Matpat and stephanie dating games

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matpat and stephanie dating games

MatPat's matpat and stephanie dating mea3gaming game over a gtlive fan game game over gtlive game theory matpat matpat and stephanie. I was both Matt & Steph during this stream Film Theory, Game Theory, Cinnamon. Film TheoryGame .. ❤️Pregnant and dating nate · GitBook. Jaylee Schanus. MatPat's first and most popular channel is The Game Theorists, a hub During this time, he married his college girlfriend Stephanie Cordato on May 19,

During the course of its life, The Game Theorists has hosted numerous spin-offs and separate shows. Some of the shows are only partly on The Game Theorists and consist of more episodes on the creators' channels. Game Exchange July 5, — June 7, on The Game Theorists, still on Gaijin Goombah is a show by Michael Sundman [13] where he talks in a high-pitched voice as a Goomba character named Gaijin Goombah about gaming in relation to various international cultures.

The version on The Game Theorists has since been replaced permanently with Culture Shock which started on April 10, as a show very similar in style and content.

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Starting inhis real voice was used in The Game Theorists version. Digressing and Sidequesting December 26, — October 18, was a show hosted by Ronnie "Oni" Edwards which focuses on game design. Crossover December 28, — September 9, was a show hosted by Drake McWhorter and Ken Landefeld which proved that two gaming characters or series exist within the same universe. In Februarythe script for a relaunch was finalised.

According to McWhorter, the show was cancelled because "it's not as high quality, the Smash hype is dead, and it's not an educational show. A Brief History February 4, — August 24, on The Game Theorists, still on FootofaFerret is a show hosted by Ryder Burgin that covers the entire development of a game series in a very fast-spoken manner.

In the episode of August 24,Burgin announced that that episode would be the last episode on The Game Theorists and the series would fully move back to FootofaFerret.

On July 4th,the show's editor and host of Digressing And Sidequesting, Ronnie "Oni" Edwards died by suicide in his own apartment. He will be dearly missed. Game Theory provides examples of: Acceptable Breaks from Reality: Touched upon in his War Thunder Tanks video when he finally reveals a real life attribute that is not accurately represented in the game that being the very significant rates at which the real tanks break down just from locomotion without even seeing combatonly to then state that the developers did spend some time deliberating as to whether or not they should add that trait into the game and ultimately decided that having your tank cripplingly malfunction at random was not fun.

Downplayed, lampshaded, and later subverted here. The Binding of Isaac. Man, this game is depressing, disturbing, dark, even some adjectives that don't start with D, like uh baffling, obtuse, just plain weird.

matpat and stephanie dating games

The entire show resolves around analyzing video games. It was bound to happen. All Just a Dream: One of his final FNAF theories suggests that the entire tetralogy is the coma-induced nightmares of the fourth game's protagonist. In a two-part episode, he described Mario as an animal abuser, misogynist, sadist, and mass murderer. In his Toad's Deadly Secret episode, he proposes that Peach is the true Big Bad of the Mario franchise, using her parasitic followers to run the goombas out of their native homeland, with Bowser as the tragic, reluctant Big Good just trying to combat a parasitic threat.

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Handsome Jack of Borderlands 2 already got a decent amount from fans, but Matt also theorizes that Jack actually has borderline personality disorder and gives examples meeting 7 of the 9 criteria. Bowser's habit of kidnapping Peach is actually an attempt to give his son and seven adopted children the complete family Bowser wishes he'd had growing up. In his analysis of Until Dawnhe comes to the conclusion that Josh has been experiencing poor mental health care, and, based off his symptoms, should be treated for schizophrenia.

In general, he does a lot of this in his videos. Of course, not many people like when he tries to do that. The likely reason why he posted his Five Nights at Freddy's video theorizing that Mike Schmidt is the murderer, that the evil animatronics don't exist, and that the entire game is his guilt-ridden nightmares in his final days on death row two days after the trailer and Steam greenlight information for the sequel rendered it impossible.

He seems to have since quietly abandoned the theory entirely and makes no mention of it at all in his Five Nights at Freddy's 2 video.

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The video explained how the time travel in Chrono Trigger worked. The video currently has almost two million views. In the seventh episode, he was interviewed by internet show host Ronnie Edwardson the fourth episode of Ronnie's podcast series Random Internet Encounters. He gained an interest in Ronnie's talent and offered to promote his internet show, Digressing and Sidequestingby allowing Ronnie to move the series to MatPat's channel, which Ronnie accepted.

Many videos later, a fellow Ohioan hired him as a YouTube audience development consultant to build fanbases for new Youtubers. MatPat met hundreds of theorists at the SGC Theorists convention and offered to promote their channels. This, along with a steady flow of new content being produced, kept the channel growing at a brisk rate. As his videos gained popularity, many started their own theory channels, including LockStin.

matpat and stephanie dating games

This video announced the fact that Patrick would be having another theory series on his channel called Game Exchange. Instead of telling only secrets about video games like Game Theory, Game Exchange explains the many secrets in video games relating to culture. The second video of the new series, by the name " Game Exchange: Japanese Culture in Kirby, Mario, and Zelda ", was uploaded on July 5,three days after the first one.

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The video received enough views to become another series on the channel, and thus, MatPat made a deal with DigressingNSQ to give him access to the channel and together they made a new series known as Digressing and Sidequesting.

This series included the infrastructure of creating a game and how they would function. This series, however, was inactive for more than a year due to not enough views, but it returned in December Focusing on "the six degrees of separation", Crossover aimed to bridge the gaps of the gaming multiverse but moved on to focus on video game timelines. This series discusses the Super Smash Bros. The Film Theory logo On May 12,MatPat created a new channel "filmtheorists" later changed to The Film TheoristsThis series was similar to Game Theory, except it conducted analysis and theory videos on movies and television shows rather than on video games.