Are cigs bad for your lungs yahoo dating

Lung cancer: 'If only I’d seen my doctor sooner' - Telegraph

are cigs bad for your lungs yahoo dating

"It's the second leading cause of lung cancer, and, for non-smokers, it is the Compared to cigarette smoking, it's a very small risk, but across the And don't think that new homes are less likely to have dangerous levels of radon. http:// The content of nicotine in the cigarette will depend upon the type and part of leaf that is used. When the sugars burn a number of harmful acids are produced. Carbon monoxide causes damage to the lungs by depriving the body of oxygen. Oxygen is . Dates. Posted On: 11 July, Modified On: 18 September, . Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in the U.S. Cigarettes and other Smoking increases inflammation and scarring in your lungs. The Kent Micronite filter actually made smoking more dangerous by adding asbestos to the list of . Stay up-to-date on treatment, research, clinical trials, doctors and survivors.

The rules will make it next to impossible for teens to obtain or even roll their own, flavored cigarettes. Effects of Clove Cigarettes Tobacco experts welcomed the ban, especially on cloves. Unlike fruit-flavored cigarettes, cloves release a sweet aroma that contains eugenol, which is a topical anesthetic, scientists say. Many dentists use eugenol to numb part of a patient's mouth.

are cigs bad for your lungs yahoo dating

When smoking a clove flavored cigarette, the eugenol makes the upper airways of a smoker's lungs numb, allowing the smoker to inhale very dense cigarette smoke into the deepest part of their lungs. This is the characteristic that makes cloves appealing to new smokers.

But, the anesthetic in cloves that allows for deep inhales is potentially more harmful as well. The only flavor additive left out of the ban is menthol, the most popular, leaving many tobacco experts questioning the extent of the ban.

Cigarette retailer lobbying groups say the ban is unfair. They claim that selling any kind of cigarettes to minors -- flavored or regular -- is already illegal in most states, making the outright ban of flavored cigarettes unreasonable. Adenocarcinoma was the type I was eventually diagnosed with, in July This type of cancer is increasing and women are overtaking men in the lung cancer statistics, because advertising sold the idea that sassy businesswomen or cool, rebellious types smoked.

Twenty per cent of people with lung cancer have never smoked or, like myself, are ex-very light smokers.

are cigs bad for your lungs yahoo dating

This group may have other risk factors. Some may have been exposed to asbestos; others, of whom I am one, have been found to have a mutated gene for lung cancer, probably caused by a virus. Americans are less passive about health than we Brits. Stefanie Powers, for example, saved her own life.

Clove-Flavored Cigarettes More Dangerous?

After a friend died of late-diagnosed lung cancer eight years ago, the actress, singer and conservationist, who made her name in the Eighties series Hart to Hart, took action. As an ex-smoker, she paid for a CT scan. I would rather have a scan than another damn holiday. From then on, she included a scan in her annual health check-up; as soon as the cells became malignant, she had the affected lobe of the lung removed with keyhole surgery.

Aged 68, she now runs regularly to keep her heart strong — vital if part of a lung is missing.

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Powers is the poster girl for early diagnosis. I would rather be in her position than my own. If only I had gone to the doctor sooner.

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Among the other celebrities photographed holding up lung X-rays to put across the early diagnosis message in the Be Clear About Cancer campaign are Lynda Bellingham, Duncan Bannatyne and Billy Bragg, all of whom have lost loved ones to the disease and who wish to help reduce the 35, deaths a year it causes in this country.

At present, we are low in the survival league, along with Denmark, which also has GPs as gatekeepers to services. Canada, which has substantially raised the price of tobacco and has a highly effective awareness programme, has the highest five-year survival figure of 20 per cent. Their words about the suffering it causes are too painful for me to repeat.