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dating sims for nds drainage

Walkthrough for Sims 2 for DS by Freyashawk email: . Whenever you are unsuccessful in any interaction, your sanity bar is drained a little. Deluxe Guest Room Guest: Kent Hackett Mood: Happy Check Out Date: 12/25 (2. Insert The Sims 2Game Card into the Game Card slot on the Nintendo DS. pronto to keep your Sim's sanity from going down the drain. . Recording Medium or the Manual is found to be detective within 90 days from the date of purchase. 21 Results Rune Factory - A Fantasy Harvest Moon (U)(XenoPhobia) ROM System: Nintendo DS Size: 60M. Tokimeki Memorial - Girl's Side - 1st Love.

Race for glory Trigger: Buy 3 corn dogs from the pizza parlor and give them to him once a day 3 days Now you can play the motorcycle minigame Mission Berkely Cloud -Attend the auction: Attend it at the Thrift Store from pm -Aquire the shrunken head: Lottie Cash -Take Crystal out on the town: Go to the pizza parlor -Get a bite to eat: Buy Crystal a slice of pizza -Play a game: Go to the dance game -Go shopping: Go to the Thrift Store -Buy Crystal a gift: Buy something from the peddlar next to the pizza parlor and give it to her Now you can go to Club Xizzle Mission The road to SimQuarter Trigger: Gramma Hattie -Make 3 friends: Mission for the man Trigger: Dan -Play Moogoo Monkey: Go to Salty's River Boat and play the minigame -Follow the directions on the bulletin board: This is a little tricky.

Go to the Miniopolis Chronicle and go to the bulletin board and read it. Then go to the shruberry near the museum and find your next clue. Then go to the graveyard and keep going until you get to four grave stones in a row, go to the last one and pick up your next clue. Then talk to Berkely Cloud. Give it to him -Give the rigged briefcase to Guiuseppi: Giive it to him Mission Batten down the hatces Trigger: Lily Gates; she can be found at Club Xizzles in the morning and at the docks in the afternoon -Earn Creativity 5: Go to the university -Convince Ewan to fix the attraction: Get your relationship with him to 30 -Challenge and beat Dusty Hogg: Go to the minigame and race and beat him.

Use fast and cheap motors to win Now you get to ride Dusty's motorcycle -Convince Poly to go to the attraction: Befriend her to a relationship of 50 Talk to Lily after you finish Mission None shall pass Trigger: Choose one and upgrade.

To upgrade your Charisma, use the mirrior in the Thrift Store -Meet at the cemetery between 11pmam: You have to answer the right things to guard: Say anything Darius 5 Body: After the first few questions, say these: Dan kicked me out of jail" Lily Gates 5 Charisma I have never done this with Lily before, but be nice.

Get on the list Trigger: Cannonball Coleman -Earn 2 with your rep group: Lottie Cash and Luthor Bigbucks Nerdies that will come: Maximillian Moore and Sue Pirvona Mission Luthor Bigbucks -Find a curator: Go find Roxanne Moxie -Purchase one museum exhibit: Go to the Museum and purchase one Now when your bills arrive, you get cash along with them Mission The ballad of Pepper Pete Trigger: Mambo Lao -Find a Sailor Coat: Talk to Pheobe Twiddle and go to the Thrift Store: Go to the right of the lower clothes rack and get the coat -Find a fake beard: Talk to Poly Nomial and purchase one online; it will take days to arrive -Give the costume to Mabo Lao: Go to the river boat and talk to him After this, you get thrown into the river and land in the world of Bayou Mission The greatest fear Trigger: Starts already -Convince Clem you aren't a vampire: The first three questions don't matter, then say: There is a grill outside, and inside the hosue is a toilet, a shower, a TV, and two beds -Find the "Dark Tree": After crossing the first bridge, go up and put the glowing light in your pocket Having trouble with those plants?

If so, pressing A while pointing your pad in the opposite direction will help. After getting the light, go on into the tree and talk to him Talk to Bayou Boo when you're done Mission Fiddle with the old man Trigger: Bayou Boo -Meet at the Hickory Stump at midnight: Go to the stumps at midnight -Fiddle the old man: Bye bye Bayou Trigger: Crawed Clem -Convince Clem to shell you out: Give him the locket -Meet Boo at the maunsolem entrance: Go to the stumps and head south After you come out, talk to Gramma Hattie This is the most difficult missions.

