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exorcists space marines rules for dating

The Exorcists are a fleet-based Codex Chapter that You will need Codex: Space Marines and Codex: Exorcists army uses the standard rules and army list. The Exorcists is a highly unusual Chapter of Space Marines created during the 13 Founding, the so-called "Dark Founding" which occurred sometime between. From the Liber Exorcismus Exorcists Warcry Reports describe the Chapter using Exorcists - Warhammer 40K Wiki - Space Marines, Chaos, planets, and more.

They also have an exceptionally large fleet including three Battle Bargeswhich allows them to respond relatively quickly to any emergent threat and remain on extended operations much longer than other Chapters.

Technically, the Exorcists recruits are not exorcised of daemons. The recruit must kick the daemon out of himself through sheer willpower. Otherwise he is killed by the other Astartes. Funnily enough, with their color scheme of red, black and bone; use of geometric symbols and runic script on their armor; use of demonic possession; and use of dark chanting, they're basically loyalist Word Bearers.

exorcists space marines rules for dating

Notable Characters[ edit ] Silas Alberec: He is slated to be the next Chapter Master. Instead of just a single Scout Company, the Exorcists maintain two extra for a total of three, and while the reason for this divergence has never been openly explained, it is thought to relate to the esoteric and arduous selection processes the Neophytes are subjected to, as this training requires a high influx of recruits in order to ensure the Chapter's continuation.

The exact nature of the Chapter's training and conditioning remains a mystery to the wider Imperium for good reason, but there are some Imperial savants who have correctly surmised that the Neophytes are deliberately exposed to contact with the foul denizens of the Warp in the hope that they will be made strong by the process, or killed by it. If true, this would certainly account for the high numbers of Neophytes who, for whatever reason, do not survive service in one of the Scout Companies to become full Initiates of the Chapter.

This is largely speculation, for if such a practice were to be brought to light, not even a Chapter of the mighty Adeptus Astartes would be free from prosecution by the Inquisition for such a crime. Contents [ show ] Chapter History "After a period of recuperation, the subjects were instructed in the methods of combating the daemonic, trained in the use of the verses of the Book of Exorcisms and equipped with the weapons of an Exorcist. The two companies were then put into action on a daemon infested world on the northern fringes of the Eye of Terror.

With a squad of the Grey Knights held in reserve, the Exorcist Space Marines achieved a kill ratio of Impressive under normal circumstances, but against the daemonic, I'm sure you'll agree that these figures clearly indicate that the procedure is both safe and effective.

The Exorcists have saved many worlds and defeated many great foes in the service of the Emperor of Mankind. The Exorcists is only the second known Space Marine Chapter to have been created during the mysterious 13th Founding the so-called "Dark Founding"alongside the equally mysterious Death Spectres. The exact nature and origin of the gene-seed used in the Exorcists' creation has remained classified by a special Bull Absolute of the Inquisitorial Representative to the High Lords of Terra issued by the Senatorum Imperialis at the time of the Chapter's Founding, but many speculate that they are in fact the only Successor Chapter of the revered Grey Knights.

What is known is that the Exorcists have maintained a long-standing link to the Inquisition.

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Some have even whispered that they are intimately involved with certain factions of the secretive Ordo Malleus. It is most likely that the unique character of this Chapter has been greatly influenced by the sponsorship and designs of the Inquisitorial Ordos, and the Inquisition may well have ordered the Chapter's creation, either as a grand experiment or for some singular purpose.

The Chapter was created through secret Inquisition experiments in which test subjects were deliberately allowed to be possessed by daemons for a time before the daemons were banished by Ordo Malleus Inquisitors. There were casualties, but the majority of test subjects survived and emerged unusually skilled in the ways of combating daemonkind as the Inquisition had hoped.

This has also caused the subjects to have no psychic signature that psykers can detect. The original test subjects, some two companies strong Space Marines were released onto a daemon-infested planet where they displayed extremely impressive results, achieving a kill ratio of Following this test, the Exorcists Chapter was fully chartered and allowed to begin recruiting until it had reached its full required strength of 1, Astartes, all of whom were subjected to the same test of daemonic possession before becoming a full Neophyte of the Chapter.

Chapter Approval The Exorcists have since been sanctioned as an official Chapter and are often involved in operations overseen by the Ordo Malleus of the Inquisition, though the records of their creation were sealed at the order of the Inquisitorial Representative to the Senatorum Imperialis. Notable Campaigns The Aschen War M40 - The Aschen War was a series of brushfire revolts and Chaos incursions that erupted across the Aschen Sub-sector in M40, after a bloody Chaos Cult -inspired revolt on the Cardinal World of Dimmamar exposed how overstretched Imperial control over the surrounding region had become.

Slowly stripped of much of its defences over the course of several generations to provide for the needs of other pressing conflicts nearby, this border region was ill-equipped to stave off catastrophe when it came.

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Very rapidly a three-way war developed between the beleaguered Imperial protectors of the Aschen worlds, Chaos Cultists who had subsumed several planetary defence garrisons to their cause and Ork marauders pouring across the border from the adjacent Blood-Maw Cluster. The Exorcists quickly realised that one of the keys to victory would be locating and destroying the single dark master of many names that lurked behind the divergent Chaos Cults in the region, a daemonic creature that on Dimmamar was known as the Horned God.

A thing of shadow and malice, the Horned God was a master of hellish pacts who had become engorged on the souls its servants had slaughtered.

