Persona 4 dating kanji for love

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persona 4 dating kanji for love

Main · Videos; Persona 4 dating kanji for love. It piles a lot to loom me received above a easy site, recast cowardly to loom thwart albeit participate, albeit. Girlfriend, Naoto or Marie (although there is only so much tsun I can First time I played through Persona 4 I was completely entranced for about 4 days straight. . I appreciate Yosuke and Chie and Kanji (haven't gotten to Rise yet) for the .. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona is definitely a love it/hate it thing. For Persona 4 Golden on the PlayStation Vita, a GameFAQs message for example Chie rank 10, she becomes automatically your girlfriend?.

I keep looking at it thinking: My backlog is starting to pile up. This game has everything I could ask for in an RPG and more! A tight narrative with well written characters, a fun battle system, a great soundtrack, you name it. The way the game handles all these things though really clicks with me however. When I initially started, the whole social aspect of the game reminded me of those weird dating flash games where you only had a specific amount of time to get one of the girls to bone you.

And I wasn't a very big fan of those kinds of games. The way this game does it though, I feel rewarded to putting up with all the stressful things in life. Studying for a big test, working late at night at a hospital, eating really spicy food in order to work up the courage to confess to a girl you like. Practically all the characters, at least the main ones are really likable and relatable.

They each have their own little character arc that you can choose to pursue. So I actually WANT to spend time so I can learn more about them, grow with them, and strengthen their resolve to solving the case. The battle system is also fantastic. In addition to being able to create more and more powerful Persona for yourself, you also need to mix and match your party so that they can cover for your weaknesses.

persona 4 dating kanji for love

So many RPG's I played never seem to make them all that good. Also, the moments where you need to go into the TV and face the shadows happen often enough so that the battle system never feels underdeveloped, while at the same time, happens infrequently enough so that these major events feel significant.

P4/G handles Kanji's and Naoto's issues terribly. (spoilers)

I also love the contrast between living a normal life as a high school student and delving into a surreal landscape filled with weird and creepy enemies that you have to fend off.

As Rise is harassed by multiple other selves, she rejects them, turning her main other self into a large Shadow. The gang summons their Personas to battle the Shadow, but she uses her special scanning ability to detect the strengths and weaknesses of their Personas, dodging their attacks and severely harming them.

As she prepares a final attack, a fired up Teddie rushes at the Shadow, who cannot detect what Teddie really is and cannot effectively counterattack. Teddie defeats the Shadow, flattening himself in the process, and Rise realizes that she does not have a "real identity", transforming her other self into her Persona named Himiko.

However, this causes Teddie to have an existential crisis, bringing forth his other self which also turns into a Shadow, sucking Teddie's deflated body up and threatening to kill the others. As Teddie proclaims to his other self that he does not want the easy answers as to who he really is, Rise uses Himiko to detect the Shadow's weak spot, allowing Izanagi to defeat it, freeing Teddie who accepts his other self and receives his own Persona named Kintoki-Douji.

When their homeroom teacher, Kinshiro Morookais found murdered, the group is confused as he had not appeared on the Midnight Channel like the other victims. As they are curious if Morooka was thrown into the television world without their knowledge, they decide to talk to Teddie, amazed to find him in the real world this time and surprised to see that he has grown a human body inside his costume. They give him new clothes and have him blend in as a human. As the gang head to Marukyu Tofu, they are met by the student from before, who is revealed to be a junior detective named Naoto Shiroganewho confirms the three serial murders that have happened so far.

Rise later agrees to join the gang to solve the mystery behind the victims and murders. The next day at school, the class is introduced to their new homeroom teacher, Noriko Kashiwagiwho behaves in such a flirtatious manner.

persona 4 dating kanji for love

Yukiko is approached by the disturbed student who has been stalking her, but she turns down his offer to go out with him a second time.

While at his house, upset over being rejected, the disturbed student, revealed to be Mitsuo Kubodecides to take credit for the three murders to an online chatroom. But when he is brushed off as a troll, he storms out of his house to turn himself in to the police. The following day while the group is at Junes, Naoto tells them that the police have closed the case, due to Mitsuo turning himself in. Sometime later on a rainy day, the group decides to check out the Midnight Channel once more, and that night they find Mitsuo taunting the viewer to catch him if they can.

Margaret adds that his path is at a crossroad, and if he makes the wrong decisions his journey will come to an end. She reminds him that there is only one truth, before Igor warns him that defeat is not the only way to lose.

The gang enters the television world to find Mitsuo in a video game simulation. They discuss how they believe Mitsuo is the culprit behind the murders and how Yukiko, Kanji, and Rise have all come into contact with him before they were thrown into the television world.

By the time they track down Mitsuo, they see him arguing with his other self over the murders, while his other self claims that he is "empty". Once Mitsuo refuses its statements, it begins to transform into a Shadow.

Suddenly, time skips forward to after the battle, when the group is planning a party to celebrate the resolution of the murder case. As time progresses forward through the months, the group starts falling apart, but Yu and Yosuke remain as friends. On a rainy night, Yu is unable to watch the Midnight Channel, let alone pass through the television. When he hears the voice of Mitsuo's Shadow inside his room, he is taunted that his bonds are now "empty", since he is cannot summon his Persona anymore.