If you want to see, start running. Running from the law Trigger: Dan -Find someone to write a letter: Talk to Gramma Hattie -Find a messanger: Talk to the guy who always sleeps in the university -Gain Popularity Go to the river boat and go to the highest room, and the map will be on the floor -Bring the map back to Gordie: Bring it back to him Now you can use the fan boat and can run again. Go to the stairs next to the City Apartment in GlassTown to use it. Roxxane Moxie -Capture the dancing nutria: Use the fan boat and head down.

You will come across a small island with some beaver-like things.

dating sims for nds drainage

Put one in your pocket -Give the dancing nutria to Roxxane: Talk to Misty Waters -Find Misty a date: If you go there between am, you will find the Cheat Ninja between the two trees north. You can buy these from the ninja: Has the word bucket, which you need to say to enter Club Xizzle for the first time Talk to Roxanne again. The Bigbucks players Trigger: Theresa Bullhorn -Gain popularity Get his relationship to 50 -Convince Sue Pirnova to perform: Buy 5 decorative items and place them on the stage -Attend the play: Mission Reality show: The leader of your rep group NOTE: Before doing this mission, have all full stats -Travel to Paradise Island: Get on your fan boat and head north, and you will come there.

Go find four question coconuts. They are all buy the palm trees. When you do, talk to Pritchard and give him the cocnuts, then answer as follows: Red Question Coconut 2: Urbania Question Coconut 3: Dusty Hogg Question Coconut 4: Say things that will make them mad, but I have never ever been a success at this.

Back to the drawing board Trigger: Luthor Bigbucks -Convince Polly to talk: Earn your relationship with her a 70 -Find a secret lab: Go to the executive office at the King Tower between am with a logic of 6 and search the bookcases -Earn logic 6: Get the blue prints from the lab Mission Interview with a Cajun Vampire Trigger: Crawed Clem -Find Boo: Go back to that mausolem entrance and talk to Boo -Free Boo: Pick the lock with a mechnical of 7 -Find a cure for vampirism: You need to have a 5 for your cooking to do this.

Mix the 3 chocolates in the mixing machine then bake it in the stove -Feed Boo choclate: Give your chocolate to him Mission The cheat ninja -Befriend Harlan King to a relationship of 30 -Escape the cell: Once you befriend Harlan King, Daddy B. Atlantis premier party Trigger: Crystal if you are maleMaximillian Moore if you are female -Find a premier ticket: Talk to Lily Gates -Impress Lily: Get your relationship with her to 70 and your popularity 70 Talk to Crystal Max after you get the tickets -Dress all in black: Go to the thrift store and dress in black -Attend the premier: Bak In Time Trigger: Harlan King -Find an inventor: Talk to Sue Pirvona -Find 10 nucleur fuel rods: There are some in Bayou.

Use your fan boat to get there -Find a contractor: Talk to Guoseppi Mezzoalto -Use the time machine at the higest point: Place the time machine on the roof of King Tower and go back to December 31, Talk to Ephram Earl, have a little conversation with Daddy B.

You have beat The Urbz: Now you either put the game away or you can continue on your life maxing your skills and making relationships, or you can continue with the Splicer Island Missions. Now, here are the Rep Mission Goals: There is a weird glitch that happens and piles of trash eventually disappear.

Collect at the start of the game but wait to recycle all at once. You should see a dumpster right beside it. Check inside the dumpster to find the Splicer Island plans. Now go buy some food. So go in the pizza shop or anywhere else that sells food and buy a slice of pizza or whatever. Now go to Urbania Park and give it to Mokey. Now go to SimQuarter and go on the dock. Talk to Sharon Faster. Go north a bit and you'll see Futo Maki, so talk to him.

Then, give him the splicer island plans Friendly stuff and then give gift and then pick the plans. Then walk up to the gate and pick the lock. If you don't have a mechanical skill of 4, go back to Urbania and study at the university between 6pm - 9pm. Now you need to get a relationship of 50 or more with one of the monkeys on the island. They re-act positively and negatively to the following: He'll then say it takes 10 days to complete the project, so wait 10 in-game days and then go back to Splicer Island.

You must have a relationship of 40 or more before they will accept thanks to Blink for this information. Deal to be the Smoothie Operator. Mauricio Keyes It's Mokey! Notice how all of them are people who hang around in one place? Anyway, talk to Mokey. Now he wants a shower.

