to get up in arms about him kissing Hwangbo because they all do it with their boyfriends or something like that? The best campus couple of How cute when our adorable country bumpkin fell in love with a snob from Seoul.

kim hyun joong and hwang bo dating 2010

Young love was best portrayed here. After a cosmic battle royale that involved grim reapers, a rogue fairy, twin gods, and a ninja with mommy issues, Arang and Eun Oh earned their enduring love. And if the highest authorities of the dramaverse approve of the twosome, then, who are we to disagree? It was a chilly start though with her handsome but not-so-charming Crown Prince Lee Shin Joo Ji Hoonwho was like a popsicle—cold and with a stick up his royal chute.

kim hyun joong and hwang bo dating 2010

But in K-dramas, throwing the OTP in the same home speeds up their feelings, and in no time, we were falling in love with falling in love as Chae Kyung and Shin were falling for each other.

While their young marriage struggled through the difficulties of palace life and politics, our appreciation for their funny, lovely, and touching scenes swelled, but we were craziest about them when they made up and made out just a few steps closer to the bedroom.

Their simplicity was truly striking. If love was not spoken, then, these two best demonstrated it through actions.

kim hyun joong and hwang bo dating 2010

Even their silence resonated love. We always believe that love is like an extremely close friendship. Comedic, heart-wrenching, and sexy who can forget their tango? We wonder how many people signed up for dance lessons after this.

Kim Hyun Joong does not keep in contact with Hwang Bo

To hell with you, writer! He might have been her first love, but the relationship with her second love was SO much better. More laughter, more communication, more warmth … how right this couple were together.

Great comedic timing together, too; they just GOT each other. And their sexual chemistry? That kiss in the car? We hate when we love the second lead guy the most in a series. Pil Joo was the typical male second lead, who suffered from a love that could have been.

Though it hurt, that still provided an emotional pull at our heart strings. We admire second lead guys when they are brave enough to let go because sometimes, that kind of gesture means loving more, too. Hyun Joong, you know this too, that I have never once dated a younger man before. That's why when we first started together, I didn't have anything to say. I was also afraid that I might do something wrong and get it from the younger brothers in law.

Kim Hyun Joong, “I’ve dated a female celebrity for 5 months before” | K Bites

Before, if any younger guys asked me to go out with them, I'd say that he wasn't thinking straight, but now if I met someone like you, I'd think that it would be good to try it out. I'm someone who has never dated another celebrity, but now I'm seeing one.

Nowadays, everyone calls me "Hwang Bu In". I guess they find it fun. There should be a lot of people referring to you as "Kid Groom" too right? Everyone has been saying that they are seeing a different side of me, but I'm not too sure myself. I really wonder if I was really that boyish in programs before.

kim hyun joong and hwang bo dating 2010

But those who are really close to me were not surprised at all. I've always liked cooking and have always been good at cleaning. Afterall, the one thing that I hate the most in this world is dust.

You also seem different on this show as compared to the other programs that you have participated in, such as Love Letter. Now, we have to live together and show how close we have become ever since getting married, which can be rather scary. Who would have known that this program would have gotten so out of hand? In the previous programs we could have displayed partly real sides of us, but this is a completely real program right?

I'm sure that everyone would like it even if we show a side of us that's more compatible, right? Even so, I still have some difficulties. Since this is the main topic spoken about wherever I go, I worry if I can still continue doing other programs. But the worries that I had when we first started about the SS fans are no longer on my mind.