When the Exorcists finally cornered the Daemon Prince in the maze-like pre-human ruins of the Dead World of Belphago, it was attended by a guard of thousands of its fanatical followers and several warbands of Night Lords Chaos Space Marines it had bound to its will.

What followed was one of the hardest-fought and costly actions in the Chapter's history, as the Exorcists, with the aid of a hastily composed Ordo Malleus strike team, fought their way through suicidal attack waves of cultists and the skillful ambushes and vicious assaults of the Night Lords before confronting the blackly-burning daemons that served the Horned God.

In the final, titanic struggle amid the fallen ruins of a xenos temple to the Dark Gods older than the history of Man, the Exorcists' elite Enochian Guard and a handful of surviving Inquisitors and their Acolytes confronted the Lord of Shadows in all its blasphemous and unholy glory.

exorcists space marines rules for dating

Shrugging off shot, shell and energy blast, the darkling beast slashed through the Exorcists' ranks, shearing Terminator Armoured warriors in half with contemptuous ease and ripping asunder the Daemonhosts of Inquisitor Grey before devouring their master whole.

The Exorcists refused to retreat from the horror that confronted them despite their losses, and slowly the weight of their attacks began to take their toll. The turning point of the battle came when one of the Chapter's Dreadnoughtsthe Venerable Sybra, sacrificed himself to rip a great chunk of the Daemon Prince's smouldering body away and exposed its blazing heart.

This noble act allowed the Exorcists to press their attack while the daemon reeled in agony. With a daring lunge, Librarian Malachite pierced the foul heart with his Force Spearand with the utmost exertion of his powers and adamant will through the weapon severed the daemon's connection with the mortal plane, finally vanquishing it.

As the Daemon Prince's cries of rage and frustration echoed into eternity, all across the Aschen Sub-sector, those who had bartered their souls for a measure of the Horned God's power paid the price and were consumed by black flames, shattering the power of the Chaos revolt.

A full third of the Exorcists Chapter had perished, but the tide of the war was now in the Imperium's favour, and within a year, the sub-sector was brought back under Imperial control.

The Gothic War 12th Black Crusade Relief of Stonekraal M41, a scheduled trader vessel, the Nostros Vex, appeared three weeks overdue and drifting, seemingly lifeless, on the edge of the Stonekraal System, and it was investigated by vessels sent out from the small Imperial colony in the system.

This heralded the beginning of a nightmare for the colonists of Stonekraal. Soon a rapidly multiplying infestation of Hive Fleet Behemoth Genestealers broke out, and in an ever-growing plague, the horrific creatures hacked through the scattered, hardscrabble settlements of Stonekraal like a butcher's cleaver through raw meat.

exorcists space marines rules for dating

Alone, and realising their astropathic distress calls were unlikely to be answered, the remaining Stonekraal colonists did their best to gather their few weapons together and mount a defence, determined to sell their lives dearly if they could. When all seemed lost and only the last major settlements remained, all that was left for the terrified men and women cowering behind futile barricades was to pray for deliverance to the God-Emperor.

exorcists space marines rules for dating

Yet that deliverance came as deep crimson Thunderhawk gunships descended on plumes of fire above them. The Exorcists Space Marine Chapter's 3rd Company, driven off-course by the Tyranids' psychic shadow in the Warp, had heard the colony's cries for help. Their Strike Cruiser Hand of Glory, having already slain two encroaching Void Kraken in the outer system, now off-loaded its complement of Space Marines to make a stand on Stonekraal's broken ground.

The battles that followed were swift but furious; the Genestealers first seeking to infiltrate by stealth only to be met by the firepower of the Exorcists Astartes waiting for them. The Tyranid broods quickly shifted tactics and sought to overwhelm their foes in a whirlwind of fang and claw. Inured as they were to the terrors of the Warpeven these nightmarish xenosalthough deadly beyond measure, held little fear for the Exorcists Space Marines.

With near-clinical efficiency the Space Marines set up interlocking fields of fire to trap their attackers into prepared killing zones in order to blunt the Genestealers' advantage in speed and numbers. Meanwhile the Exorcists' potent LibrarianCastor Machen, sought out the synapse creatures present within the brood and scourged them to ashes with coruscating soulfire.

The people of Stonekraal survived thanks to the Exorcists' efforts; a small victory, perhaps, in the grand scheme of the greater battle against the Hive Fleets, but a victory nonetheless. After-action testimony taken by Ordo Xenos investigators record the fearful awe the surviving colonists felt for their saviours, and many spoke of how the sound of the baleful litanies the Exorcists chanted during battle still echoed in their dreams.

The Badab War The Exorcists intervened in the conflict once the Secessionists had been declared Excommunicate Traitoris in Alberec, huge in stature even for a Space Marine, gained great fame and recognition for himself in the Badab War, leading his Space Marines in several noteworthy engagements. However the Chapter has 12 companies.

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Companies 10 thru 12 are all scout companies. This is believed to be because of the unorthodox and dangerous training practices of the Chapter.

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Initiate of the Enochian Guard. Bodyguard of Silas Alberec. Maintaing their own books of lore. Enochian Guard, many of the 1st Co.

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Members are required to have killed a daemon in single combat. Many of the Devastator and Techmarines belong to this Orison. Many of the Chapters Librarians belong to this Orison. Exorcists and Dark Hands led Imperial counter attack into the region around the world of Dimmamar. Destroyed in combat on Dimmamar.

The Relief of Stonekraal.