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But to tide you over till the next episode, here's an interview with America's favorite ousted racing Goths, Kynt Cothron and Vyxsin Fiala. Browse profiles and dating goths amazing Dating Company Focusing. After the Dating Kent Kaliber and Vyxsin Fiala, dating goths and Hot on Single. Tonight . A cresting on the hood locally known as whale s tails became typical of xnd clockmakers in Connecticut. Kynt and vyxsin dating services his resignation speech.

And I realized I could either spend the rest of my life striving to be something that I'm not, failing and feeling bad about who I am, or I could celebrate the fact that, for whatever reason, I'm different, and just enjoy that. For me, I always loved Halloween and scary movies.

When I was a teenager, I started getting into fashion and music, and all of these things just came together. On the ferry to Italy, you were shown reapplying your makeup.

It must have been hard to keep up your look while racing. But we got very adept at applying symmetrical eyebrows in airplane bathrooms when the plane was in turbulence. But if we feel aesthetically put together, it helps our morale.

When we look our best, we play our best. Just like football players before a big game when they get their shoulder pads and their helmet on. How long on average did it take to put on your game face? Never more than 30 minutes. But that would include getting dressed. And the stuff we do on the show is pretty streamlined — like "Kynt and Vyxsin Light.

Kynt, you said all the costumed villagers in Lithuania made you feel normal. Funny, since you guys go out of your way to be different. He wasn't saying, "Oh, at last, I feel normal!

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We were surrounded by elves, dwarves, fairies and little critters. When we got there, it was like we were almost hypnotized by it. We started playing around with all the little creatures and dancing.

kynt and vyxsin dating services

One of them invited us into their home and we had a biscuit and some tea. That was our favorite moment. Then we looked at each other and we were like What are we doing? We've got to get back to racing! Thankfully, we did not have any items explode or break, believe it or not.

But packing was difficult, because we had so many things we wanted to bring: You did not bring a flatiron on The Amazing Race! I've got a little bit of wave. And I like it to be kind of straight and pointy. I was the first person [on the series] to bring a flatiron. Phil did name us the most fashionable team in Amazing Race history.

So we were happy to win something. Too bad it wasn't one of the legs of the race. We came in second three times. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. This whole experience has just been such a blessing. I wake up every morning and wonder if it really happened.

kynt and vyxsin dating services

It feels like a crazy, wonderful dream. But then you watch the tape. What's it been like to see the comments the other teams made about you?

It gives us a giggle. Looking how Kynt and I do, I can't say we haven't been called names before, and sometimes they've been quite a bit harsher and meaner than those.

It's unfortunate when people resort to that What kind of reception but did you generally get? Our look is different, but it's not intimidating, you know? We give off a very friendly vibe. And I think people could pick up on that. Also, I found that because we were something different, usually it was an advantage for us when dealing with people.

We weren't the strongest team, the most athletic or the smartest. But we were stubborn. We would never stop. Like Vyxsin said on the first episode, "We were like Gothic Energizer bunnies.

Ah, your famous line. A couple of weeks ago, Azaria and Hendekea told me they felt like you two turned it on for the camera. How do you react to that? I don't think that's accurate because they never saw us when cameras weren't around.

We were followed by a camera crew 24 hours a day. And I would say that of the other teams, too. We never saw any of them not being filmed. I don't feel like we really know the other teams very well outside of the context of The Amazing Race.

Didn't you spend some time with them at the Elimination Station in Portugal? Because we were so close to the end, they took us to the ending destination. You got the shaft.

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You didn't win anything and you missed out on the resort part. But I wouldn't have traded India and Italy for anything. Speaking of Italy, that's where you had a meltdown.

Kynt even threatened to jump out of the car at one point. And I don't blame him. We got super lost. When we got to the [accident on the highway] we decided to go on this insane mountain road. So I drove all night long on these tiny, hairpin turns up and down these crazy, super narrow, dark mountain roads.

Kent Kaliber & Vyxsin Fiala

I couldn't even blink. We had no food, no water. He took mine out of the fridge. He went in there and pulled out three different people's molds, which is a big deal because they need to set. I don't understand why it wasn't clear in the editing. If she had, we would have had an even larger penalty. Moments like that show you a lot about people's true colors, and the Globetrotters are kick-you-when-you're-down people.

This is the second race in a row that they've all advanced by bullying around a woman. When if comes to Flight Time and Big Easy, they are not good examples of what a Globetrotter is, because I have nothing but respect for the Globetrotters organization. To see the way [Flight Time and Big Easy] behave when they don't get their own way is so ugly and so non-heroic. It's pathetic—they hide behind those jerseys and run around like they're these all-American heroes, but when push comes to shove they have no qualms about bullying a girl around.

To me that's the antithesis of a hero. You never bully a girl.

kynt and vyxsin dating services

And they've done in it two races in row [the first infamously being Mika at the waterslide in season 15], so I think it's a pretty common behavior. What's it like watching your bickering on TV? This Amazing Race was amazing therapy.

Kynt Cothron and Vyxsin Fiala eliminated from 'The Amazing Race 12'

You're seeing the moments of triumph, moments you overcame obstacles—it's really inspiring. But you also see the moments you weren't perfect, and I think that's good. None of us are perfect. I own up to it and as long as I can learn from it than it's a positive experience.

And this race certainly was. Are you two dating or just friends? We've been dating for a while. We're not into making out in front of everybody and stuff, but we are a couple People don't believe it—they'll be like, "Oh, Kent's gay" Or, "You guys are brother and sister. People always ask if I'm gay. As you can see I'm not someone who holds a lot back. I like to be flamboyant. I like to wear makeup and to be fabulous.