Yu starts to give up hope when the Shadow strangles him, but he hears Yosuke's voice and he is pulled out of the illusion the Shadow created.

Reunited with his friends, Yu confidently retorts to the Shadow that he is "far from empty" and summons several Personas representing all of the bonds he has made since for the past few months to attack the Shadow. When the Shadow is defeated, they confront Mitsuo, who shamelessly admits to being behind the three murders, and they are surprised when his other self disappears instead of turning into a Persona.

As in the illusion, Yu proposes that the gang have a celebratory party for Mitsuo's arrest. After the party, Nanako and Teddie make a promise that he will come over to play with her, and Yosuke tells Yu about the shopping district's summer festival. She advises him to take some time off to recover, and Igor mentions that it is helpful to have some reprieve, even if there is not much time left. On her way home during a downpour, Nanako passes by the local shrine and gives a fox her umbrella, coming home soaking wet.

Nanako starts to worry when Yu starts coming home late day after day. To find out what he is up to, she decides to dress up as her favorite cartoon character, Magical Detective Loveline, and tries to follow him around. She loses track of Yu when Teddie interrupts her for some pastries on her first attempt.

persona 4 dating kanji for love

The next day, the rest of the group show up and decide to help her out, and after searching for Yu all day, they give up at sunset. As they wait at a bus stop, Teddie apparently gets off of the bus, and when the group interrogate him, they realize he is not acting like himself, but he leaves before they can ask anything else. The following day, after Nanako tracks Yu down, she and the gang surprisingly find him with three women of different ages each at separate times during the day. On the day of the summer festival, Nanako is at the fairgrounds by herself as Dojima has to work late, feeling she will never solve the case.

However, Naoto finds her and cheers her up, prompting her to go throughout the festival looking for Yu. Nanako eventually finds Yu, and they watch the fireworks together, with everyone Yu has met over the past weeks, thanking Yu for his help. Two days later, Dojima brings home watermelons for Nanako, Yu, and the rest of the group to enjoy. Nanako asks Yu what he has been up to for the whole summer break, and he begins to tell her what he has done.

persona 4 dating kanji for love

After passing by the local shrine, of which the Fox approaches him holding an emahe is suggested to tutor Shu Nakajimawhile at the same time taking up another job at a local daycare. He stops Yuuta and Kaneko from fighting over the latter's toy robot, which breaks during the fight. When Yuuta's stepmother Eri Minami apologizes to Kaneko's mother, and Yu takes the blame and offers to replace the expensive toy robot.

Yuuta and Kaneko get into another a few days later after the former claims to have seen Magical Detective Loveline, unbeknownst it was Nanako dressed in disguise. Yu dresses up in Teddie's costume to stop the fight, and when he goes home in the costume, he crosses paths with Nanako and his friends.

Later, as he heads to the shrine, he finds an old woman, Hisano Kurodaunconscious after she has been mugged, and he accompanies her to the hospital where her attending nurse Sayoko Uehara flirts with Yu. Some days later after a tutoring session, Shu reveals that he dislikes going to school and has no friends. During an impromptu date Yu gets dragged into, Sayoko reveals her dismay that as a nurse everyone she meets at work leaves as soon as they get better.

Meeting with her, Eri reveals to Yu her stress at the strained relationship with Yuuta.

persona 4 dating kanji for love

Finding her, Kuroda says to Yu that she is tired of being reminded of her deceased husband and throws a decorative comb he gave her into the river, and a large carp jumps out of the water with the comb stuck in its fins as soon as she leaves. During the summer festival, after having caught the carp, he returns the comb to Kuroda, saying she should not be throwing away memories. Yu also sees Shu, who stole fireworks from the display because none of his classmates invited him to go see them, but Yu gives him a reversi set as a birthday gift and reminds him that two people are needed to play the game.

He then finds Eri, who has been badly hurt after stepping in the way of Yuuta getting hit by a purse during another fight. Yu calls Sayoko who walks him through the steps of getting Eri better. Yu is thanked by those he has helped out over the past few weeks.

The next day, the local shrine has gotten an excess of donations, which the Fox lets Yu use to buy a new umbrella for Nanako.

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However the hotel they will be staying in has been repurchased from a less-than-reputable organization. Teddie, waiting for the gang there, wants to score a date with Yukiko, which she agrees to do so during free time the following day. While the girls enjoy the rotating waterbed in their room, the boys have a more turbulent experience with their waterbed. The next day, the group split up while wandering the island. Yu catches up with Chie who is defending a young boy from thugs, later revealing to Yu that she wants to find meaning in her self-worth, of which he admires in her.

The group reunites at a night club, seeing Naoto there. As they all enjoy free food and drinks, it seems that they were served alcohol and have been acting out of character during a drinking game. Naoto has a family history of being detectives that help the police and then requests that they reveal their involvement in the murders. Although Yukiko blurts out that that they go into the TV to fight Shadows with their Personas, Naoto believes she is mocking the idea.

The next day, the gang enjoys lunch together before leaving for Inaba.