The Sims 2: Castaway

He will enter and take a shower. Now he is Dr. You may have come across these earlier in the game. To see if you have some go to your pockets and click on collectibles. The round yellow thing is the Amber. Johnny Smith collects spaceship parts as well, so once you have the metal detector and begin to explore the desert, you will be able to sell any spaceship parts that you find to him.

On the top screen, you will control your character, and therefore will see her standing at the counter. The bottom screen will show the items that are for sale as well as any items in your pockets that can be sold. The Strangetown Store has an interesting option that the shop in Urbs did not possess. If you explore the shop, you will find a Lottery Machine against one wall! Here you can buy lottery tickets for 1, 5 or 10 Simoleons.

The lottery is in the form of a scratch-off game. Scratch up to five boxes. Reveal three matching pictures to win cash! The 1 Simoleon game is called 'Cash Mummy' and the icons that are revealed are traditional Egyptian hieroglyphs. The 5 Simoleon game is called 'Milking for Moo-lah' and the icons that are revealed are dairy products. The 10 Simoleon game is rather bizarre: Payoff in all three cases is 10 to 1, so if you win the 10 Simoleon lottery, you win Simoleons.

If you wish to guarantee that you win, save your game before you buy the ticket. If you do not win, reload your game without saving. Only save if you win! As the announcement declares, a new object that is for sale will be displayed on the platform each month.

So far, you have encountered a number of different ways to make extra cash: Cows in Strangetown Meanwhile, though, you may notice that there are two cows and a bull wandering about in a section of the Square to the south. The entrance to the desert will be found here, but it is worth 'interacting' with the cows before you leave. When you go up to a cow, you will have three options: Tip Milk Give Gift These options are a clever and amusing aspect to the game. If you choose to 'Milk' the cow, you will obtain a glass of Milk.

If, however, you choose to 'Tip' the cow before you milk it, you will obtain a 'Milkshake'! Both Milk and Milkshakes are useful gifts for people, especially Bigfoot, who will need to be fed once each day in order to remain content. You will not meet Bigfoot until the Secret Warehouse has been built.

The other option here, 'Give Gift', is amusing as well. When you have built the Lion Lounge in the Atrium, you will be able to purchase a bar of chocolate there for 4 Simoleons. Give this to the Cow and then choose 'Milk' to obtain chocolate milk or 'Tip' and 'Milk' for a chocolate milkshake!

Building a Casino After milking the two cows, you can proceed into the desert. You immediately will find Tristan Legend there, moping next to a cactus. You ever caught a meteor with your bare hands?

It takes time to get used to the heat and the pain, but it's a good cure for loneliness. Why am I lonely? Well, I'll say this: It ain't an easy thing to see the woman you love carried off by a pack of giant scorpions. Hey, I don't recognise you, what's your name?

So what can I do for you, Freya? A pair of strong hands for building, huh? How kind of you. And I'd be happy to help you I think I'm going to stand right here and mope a bit. I'm trying my best to do a little crying too, so step back. Sniffle Now your Mission has been accomplished once more and you obtain a new mission: Here is your next tutorial on interacting with a character.

Your choices here are: Console Hug Pep Talk The appropriate response will flash and you must hit it with your stylus while it is flashing. The responses that you need to make are not random, but are ruled by the motions that the other character is making. When Tristan holds out his arms, you need to 'hug' him. When he wipes his face with the back of his hand, you need to console him.

When he crosses his arms in front of him, you need to give him a 'pep talk'. You will find that the game will give you a tutorial for each of the emotional states. This is your tutorial for the 'Sad' state of being. If you follow the prompts, Tristan will be cheered. Tomorrow IS another day.

I can't believe I never thought of that. So Honest Jackson wants me to build a Casino, huh? Well OK, I can do it but we'll need a building permit. You can buy building permits in City Hall.

Anytime you want to add a room to the hotel you have to buy a permit. Then they send ME to build it. I can build the Casino, but only if you buy a permit from City Hall first. City Hall is across from the Hotel, beside the Saloon. If you wish, you can interact with Tristan again now in the 'Friendship' state by trying to 'Impress' him. As it is the first time you have encountered this state of being, you will be given another 'tutorial'.

