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Ensure that external auditing of Financial Statements is up to date. 9. . NKANA WATER AND SEWERAGE COMPANY. Impact of. The Mission of the Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company Limited is to He or she will lead, manage, co-ordinate and ensure up to date. Nkana Water & Sewerage Company - Nkana This includes, but is not limited to Private Construction Projects, Tenders within the building sector, Main.

Participates in preparation of annual work plans and budgeting on all safeguard activities. Produces weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports on Safeguards as required. Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Sciences or any related field Chemistry, Biological Sciences, and Natural Resources with minimum 15 years working experience. Should demonstrate acute understanding of, and hands-on experience of contract management of Consultants.

Should be familiar with environmental compliance and monitoring of projects. Must be familiar with stakeholder engagement, scoping and public disclosure processes. Other Attributes Should be a self-starter and able to work long hours with minimum supervision Should have good communication skills with the aptitude to interpret data Must have computer literacy in Microsoft Office and Microsoft Project Must be a team player with multitasking skills Must have adequate knowledge of Project Management.

Must have the ability to review safeguards instruments and provide adequate guidance to both management and consultants Manager — Information Communication and Technology No.

The job holder will work with Business Units across the Company from beginning to end, outlining the most effective resources and oversee projects through design, development to completion.

He or she will lead, manage, co-ordinate and ensure up to date companywide information, communication and technology systems, ensuring that they are operating to support the effective and efficient operations of the company. Key Responsibilities In alignment with organisational goals and objectives, drives ICT medium and long-term strategies and plans and increases operational efficiency by streamlining LWSC business processes through the successful implementation of an appropriate integrated business management system.

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Stays abreast of developments in ICT technology and remains highly technically competent at all levels of data processing while striving for enhanced user productivity through implementation of new software technology where applicable, and the implementation of policies that more effectively utilise MIS resources.

Formulates, interprets and ensures complete implementation of ICT policies, procedures, rules and regulations. Works with Business Units to reengineer business processes in order to ensure that they are integrated into the information systems throughout the organisation to reduce the cost of doing business. Oversees implementation and monitoring of ICT strategies that ensures effective and efficient operations across the company such as maximisation of revenue generation and collection; debt management, non-revenue water reduction; and provision of better customer service, enhanced Human Resources management, easier communication with customers, and improved Asset Management.

Improves network security and cyber security within the company by installation of intrusion prevention systems and intrusion detection systems and ensuring network security and protection of data from internal and external attacks.

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Increases communication efficiency and effectiveness through the provision of reliable network connectivity within LWSC and its branches, and with external stakeholders. Creates an environment where innovation thrives for the research and development of ICT systems and applications that will result in various company operations, and remains conversant with emerging best practice in ICT and changes in technology, and advises Management on sustainable solutions as appropriate.

Identifies and successfully negotiates for opportunities to improve and update software and systems, using innovative, sustainable and cost efficient solutions, and manages ICT suppliers and support services providers. Ensures the existence and practicability of appropriate database administration, data backups and recovery procedures. Coordinates and supports the development and upgrading of websites and deployment of communication platforms.

Increases productivity and a reformed corporate culture by enforcing the usage of the integrated management systems, or available systems, in all departments. Improves information management through implementation of a document management system and its peripherals. This is where we kissed once and forgetting about it. They get you pregnant and lots of single men. Where do single women will panic and call her immediately and he had to see a local newspaper.

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