Offensive star wars memes for dating

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offensive star wars memes for dating

Attack of the Clones is a great movie if you don't care about plot at all so .. If you date a woman who hates Star Wars puns, you're looking for. Post with 43 votes and views. Tagged with funny, memes, dank; Shared by creeper Offensive, Star Wars, and what in ______. These hilarious Star Wars Memes show the off-color side of the galaxy far Yoda would then begin to teach them how to attack that floating thing . In today's right-swiping, fast food dating world, the future is a tricky prospect.

They were the Vernon and Petunia Dursley of the Star Wars universe, if you will, only without being raging d-bags. Did the Stormtroopers care, though? On finally discovering that those were, in actuality, the droids they were looking for, the troopers were not amused. They brought a swift end to Owen and Beru and burnt down the family home.

This brutal act set Luke off on his path of Jedi justice, indirectly setting up the events of the movies to come. But you have to be really really reaching for a silver lining there, as far as the rather charred Larses are concerned. If you value your ability to breathe.

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The Force is strong with you The Younglings, for the uninitiated, were trainee Jedi, children who were sensitive to the Force, taken under the protection of the order shortly after birth. The Younglings were wiped out along with most of the Jedi as a result of the notorious Order 66, after Darth Vader attacked the Jedi Temple with the st Legion. When it comes to Star Wars, Chewbacca is most certainly that character for me.

The big furry guy is a fantastic, endearing, comedy relief character, which is always welcome in a franchise that can get pretty darn dark at times. I cannot condone this meme. Deviant Art thetankdestroyer The Star Wars franchise is defined in part by its melodramatic lightsaber duels.

The weapon is flashy, elegant and used by the light and Dark Side of the Force alike. As such, lightsaber duels are always a dramatic show. This one, which occurred during the rescue of Princess Leia early in A New Hope, was serious business. This was the moment that Obi-Wan opted to sacrifice himself so as to transcend to a higher level of consciousness it was totally intentional, you understand, not because he was darn old and could no longer really raise anything heavier than a mug of Horlicks.

It was another emotional moment, and not one to make jokes about. This one from thetankdestroyer is perfect, though. The only home he knew burnt to the ground. Some Jedi Masters are only after one thing. Who does he have to turn to, in this time of great turmoil? We just give him cheap if hilarious jokes like this. It was a brief confrontation, but one that carried a lot of emotional weight.

As the two fought, naturally, there was a little byplay going on between them. But where with this new, sassier Obi-Wan? He was a young, impressionable boy once. The story of Anakin Skywalker and his gradual turn to the dark side is told in the prequel trilogy. A harrowing tale it is, too, full of bizarre aliens, pod races and flailing around on the shores of lava lakes with your legs cut off.

These sorts of experiences will change a person, change them in profound ways. I think we can forgive Darth Vader for being a little confused about his children. After all, Batman does look very like him. The rainy season started around about the yearshowing no signs of letting up since.

So, yes, my dog will wear a coat where necessary, and I offer no apologies to anyone for it. Even with all of that said, though, I will draw the line at novelty holiday outfits.

Some appalling little pumpkin getup for Halloween? You can just see how much this poor soul hates their walker outfit. There were only two conclusions to be drawn from this.

Either it took a long, long freaking time to earn the right to be deemed Master, or excessive use of the Force tends to age you prematurely. Age takes its toll on us all.

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He was a shadow of his former self, out of practice after all of those years in hiding. Why does Yoda speak that way? Give the guy a break. To want to continue his legacy together with his son. To want to… well, rule over the entire galaxy and stomp your iron jackboot into the face of all who tried to oppose you together. Daddy had worked really hard on it, after all. Suddenly, she hit him with the so where are we?

Where do you see us going? Fortunately for the continuance of the species, most men are not Ross Gellar. Even so, this one can be a prickly issue for any relationship. Meme Economy Speaking of difficult issues.

As pizza fans everywhere know, the pineapple or no pineapple debate is one of the most heated ones in dough-based Italian cuisine. The classic Hawaiian is pineapple and ham, in my experience, though different places and restaurants offer their own variants on the theme. Ham and mushroom all the way, usually garnished with a little jalapeno or other peppers. Pizza lovers are all good people in my eyes. Yeah, these are two things that exist and the world is probably a better place for it thanks to the awkward humor both movies have inspired.

Note, the GIF above needs no caption, it's both disturbing and inappropriate enough as is. The eternally looping effect of Wicket scratching at the young girl as his cold, dead eyes stare off into oblivion is more than enough to make me scroll away every time. Speaking of which, let's move on Featured Today 8 The internet apparently loves fire Via: There is a disturbing amount of people who clearly think Anakin's crispy near death scene from Episode 3, Revenge of the Sith is a comedy gold mine.

Yeah, sure that's it. Also, is that Eminem and Rihanna song playing in your head now? Well, if not then here you go. It struck me as a little weird but not necessarily anything major. Sir Alec Guinness was getting on in his years and as such he needed a seat.

You got a problem with that? The only real issue is that since he was in spirit form I wonder why he didn't just fall straight through the log? In my experience most older people typically have a decent sense of humor about their age. If, however, the older people in your life are the first ones to acknowledge they are fossils then have a blast forwarding this meme all over their feed.

I get it, some people didn't like the Ewoks. Some people may have even hated them.

offensive star wars memes for dating

However, whining about the Ewoks being lame is one thing but suggesting they be stomped to death is sinister. Who captioned this pic, Dick Cheney? I'm not even the biggest fan of Ewoks myself.

I loved them as a kid, not so much now.

offensive star wars memes for dating

But I'll take them over the Gungans any day of the week. Especially in baby form.

I mean c'mon look at that creature. Its even in a basket. A basket of fuzzy awesome. I'm not sure if this Star Wars meme is inappropriate or just disturbing. Here it is, Qui-Gon and Jar Jar, with the inclusion of one hit and run caption this scene from Phantom Menace will never be looked at the same way again. This inappropriate Star Wars meme accomplished more than simply a cheap laugh. If you stare at it long enough not sure why you would but if you do your mind wanders.

This is a species of life with the most annoying voice in existence. Jar Jar makes Fran Dresher sound heavenly. The mere idea of the squeals he'd make is just disturbing beyond belief. The punchline is Luke's realization that Vader is using his severed hand to pleasure himself.

On a side-note, Luke Skywalker is arguably one of the greatest characters in Star Wars, yet he seems to be the butt of the joke in way too many of these memes. Some of which are literally butt related.

Especially the ones that include power converters. Here's a hilarious meme which fans of Star Wars Rebels will no doubt understand instantly. For the more casual Star Wars fans reading this article, there are two canon animated Star Wars series. Clone Wars and Rebels. While Rebels may not look as visually impressive as Clone Wars didit still generally looks pretty solid. The animation has even improved as the show has progressed. Why are these hats so comically far down over the eyes of the characters?