High Five Dance Laugh If he holds his hand up high, choose 'High Five' If he throws both of his arms out in front of him, 'Dance' If both arms are bent at his sides and he moves them about at waist level, he is telling a joke and you should 'Laugh' Now return to town, milking the Cows as you pass them and picking up any fuel rods or gourds that you see on the ground. When you enter City Hall, there will be an announcement on your screen: Welcome to Strangetown City Hall. Go to the counter and 'interact' with the Clerk.

If you have any fuel rods, you will have two options: Build Rooms Sell 1 Fuel Rod When you have sold all your fuel rods, choose 'Build Rooms' At this point in the game, you will have only one option for building: Snake-Eyes Casino Atrium for Simoleons. Choose that and pay for it. Now your Goal has been completed and your new Goal is to: This is going to be fun! Before you return to the Hotel, however, you may wish to explore the Saloon. Welcome to 'Mamma's Place' Saloon! Try some of Mamma's home cooking,drink some sarsparilla or dance the night away!

By going to the Counter, you will be able to 'interact' with the 'Saloon Chick'. Buy Sell I Gourd If you have any gourds, sell them now. If you wish to explore the second floor of the Saloon, you will find a dance floor there. A door there leads to a public bathroom as well as the private sleeping quarters of Mamma Hogg and Jebediah Jerky respectively. They have two separate rooms. Jeb's room contains some old tyres and a mattress without any bedding. When you return to the Hotel, you will be met by Tristan who will announce that: Hey Freya, just in time!

I hammered my last nail minutes ago. Come on in and check out the new Casino! The entrance to the Casino is a pair of double doors. I don't know why I don't make a living as a carpenter. I guess test piloting experimental jets is more my thing.

So have a look around. Get to know the place and let me know what you think. You interested in playing a game of cards? Your very first Alien is about to make his appearance in Strangetown. The Super Drencher A strange green creature in military apparel with a jetpack strapped to his back, the Emperor Xizzle hovers before you, declaring that: All humans will you fear to us and make bowing gestures for our feet!

We will always be taking over you! Then he tells you that: I suppose that's why they always come to the desert. I think Giuseppi has one. When you leave the Hotel, you will find Giuseppi in the Square. If you have played Urbz, you will remember Giuseppi from your encounters with him in that game. He has not changed much since his Urbz days! He will be happy to give you the Super Drencher If you pay him Simoleons, your second tool will be yours. Choose the option to 'Pay Simoleons.

It's got a refill button and a pressure control switch for maximum drenching capacity. You will see your tools on the bottom right of the screen. The Hoover will be the first, the Super Drencher the second and later, you will have the Metal Detector as your third tool.

Highlight the Super Drencher with your stylus and then press the 'Hand' icon with the stylus to access the Super Drencher menu. Here you will see a complex arrangement of tubes and buttons. There are two tubes on the top left of the screen. The wide one shows whether your Super Drencher is empty or full. If full, you will see it filled almost to the top with bubbling water.

The narrow tube next to it represents the water pressure in the Super Drencher. Beneath these two tubes is a darker blue horizontal tube with a sliding red ring on it. Pump the ring back and forth along the tube using your stylus to increase the water pressure. You will see the narrow tube on the top left of the screen fill with water as you do this. When it is filled, your Super Drencher will be at its maximum power.

There are five round buttons with icons on the screen as well. The one on the far left at the bottom of the screen is the refill button. Go to any source of water, whether the well in the Square, the fountain in the Atrium or a washbasin in any bathroom to refill the Super Drencher by pressing this button with your stylus. You should see the wide tube at the top left of the screen fill with water when you do so. The button on the far right at the bottom of the screen is your 'firing button'.

Use this by pressing it with your stylus to fire water from the Super Drencher. If you prefer, you can use the 'A' button instead. The button with the X in it will take you out of the Super Drencher menu. The button with the question mark is the Help button. There is one more item on this screen: Roughly in the middle of the screen on the right side, this is your target area. When your target is displayed in this frame, you can fire at it.

Remember to increase the water pressure before you fire, as your Super Drencher will not be effective unless the pressure is high. Return to the hotel to find the Alien Emperor in the lobby. Stand in front of him and direct the Super Drencher's spray towards him. It is the dihydrogen oxide burn again! Beam up me away! After the Emperor disappears, Tristan returns, bragging a bit about his hike until he notices that the Emperor no longer is there.

He asks if you were responsible for his defeat, then declares: You've got the makings of a fine hotel manager! What's this about aliens?! It's cool, Mayor Jackson. Freya took care of everything.

