A numbers game dating site

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a numbers game dating site

Dating As a Numbers Game. Stephen Hussey. Quantity in dating It's easy to get addicted to the seduction of “numbers dating”. But I don't think we really need. But is it not a reality, but in a sense kind of a shame that I think the MAIN reason it's a "numbers game" is because women tend to reject, flake. We all know dating isn't a numbers game. However, if we start to treat dating as a way to form true relationships we may be successful in not.

However, if we start to treat dating as a way to form true relationships we may be successful in not only landing the right guy, but also miss the mayhem that can occur when dating on the fly with whomever, whenever. My heart is set on changing how we approach dating all together. These are the singles who believe chemistry is a pathway to love and they seek connection before compatibility. Does this mean you might have to treat dating as a job interview at times?

Yes, but I promise it will still be fun. For the unconscious dater this type of dating may be out of the question. Here is my point; having a sense of responsibility to yourself and others will always create the best outcome.

Dating Isn’t A Numbers Game, It’s A Skill You Develop

Personal responsibility in and of itself will help you discern with whom and how to spend your time. Trust me, you are going to want to be discerning.

Conscious dating is the only way to create space and room for the right man to walk into your life. If your end goal is love, then consciously getting there is the only healthy way to go.

a numbers game dating site

In fact, I would dare say we need to start creating new positive beliefs about how the opposite sexes view one another as this creates a better world in general. Not all men are jerks and not all women are bitches.

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Get my drift here? Consciously dating makes room for the the possibility to recognize that while chemistry is important, lust is a drug and giving into those urges can leave a wake of hurt feelings if not tempered with accountability.

I would bet that no one is walking around consciously trying to avoid love. When we are dating without a care or thought for how we go about actually engaging in this form of relating, we open the doors to negative energy and relationships.

Unblocking love so it can enter into your life, is all about what is going on in your heart. A quick way to determine if you are ready to consciously date and embrace loving relationships is to go deeper.

a numbers game dating site

Ask yourself these following questions: Am I willing to take accountability for my life and how to create it? I have a friend, now engaged, who dated voraciously. She knew the basic outline of what she wanted in a partner.

Dating is a Numbers Game - Susan Winter

On numerous Internet sites and going out several times a week, she approached dating like a business. After 6 months she'd had a few flings and some no-goes, but gained valid insight. She discovered a conflict within herself that finally needed to be addressed.

a numbers game dating site

What type of man was her best choice? Personality Type A, or Type B? She'd had two long-term relationships with both types of men.

Dating: A Numbers Game You CAN Win

The Type A male had the power and financial resources she admired, but little time to spend with her. The Type B guy had time to spend with her, but their togetherness mostly centered upon her taking care of him financially and emotionally.

She'd lost valuable time in her own career by managing the life of Mr. Yet, the endless nights alone couldn't be soothed by a gorgeous home and gardens with Mr.

The real problem was with her, not the guys she'd been dating. By sending out opposing messages, she was stuck in a holding pattern. I suggested she allow for the possibility of both, in one partner. A man who was financially stable, yet free to spend time with her.

a numbers game dating site

This was a radical concept. She'd never considered morphing these two qualities together.

a numbers game dating site

Did such a man exist? In the real world? She'd never know unless she put her two requests, together. She met her ideal man.

Is Dating A Numbers Game? How To Increase Your Dating Success

Interestingly, when she was "off duty. That night, with no apparent effort on her part, their world's intersected. Her former dating experiences had filled in the gaps of her limited thinking.