Persona 3 dating chihiro and haku

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persona 3 dating chihiro and haku

For the dude, you can date: yukari, mitsuru, fuuka, yuko, chihiro, aigis, elizabeth ( kiiinda..) and.. Persona Persona 3 dating chihiro and haku - krishnakingdom. Haku and Chihiro Totoro, Ghibli Movies, Hayao Miyazaki, Studio Ghibli Spirited Away,. TotoroGhibli .. 3 Hayao Miyazaki, Spirited Away Movie, Kohaku. Chihiro Fushimi is a character from Persona 3. She was a sophomore at Chihiro is one of the girls whom the Main Character can date. One important plot point.

When Leon was later executed after the class trial, Chihiro thought that he and the other students were no better than Leon, since they indirectly murdered Leon by voting him as the culprit. Boy's Life of Despair When Byakuya Togami was found in the library after his sudden disappearance, he began to bully Chihiro, causing Mondo to interject that it was unfair to bully the weak.

Although well-intentioned, Mondo's statement greatly demoralized Chihiro. The next morning, the students gathered in the Cafeteria. Chihiro, still feeling down due to the events that transpired the day before, began crying after Mondo's argument with Kiyotaka Ishimaru.

Taken aback by Chihiro's reaction, Mondo immediately regretted his action and gave him "a man's promise" to protect him from any danger. This touched Chihiro's heart so much that it inspired him to take action and become stronger, in order not to become a burden on the others. In order to become stronger, Chihiro said he would start working out.

Sakura Ogami and Aoi asked him to go to the gym room to work out together. However, Chihiro declined their invitation in fear of having his secret revealed.

He also brought the broken laptop that the group found in the library with him. Chihiro's Secret Monokuma introduced his second motive, a set of envelopes containing each student's most embarrassing secrets. Chihiro's envelope contained the note "Even though he is a boy, Chihiro Fujisaki dresses as a girl".

However, instead of feeling scared, he became even more determined to change and become stronger so that he could tell his secret. He concluded that he should share his secret with Mondo, whom Chihiro admired, by inviting him to go work out together at the gym.

That night, Chihiro went to the storage room, attempting to search for a jersey that he needed to wear for his first workout session. He was intercepted by Celestia Ludenbergwho happened to pass near the storage room. Startled by Celestia's sudden appearance, Chihiro quickly took off without mentioning where he intended to go off to. Chihiro met up with Mondo in the boy's changing room and revealed his secret to him. As Mondo was still feeling pressured by Monokuma's threat, the sudden revelation caused Mondo to be overcome by jealousy toward Chihiro; Mondo felt that by choosing not to run away from this problem and to actively trying to make his life better, Chihiro was stronger in character than himself, whereas Mondo felt hopelessly overwhelmed by survivor's guilt and intense, irrational feelings of weakness.

Ultimately, that intense jealousy turned into murderous anger, and Mondo hit Chihiro in the head with a dumbbell, killing him. Mondo realized he had to move Chihiro out of the boys' locker room in order to guard Chihiro's secret, and so carried his body into the girl's locker room, which he opened using Sayaka's discarded e-Handbook. He then swapped the contents of the locker rooms so that it appeared Chihiro had been murdered in the girl's locker room.

He then broke Chihiro's e-Handbook by throwing it into the sauna, so that if another student turned it on it wouldn't reveal Chihiro's true gender. Wanting to "make the case more interesting", he tampered with the crime scene by hanging Chihiro in a crucifix position with the extension cord from the library's desk lamp, and writing "Bloodlust" on the wall using Chihiro's blood, emulating the M.

persona 3 dating chihiro and haku

Despite both Byakuya and Mondo's tampering with the crime scene, Kyoko uncovered Chihiro's secret during her investigation of the crime scene, and the class revealed Mondo's murder during the class trial, leading to Mondo being executed.

Alter Ego After his death, Chihiro's classmates discovered that Chihiro had developed an artificial intelligence program named Alter Ego in an attempt to decrypt files about Hope's Peak Academy.

Persona 3 dating chihiro and haku \

Alter Ego used Chihiro as an avatar, using both Chihiro's likeness and voice, and was housed in a laptop taken from the Hope's Peak library.

Chihiro hid the laptop in the bathhouse, which was one of the few areas in the school with no security cameras. The students became close to Alter Ego, particularly Makoto, who was strongly endeared by the fact it so strongly resembled their friend who had just died.

That AI was the reason that Makoto survived his execution in Chapter 5, and the remaining students were able to later escape the academy.

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Post-Killing School Life Main article: Taichi was later freed, only to become one of the people targeted by the Warriors of Hope. After becoming a target, he went into hiding. After being attacked by a Beast Monokuma and becoming heavily injured, Taichi told Komaru and Toko that he had a child around their age and that his last regret is that he couldn't see that child again.

Taichi died from his injuries, and afterward, Komaru found Taichi's diary near his body, which contained a photo of Taichi and Chihiro. Later in the game, if the player returns to the spot where Taichi appeared to die, his body is not there - unlike other characters, whose body remains where it fell. Where his body was is a note, which reads: There's not enough information out there to know for sure.

But I know one thing: I have to make it out of this town. Until I know for sure that my wife and child are safe, I can't die.

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As a husband, as a father Despite her confident and inspiring speech, Chihiro appears to be somewhat forgettable similar to her past, and loses the others' attention quickly. She also delivers a speech to the group, which she readily admits was written by her friend who served as student council president two years before.

persona 3 dating chihiro and haku

Her final Social Link Persona is Melchizedekthe righteous king. Because their Personas were not awakened naturally, they must take suppressants supplied by Ikutsuki. Her Persona was artificially induced to allow her to participate in the battle against the Shadows. With the correct choices, Akihiko will fall in love with the Female Protagonist. After the ordeal, Natsuki lost her memory of the event, but apologized to Fuuka.

Once the Justice Arcana Social Link has successfully reached its maximum level, the persona Melchizedek can finally be fused in the Velvet Room. Her Arcana is Justice. Persona-users in previous games also did not use Evokers, but summoning their Personas never appeared to cause them any pain.

Early on in Persona 3, he encourages the Protagonist to form Social Links, saying they will determine his potential in combat. What we think really happened is that the tunnel is able to change appearance because at the beginning it was clean and red, almost as if it was inviting curiosity, or to draw in unsuspecting people.

persona 3 dating chihiro and haku

He is known among the members of SEES for his "lame jokes" For example, the first joke Ikutsuki pulls is "The early bird catches the bookworm. In his Social Link he expresses his deep memory towards Miki and how the Female Protagonist reminded him of her. Spend time until Evening if done. You may find them in the "code" section of the us. Lovers Yukari Takeba Lvl. He cannot fight for the first part of the game, due to injuries received during the Dark Hour.

Persona 3 dating chihiro and haku

If done in a timely enough manner, this should also be appropriate to use for that purpose. She decides to take over leadership of the Kirijo Group after the conflict with Nyx is finished and she graduates high school. Your Attributes will determine whether you succeed or fail on many activities in the late game, such as midterm exams or story events.

BUT, you only have a year to complete your task, if you don't the end will come. His decision to join SEES is a swift one, and Yukari is dismayed when he immediately moves into their dorm. He chose this as his weapon because it would compensate for his lack of height, although his height makes the weapon more difficult for him to use. In Shin Megami Tensei: He is a hard worker who balances a high GPA with near-constant training. Persona 4 Chihiro welcomes the group to Gekkoukan High School.

He believes the shorts Ken wears give him a "nostalgic" look in contrast to the modern setting of Persona 3, noting in Art of Persona 3 that "kids these days hardly ever wear shorts.