Good heavens, this town is too much. I hope you'll stay with us a while. We could sure use some one like you. In fact, here's Simoleons for your all your effort today. It's not much, but it will get you started. You two sure make a great team. But Freya is a one-person band, and will get along just fine without me. Does that mean you'll have See you around guys.

Tristan makes a speedy exit from the flirtatious Mamma Hogg and the Concierge tells you: Time to get working, eh boss? Running a hotel isn't too difficult so long as you attract guests and keep them happy.

If you see people milling around the lobby there is a good chance they're here to stay. Book them in a room and you're good to go. When they're ready to check out, they'll wait here in the lobby for a few hours. If you attend to them personally, they'll probably tip you.

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Otherwise they'll check out on their own. If you ever need a reminder about who's staying in your hotel, just talk to me. I've got the registry right here. Oh, I almost forgot, Freya. This letter arrived on my dsek for you. I knew you could do it, Freya! Now remember, you have to build up your hotel's score in order to keep people coming!

If you interact with people and make them happy, they will give you money or gifts. By cheering up Mamma Hogg for example, she may say: There are no good reasons to stay sad for so long. Take this gourd I just found, and thanks for cheering me up. Frankie Fusilli, Part I Now you will receive your first telephone call. It is from a gangster named Frankie Fusilli. He will order you to meet him in the lobby as he intends to stay at the Hotel.

When you return to the lobby, Frankie will announce his intention of staying in the penthouse for a couple of weeks and will pay nothing for the privilege. As you are given no options here, you now have a non-paying guest in occupation of the most expensive suite in the hotel.

As the Concierge advised earlier, it is time to get to work. Your sanity may be low at this point. If you have to 'freshen up', rest or find sustenance, do so before attending to your next task, which is to book your first guest into the hotel.

You will find at least one person and perhaps more in the lobby. Book the first one into your only guest room and then go to City Hall to buy a permit for another guest room. Other regular tasks for the hotel manager are to keep the brochure cabinet fully stocked and to keep the lobby and guest rooms clean and tidy. If you spend time in the lobby, NPCs in the lobby will be encouraged by your presence to take brochures from the cabinet.

You can make two or three hundred simoleons simply by standing in the lobby and interacting with the individuals there. If you do not have enough money for a permit, play the lottery or return to the Casino for a game of 'Keelhaulin' Cards' Remember that the entrance to the Casino is in the Atrium. The atrium has a small circular garden at its centre with a fountain and benches.

The garden is a good place to find the odd fuel rod, gourd or even a pile of rubbish that needs to be hoovered. Keelhaulin' Cards Keelhaulin' Cards is a way to make a lot of money actually. It is a fun game with fantastic graphics. Basically, you play against a series of three opponents. The object of the game is to make as many points as possible.

The player who reaches points first is the winner. The cards are picture cards that represent male and female pirates. When you obtain a set of three or more of the same pirate, you can make that pirate 'walk the plank' by dragging the set to the wooden bridge.

The cards actually will be transformed into a three-dimensional pirate who will walk the plank and fall into the sea below. Once a pirate 'walks the plank', you no longer can use that pirate to make a set.

Any cards of that pirate that remain become 'ghosts' and you can send a ghost by itself to walk the plank. There are two 'wild cards' in the game as well.

One is a jug that, when used, will give you new cards if you have space for them in your 'hand'. The other is a cannon that fires at random either at you or at your opponent. If it fires at your opponent, he will lose a random number of points. If the cannonball hits you, you will lose points. Each turn, you will have the opportunity to draw a card either from the deck or to take the last card discarded by your opponent. This is a game of skill rather than chance and the rewards can be high.

Sometimes, though, the deck will be 'stacked' in your favour. When this occurs, you will receive a telephone call from one of the hotel guests to that effect. If you go to the Casino immediately, you will find that it is very difficult to lose a game of 'Keelhaulin' Cards' in these circumstances.

Until you actually leave the Casino, the deck should remain 'stacked' in your favour no matter how many games you play. This is a quick way to make a fortune. There is a slot machine in the casino as well, where you can deposit 1 simoleon for a game of chance. In this game, unlike the game at the Store, you will not be able to participate actively or even see the results of your 'spin'. You simply win or lose and if you win, you gain a few simoleons.

