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Find great deals on eBay for Amperex 12AX7 in Vintage Tubes and Tubes Buy It Now . Date Code: (made in 15th week of ). and Short Plate. Results 1 - 48 of I have 4 Amperex 6V6GTA NOS Black Glass tubes made in Great .. Pair of Vtg Amperex Bugle Boy 12AU7/ECC82 Vacuum Tubes Same Partial Date Codes For sale is this pair of Amperex orange logo 6DJ8 / ECC Results 1 - 48 of 6CH6 EL Amperex Vacuum Tube NOS NIB Tested Strong (Last Five). S$ .. Up for sale here is this set of 4 Amperex Bugle Boy ECC88 / 6DJ8 tubes . Tube 1: Amperex PQ Gold Pin dated USA.

Out of RCA, sorry! This black glass tube is labeled "MR", designating them for use on the home front for maintenance replacements during the war while tubes were rationed! Use it just like a new tube. I've got pairs and quads in stock! Electro-Harmonix B Gold tubes. With the ceramic base and the gold plated grid wires and pins, this is the B I have chosen to stock. Excellent build quality coupled with pleasing sonics great bass!

Lots of happy customers using this tube! These tubes do vary in internal construction. These are very good s!

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These tubes test and look great! Tung-Sol reissue - this is a great tube, the reports have been really good. Great tone, excellent quality, a winner!

These are very scarce now - especially well matched sets. This metal based straight sided bottle is a great value, and with no more SED C around it is a tube you can consider.

These great looking coke bottle tubes have garnered a lot of nice reviews from users, and while they aren't original Tung-Sols, they are fine tubes. I'm very pleased with the quality! These rare tubes won't be here long! Here's a typical customer comment Set the bias and let 'em cook a while. I was really surprised. They sound like the real thing. What a sweet sounding amp that is. Important note - updated!

There have been some cases where the new production A and tubes have had trouble in circuits using a very high value grid resistor - as vintage Scotts, Fishers, and others sometimes do.

The best solution is changing all the grid resistors to KK from the original value, since often the factory spec resistors exceeded the maximum recommendations.

For instance, Fisher routinely used K carbon resistors that would often drift up to K over time!

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As well, to prevent loss of deep bass energy a change of the output coupling cap value to. Please note I do not recommend the use of JJ tubes under any circumstances, not even with the changes above! Click here for a look at a typical output circuit. Properly matched by me personally at volts, not just "distributor" matched! Note - the pins on the EH tubes are larger than old stock, and require very careful installation. I strongly suggest that the original novar sockets be replaced with magnovals if you want to use EH tubes.

Mullard reissue EL34 tubes. These were modeled after the xf4, and the people who've heard the tube like it a lot! This has proven to be an excellent EL34! This tube is a hit! Do be aware they draw about. Otherwise they are a drop in replacment for the 6L6. Genalex Gold Lion KT reissues!

Unlike the other KT brand in the market, these tubes are rock solid quality and reliability is excellent! Genalex Gold Lion KT reissues - good stock on hand! The listening reports are virtually unanimous, regardless of what gear the tubes go in.

This tube is clearly the equal of and according to many are even be better than the original GEC. It is absolutely the best on the market now! My impressions from handling and matching the tubes are extremely positive. The tube is very substantial in your hand, they feel heavy and look well made. Very tight bass I wish there was a tad more of it thoughbeautiful mids and highs - and a tough, reliable tube too. I now find that these recent production EH are much better performers both on the test bench and in listening reports.

I now keep a good stock on hand - matched right by me personally! Rugged power tubes with significantly higher dissipation limits than the KT or KT carry; I am now keeping good stock on hand - matched right by me personally! Note - these tubes require.

KT Tung-Sol current production tubes - these are leftovers from a special order and are fully tested both on the AT Amplitrex and on the high voltage rig.

Keep in mind these tubes have extra heater current and other special requirements so you need to check to see if your amp can accommodate them. Also, the KTs tend to bias hotter a higher bias current for any given set of operating conditions than KTs so you need to be sure you can adjust the bias properly - bias that can't be adjusted properly is not a defect in the tube.

If you need matched tubes or are larger quantity let me know. I can order them for you. Much more to come in this section!

I have no way to test them I'm not a Hambut I'll gladly return your money if you aren't satisfied. I also have one new socket for these tubes which I'll toss in if you take all 3. Both are very lightly used I believe. Looking for more old radio types? I might have it in stock but not listed. Otherwise, definitely try Jim Cross at his site: I highly recommend him!

This 4 pin based half-wave rectifier can run on half or all of its center tapped filament, and has a PIV of 20, volts! Check it out the data here. These are essentially an rectifier but have no mercury they're xenon filled. There have been near zero failures of the tubes I've sold.

Good stock on hand! Developed by Amperex in when transistors were beginning to supplant tubes and originally developed for video and radar use, the 6DJ8 also excelled in audio amplifiers needing its high transconductanceand it still has a niche market among audiophiles.

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A voltage regulator vacuum tube made by Amperex Amperex tubes were original equipment parts in many models of Tektronix and Hewlett-Packard test equipment. Although Amperex stopped making vacuum tubes long ago, hoards of new old stock especially the original "Bugle Boy" series are traded for profit, and other manufacturers produced compatible tubes more recently.

Miniature receiving tubes, magnetronsX-ray tubes, Geiger-Muller tubes, and large transmitting tubes were also manufactured at this location. The factory was completed in and closed in There are five buildings located on the property.

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The property is bordered to the north by Industrial Drive; to the south by Comstock Road, to the east by a grassy area; and to the west by Providence Pike.

The plant was operated by one of Philips' fully owned subsidiaries, Amperex Electronics, to supply IBMone of Philips' largest customers, with high speed, gold-doped germanium logic diodes. Millions of these diodes were manufactured at the Slatersville plant every year. With the advent of silicon diodes in there was a decreasing demand for these germanium diodes, so Philips transferred their germanium Post Alloy Diffused Transistor PADT manufacturing to Slatersville to take advantage of the site's capacity.

In Philips invented an imaging tube called the Plumbicon to replace the vidicon and Image Orthicon tubes used in studio television cameras. The technical advantages of this new tube allowed true color fidelity to be seen in television broadcasts for the first time. The popularity of the Plumbicon tubes was so great that Amperex, built a second plant adjacent to the building on the Slatersville site to meet the demand.