Wolf blood rhydian and maddy dating

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wolf blood rhydian and maddy dating

Wolfblood: Maddy and Rhydian's Wedding Disclaimer: I do not own Wolfblood. Jana and Liam are dating and Kay and Tom are dating. Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Romance/Friendship - Maddy Smith, Rhydian Morris - Words: - Reviews: 15 - Favs: 45 - Follows: 24 - Updated. WolfBlood|Maddy & Rhydian Kiss and Ask out scene| 2x Alric attacks Maddy & Rhydian | Wolfblood Season 2 Movies Showing, Movies And Tv Shows.

Ollie and Rhydian went inside. Ollie sat down but Rhydian didn't sit down he was going up the stairs when Mrs. Vaughn "I'm getting ready to take Maddy out on a date.

He got on his suit and tie, opened his drawer and put the ring in his pocket. Then he went back downstairs. Vaughn "I'm not sure. Once he got to the spot where they had set up the picnic he lit the candles and waited for Maddy. Maddy was just finishing getting ready when there was a knock at the door and a few seconds later Shannon walked in the house.

They walked out of town and into the forest. Minutes later they were at there. So I was thinking that we would just eat, watch the sunset and hangout.

What do have to eat. Maddy had three hard boiled eggs, a sandwich, fruit salad and two cookies one of each, Rhydian had pretty much the same thing. Rhydian got on one knee and opened the box.

wolf blood rhydian and maddy dating

Maddys eyes opened wide. They hugged and kissed then sat back down and finished eating, talked, watched the stars and the moon. They walked home Rhydian carrying the food and drinks.

Maddy carried the dishes back.

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A few minutes later the door opened and Rhydian and Maddy walked in and set the basket down. Vaughn will be wondering where I am. Hopefully you enjoyed this chapter. Keep an eye out for chapter 2: I am going back to school tomorrow so I'm not sure when the next chapter will be up. Maddy tells Rhydian she's thankful to have him. Rhydian hits the fire alarm when he sees Maddy changing as to bail her out. Maddy defends Rhydian when Shannon starts yelling at him.

Maddy sits with Rhydian outside. When Rhydian hears Maddy howl he runs to her straight away.

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He knows it's her and he wants to help. During the real fire Rhydian takes Maddy off Tom and sits her down. Rhydian is concerned about Maddy and want Maddy to 'take it easy'. Occam's Razor Rhydian and Maddy run off together a lot throughout the episode.

Maddy shares her lunch with Rhydian - she throws a chicken leg and he catches it with a smile. When Rhydian and Maddy don't show up at the priory, Tom says "they're probably smooching on a beach somewhere. Maddy doesn't want to leave Rhydian when he gets hurt. When the three Ks tell Maddy that Rhydian is her boyfriend she blushes and gets defensive immediately.

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Kara tells Maddy that Rhydian was showing off to her. I've done this loads of times". I'll look after you.

Rhydian holds Maddy's hand when they are about to transform.

wolf blood rhydian and maddy dating

After Maddy has transformed, Rhydian looks down at her lovingly. They nuzzle each other when they are wolves. As wolves Rhydian knocks Tom and Shannon over so Maddy can escape. Maddy and Rhydian playfully push into each other, and Rhydian gives Maddy a piggyback. Maddy hearing Becky's secret Rhydian and Maddy go running in the woods. Rhydian and Maddy are fighting and have their foreheads pressed together and Tom thinks they're about to kiss.

Rhydian says to Maddy "Tom thinks we're dating! Rhydian grabs Maddy's hand when she goes to dance at Kay's birthday party. When Tom is upset because he thinks Maddy and Rhydian are dating he says "No way! I'm not just gonna sit there and watch her play tonsil-tennis with Rhydian! When she makes her entrance in the form room, Rhydian, like other pupils, stares at her in disbelief. Maddy kissing Rhydian as a thank you Maddy looks concerned when Rhydian's in hospital.

Maddy kisses Rhydian on the cheek. You don't normally kiss someone to say thanks, meaning Maddy might have been using it as an excuse. Rhydian is pleased, dazed, and embarrassed when she kisses him. Rhydian appears to realize that he likes her too. Rhydian looks worried when Maddy faints. He picks Maddy up and carries her up the stairs.

wolf blood rhydian and maddy dating

Rhydian lies to Shannon and Tom to protect Maddy when she has taken Wolfsbane. Tom says to Rhydian: When Tom and Rhydian are in the woods Tom says "My point is you acting all jealous like you've got some sort of claim on her.

I'm jealous", showing he does fancy Maddy. Rhydian really want to go back for Maddy when he hears her howling: Rhydian jumps on top of Maddy and holds her down. Maddy asks Rhydian if he's jealous of Tom fancying her-he says don't push your luck which isn't saying no and Maddy smiles.

Maddy doesn't want to force Rhydian, going into the den for the full moon. Rhydian looks hurt, when Maddy says "Well when this all goes wrong, don't expect me to clear it up", indicating Rhydian hates fighting with Maddy and needs Maddy by his side.

When Ceri says 'Did she make you do this, your tame wolf friend! She is at her home looking concerned for him.