Basically, at this point in time, your main goal is to raise the rating of the hotel. You do this by advancing your relationships with all the people who come to the hotel to stay and by keeping the hotel clean and tidy. Restock the brochure cabinet every time you pass it. When you have the money to order another building improvement for the hotel, do so.

dating sims for nds drainage

You need to order each of them, but it probably is a good idea to build additional guest rooms first. Early Game Strategies and Hotel Registry Obviously, one of your primary goals at present is to make money in order to build upgrades.

Upgrades not only improve the rating of the Hotel but they generate income and they will provide more locations for Skill Points. The order in which you choose to build upgrades is flexible, but I find the following to be a good strategy in terms of making the most money as quickly as possible: Build the Art Gallery: Even at the beginning of the game, you may find that a guest has been willing to pay Simoleons or more for a painting of yours! Build all possible Guest Rooms: After you have built all Guest Rooms, you have a choice in terms of whether to build 'entertainment' rooms in the Atrium area for the guests or rooms in the Basement that will allow you to play some new mini-games.

The rooms that will provide new mini-games are the Government Laboratory and the Rat Cave. In order to make any use of the Government Laboratory, you will need the Metal Detector, and to aquire this, you need to advance the plot by performing tasks for Frankie Fusilli. I therefore would suggest paying Frankie the Simoleons that he demands before building any more upgrades after you have ordered all the guest rooms.

After paying Frankie Fusilli Simoleons, continue to order upgrades until you have purchased all of them. If you are interested in gaining as many Skill Points as possible quickly, look at the Skill Point Calendar to see which upgrades will give you access to Skill Points in the near future.

There are secrets that can be unlocked through interaction with any of the individuals in Strangetown. You therefore should interact with him as much as possible at the very start of the game to unlock his secret before Ava Cadavra arrives on the scene.

Hotel Registry Hotel Registry: Whenever you want to see the status of any guest room, go to the Concierge's desk and choose the 'Registry' option. Name of Room Guest: Total Room Daily Cost: Deluxe Guest Room Guest: Happy Check Out Date: These figures will not vary according to the goals you have attained or the missions you have accomplished and will be the same whether or not Ava Cadavra has commandeered the Penthouse without your permission or you actually have won the game and now are able to rent the Penthouse to any guest you choose.

Interactions with Sims Keeping the townspeople of Strangetown happy is a primary task for you. You will have a choice of three responses in each case. The appropriate response is governed by the physical gestures and posture of the individual.

Respond only when the options are flashing. If you make the wrong response, your sanity bar will decrease. Whenever you make a correct response, the individual's insanity bar will decrease.

When the person's insanity bar is empty, he or she will be restored to contentment. In many cases, you will be given a reward in the form of fuel rods, gourds or simoleons when your interaction with the person has restored his or her sanity. Remember the 'Aspiration' that you chose for your character and try to have as many of the interactions linked to it as possible in order to raise your sanity bar to the next level.

Here are some of the different relationship moods and responses: If you meet some one who is acting 'loopy' and need to Restrain them, here are the actions and their proper responses: Stern Yell Stop Steady Stern Yell if the person holds up only the right hand and keeps it crooked at the elbow Stop if the person hangs both arms down in front of them Steady if both arms are held out at the sides in balance as the person prepares to turn in a circle Angry Mood showing red face icon: Kiss Show abs Serenade For Kiss, when the guy leans forward Show abs when he puffs out his chest and shows his muscles Serenade when he cups his ear Cheer: He will telephone periodically to demand that you come to the penthouse, making threats of various kinds if you fail to obey.

When you go to the Penthouse, he first will ask you for Simoleons for an air ticket for a relative of his. Pay him the money. His next demand will be that you deliver the stuffed head of a cow to Mayor Jackson. Mayor Jackson can be found at the City Hall most of the time, so take the head to him and deliver it. While you are performing these tasks, make certain to interact with as many people as possible and keep making money in every way possible to pay for Building Permits for new upgrades.

After you have delivered the cow head to Mayor Jackson, you will receive a desperate telephone call from him. His office is on fire! Putting out fires with the Super Drencher is the main use for this 'weapon'. From time to time, a mini-game will be generated randomly whenever a guest telephones you to inform you that he or she has set the guest room on fire. Go then to the person's guest room and put out the fires that rage there. If you did not refill your Super Drencher Water Cannon after the battle with the Emperor, do so before you rush to the City Hall to put out your first fire.

