Verbal and nonverbal reasoning tests 13 dating

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verbal and nonverbal reasoning tests 13 dating

This is a non-verbal reasoning test similar to those used by many employers when recruiting. It also shows how the answers are worked out. Assessment dates for entry in September Boys who register for 13+ entry are invited to sit the Independent Schools' Examination Board (ISEB) a computer-based test in English, mathematics, and Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning. the 13+ Common Entrance exam. Non-Verbal Reasoning although this is dependent on each senior school. . and-a-half years before their proposed date of.

verbal and nonverbal reasoning tests 13 dating

Registration should take place before the dates given below. Selection criteria and process The following criteria are used to determine entry: It is important for families and the College that we ensure the likely success of a boy or girl through Common Entrance. We would never wish to turn someone away in their Common Entrance year. To do this we run two Pre-test sessions. Eligibility Boys and girls must be under 14 years of age on 1 September of the year of entry. Entrance examination The entrance examination takes place in January before entry in September of that year.


The date is organised in consultation with other major independent schools. Girls and boys come to the College for a whole day. We do try to make this as enjoyable as possible! We have recently reviewed our entrance examination. Four areas will be assessed: Verbal reasoning A Mathematics paper An English paper assessing extended writing, comprehension and technical skills The Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning will be tested online and details of a familiarisation website will be made available to families in advance of the test date.

They are very similar to traditional paper versions. Samples of our Mathematics and English papers will be available on the admissions downloads page. The latter two papers are set and marked in the College.

Non-verbal reasoning test

Candidates will also have a short interview with a senior member of staff. Please contact our Admissions Office on if you have any questions or queries about the Application process.

Families will be told in advance when the results will be published. Interviews for candidates residing overseas can be conducted via Facetime or Skype.

Interviews can be arranged via Skype or FaceTime.

Entrance Assessments

Please make it clear on the Exam Confirmation Form or Registration Form that you intend to sit overseas. You will be asked to read two extracts which are each approximately words long and answer multiple choice questions about them. You will be given a short paragraph without any punctuation and be asked to correct it with the appropriate punctuation marks.

verbal and nonverbal reasoning tests 13 dating

Many words in English have similar meanings. Decimals add, subtract, multiply and divideFractions add, subtract, multiply and divide including mixed numbersLowest common multiples, Highest common factors, Prime factors, Percentages, Converting between fractions and decimals, Standard form.

Collecting like terms, Expanding algebraic brackets, Factorising, Substitution of variables, Solving linear equations, Linear graphs gradient, y-intercept and line equations. The questions will cover topics from around the world and will not be based purely on the United Kingdom.

There will also be a short 30 minute written exercise. We do not have sample papers for Non-Verbal Reasoning.

verbal and nonverbal reasoning tests 13 dating

These can be found at most retailers. Indecision letters will be sent by 2nd February You will receive one of the following decisions: If you sit the pre-tests you can sit again in Year 7 and Year 8 Feedback We regret, given the large number of applicants, that we are unable to give feedback on examination results.

verbal and nonverbal reasoning tests 13 dating

Accept and Phase 5: Join Once we have sent your offer, you will have until the first week of March to make your decision. This has all the information you need before starting with us. That evening, we also invite all new parents in for a welcome evening and a chance to meet the Head of Year, the class teachers, current parents and the new parents joining that year. Then you will be ready to start in September. Over the summer, parents usually set up activities and bonding events for you to meet and our parents' association: