Successful dating for women

Why Successful Women Suck at Dating - Veronica Grant

successful dating for women

“The difference between you and a woman in love is that they believe they deserve love.” And THIS is why I believe many successful women suck at dating. And, if it's new to you, online dating can be even trickier. We all approach it differently, but here are a few tips for women that I hope might help guide you in how. top dating tips for men, to help make sure your date is an ultimate success. Here you'll find some top dating tips for men on how to date women (if that's what .

They are smart, hard-working, and responsible and in my experience working with them, usually very physically attractive.

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So why do they have so much trouble with dating? They are low maintenance, self-supporting, and independent. On paper, it seems they'd be great for any guy. But alas, it always seems to be the successful woman that comes to me seeking dating help. After working with several dozens of successful women throughout my matchmaking and dating coaching career, I have discovered many patterns that cause their lack of success with dating, and no, they are not what you think.

Here are a few of them: Too Picky - I have found that although most single women are too picky, the vast majority of successful single women are far more picky than the average woman.

successful dating for women

Why shouldn't they be? They have a laundry list of awesome traits that should make them have a line of suitors to their door. So with the combination of being too picky and having limited choices, it's a recipe for perpetual singledom. I'm not saying that someone should go for someone they aren't at all attracted to, but the notion that there is a perfect guy out there is completely wrong.

Every man has their faults and weaknesses. What's important is that the man who is courting you has good intentions and has faults that you can tolerate and accept. Being an inch shorter than you when you're in heals, having a bald spot, or not being a wine drinker are not that important.

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Bad Behavior Around Potential Suitors - Many professional women make the argument that men are insecure around a confident, independent woman and that men just want women they can control. They've been saying this to defend their bad behavior towards men in order to not take responsibility for their off-putting behavior.

Please remember that I am not categorizing all professional women, but particularly the ones who defend themselves with the belief in this stereotype about men. In reality, the "strong personality" is in fact abrasive and offensive. Specific examples of off-putting dating behavior is how some of these women will obviously screen and question men like the police, order them around, or point out every flaw and mistake the man may make. While a dominant, take no crap persona can work wonders in a work environment, particularly jobs populated mostly by men, it almost never works attracting a mate.

Most men aren't looking for a boss or a new mother as their wife or girlfriend. They want a partner and someone they can respect who also respects them.

successful dating for women

So if you are guilty of this, learn to take it easy with men. We also need to redefine masculinity so that a man does not need to be dominant and controlling in order to feel worthy. Do you really want a man who ticks all the usual success boxes? Okay, okay, okay, so redefining masculinity so that the typical Aussie bloke can appreciate and admire female success, rather than feel threatened by it, is, at best, a couple of generations away.

Whether we are prepared to admit it or not, many of us believe that men should be the head of the household, and should be stronger, richer, higher status, and more successful than us. They might want to meet you for business contracts, but not as a future partner. These men may have lower incomes and lower status.

successful dating for women

Settling is when you lower your standards and effectively put your needs second. But he's a great guy. Finding a partner takes effort but it should also be fun We put a lot of effort into finding our perfect job.

We do our research, we plan, we expect it to take time and effort. But when it comes to finding our prefect partner many people leave it to fate, chance or serendipity.

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