You can refill it at the Fountain in the Atrium or at the Well in the square. Go to City Hall, put out the fire and then interact with the Mayor in order to calm his nerves.

He will tell you his suspicions that the fire was caused by explosives that were wired into the Cow Head that Fusilli sent to him.

Fusilli will be telephoning again, so go to the Penthouse to see him. He will give you a new goal: His next goal for you is to order that you build a Vault for him so that he can store his illicit merchandise without fear of detection. A 'Vault' is one of the building options at City Hall and it costs Simoleons.

Mayor Honest Jackson physically disappears once Frankie Fusilli's tenancy of the Penthouse ends so if you wish to unlock his secret, do so now as you no longer will be able to interact with him when Ava Cadavra appears on the scene.

Aliens, Goons and Robots It is possible that you will find yourself with another goal at this point: You will be directed to stop the Alien Invasion by a specified time.

The Aliens may be at any location in Strangetown. If you choose to combat them, you have to have ordered the Rat Cave upgrade. See the section on the Rat Cave upgrade for detailed instructions on how to play the Ratticator mini-game. If you are engaged elsewhere at the time of the deadline, the Aliens will depart without any action on your part. You will receive a telephone call from one of the townspeople, taunting you for being a coward, but there always will be another chance to stop the Alien Invasion.

Actually, the Alien Invasion is one of the mini-games that is available randomly whenever you receive a telephone call from a guest to the effect that Aliens again are roaming the streets, zapping innocent people. Alien, Goon and Robot invasions all constitute the same mini-game. Stopping an Invasion will not advance the plot of the game but results will appear in the Game Stats section of your Stats Panel. Stopping other invasions that occur randomly will give you the necessary practice you need to stop the Robot Invasion during Optimum Alfred's tenancy of the Penthouse.

Meanwhile, do not forget to keep your guests happy. If you do not do this, they may leave without paying their bills! As you continue to order new upgrades to the Hotel, you will raise the Hotel's rating and you may find yourself with another source of income, after the Art Gallery is completed. The Art Gallery When the Art Gallery in the Hotel is functional, you will be able to create your own masterpieces, hang them in the hotel and sell them.

You must be in the Art Gallery in order to paint. If friends are present in the Gallery while you work, they will clap and urge you towards success. After filling the Gallery with your own masterpieces, you can choose one as your 'Favourite Painting' to display in one of the guest rooms. From time to time after you display your paintings in the Gallery, you will receive telephone calls from guests announcing that they have purchased one of your paintings. The prices they pay will vary wildly and their remarks will vary as widely from adoring to abusive.

Still, money is money and you always can paint more masterpieces As you gain more Creativity Skills, your paintings should be worth more money in general terms. You can see the quality of your painting in monetary terms by examining it after you paint it. Paintings range from 'Garbage' to 'Opus Magnus' quality, and the amount that guests will pay is based on the 'random' quality assigned to the Painting by the game. The only function of 'Creativity' points is to make your 'Garbage' or 'Masterpiece' more valuable at 7 Creativity Skill Points than it would be at 1 Creativity Skill Point.

Its category, however, will be utterly random. If your Painting when completed is judged to be less than a 'Masterpiece' or 'Opus Magnus', you can choose the option to 'Scrap' it and try again. I have found that quickly scrawling my initials on the canvas is a quick way to create a painting that sells for almost Simoleons!

Painting is one of the ways in which to make money early in the game and therefore, it is suggested that the Art Gallery be one of your very first upgrades after you have built all possible guest rooms. More Hoover Mini-Games Another random 'act' that will occur from time to time is a telephone call from a guest declaring that an entire bag filled with a specific item has been dropped. The items can be anything from gnomes to gold teeth. If you are diligent about hoovering all the dust piles on the floor of the various rooms of the hotel after one of these announcements, you will find that most of them contain many of the 'lost' items.

This is another random windfall that the game provides. From time to time, a guest will telephone you with a complaint about vermin in the hotel.

This is another situation that requires the use of the hoover. When you suck up the piles of dust, you will find them filled with mice that must be isolated with the stylus and deposited in the safe-keeping receptable in order to rid the hotel of the infestation.

Frankie Fusilli, Part III After you have built the Vault for Frankie Fusilli, he will store his ill- gotten gains in it and will post a 'goon' in the Vault to make certain that you do not take one of his bags of loot. Frankie then will think of a new scheme. He will instruct you to purchase a metal detector and find three bars of metal in the desert for him.

You will find the metal detector at the Shop. It costs only simoleons. Make certain that your needs have been met and that your sanity bar is full when you go into the desert as it will leech your strength from you quickly. Using the Metal Detector Your metal detector uses nuclear fuel rods. You refuel your metal detector in the same place as you refuel the entire power system for the hotel: The Furnace Room in the basement is one of the first places that you visited in the game.

It has two yellow 'radiation warning' symbols on either side of the door and by going straight down all the stairs in the basement, you will find it easily.

Go down the stairs in the Furnace Room and go to the Furnace itself. You will see the option: Nuclear Furnace The menu will be: You then will see: Detector full Use the metal detector in the desert to find copper bars, fuel rods and even mummified aliens!

When you have found three copper bars, take them to Frankie. Using your Metal Detector, you can find a variety of items in the Desert.

Your Metal Detector is not as complex as the other two tools. To access it, go into your Pockets Menu and access it by highlighting the Metal Detector, then pressing the 'Hand' icon with your stylus.

If you press on it and nothing occurs, it means that it is empty and needs fuel. You will see a metal screen with a gauge on the left, a window in the centre, a sliding lever on the right and two rectangular buttons on the bottom. The green button on the bottom will flash when an item has been discovered in the sand. Use the sliding lever then to pinpoint the location of the item and define it clearly.

By moving the lever up and down, you change the focus of the picture. Tap the flashing green button with your stylus if you wish to pick up the item that you have found. Every time you retrieve an item from the sand, you use fuel. If you are looking for a specific item, it is best not to pick up less valuable items that you find. You have limited fuel as well as limited space in your pockets for items. Finally, the red button when pressed will take you out of the Metal Detector menu.

Frankie Fusilli, Part IV His next task is to give you a 'wiggling' chest and to order you to bury it in the desert at night. He will instruct you to buy a shovel. You can find that at the local store. Meanwhile, one of your guests may telephone you with the dire news that your 'Favourite Painting' has been stolen from the guest room where you had it displayed.

You will find the 'Favourite Painting' in the desert with the copper bars and other strange artifacts. The 'theft' or 'loss' of a piece of furniture or item from one of the guest rooms is another recurring theme. Inevitably, a stolen toilet or bed will be found in the desert. If you can find it before the deadline and return it to the guest who alerted you to its disappearance, you will have performed the mission successfully. If it is an item belonging to the guest, you must return it to the guest personally, using the option to 'Give Gift' and then choosing the stolen item as the gift.

If it is a piece of furniture that has disappeared from the guest's room but does not belong to the guest personally, simply retrieving it from the desert will fulfill the mission. Sometimes a personal item such as a cellphone will be lost by a guest.

In such a case, the lost item could be anywhere in Strangetown and you simply have to search for it until you find it. At this point in the game, if you attempt to go to the desert during the day, you will find Jimmy 'the Neck' there on guard to make certain that you do not enter. You only will be able to go into the desert at night. When you do, you will be introduced to a new character: She is the local FBI agent.

The Urbz: Sims in the City - FAQ/guide

She takes the chest from you and confiscates your shovel as well. This is the end of the mission, and you need a new mission now. Find Penelope Redd again.

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She will ask you to wear a 'wire' and to visit Frankie again in the penthouse. While wearing the wire, you must 'Calm' Frankie and persuade him to tell you his secrets. This is a fairly straightforward mission. When Frankie has confided in you, Penelope Redd will arrest him. Oddly enough, Frankie will bear no personal racour towards you for your role in his downfall. Moreover, although this will free the penthouse from his occupation, he still will frequent the hotel and other places in Strangetown.

Ava Cadavra, Part I As soon as these circumstances evict Frankie from the penthouse, you will be introduced to a new character who promptly will requisition the use of the Penthouse for herself. The new tenant is a Goth named Ava Cadavra. Like Frankie, Ava is a non-paying guest who cannot be evicted by you.

Go to her to ask her 'What's up? If you go to the City Hall now, you will find a new building option: Bovine Shrine Basement S Pay for the permit and wait the necessary 8 hours for the Shrine to be built. Building Upgrades at City Hall When you choose the option to: The following options are available: All guest rooms, apart from the Penthouse, will be available for hotel guests.