Is asian dating com a good site

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is asian dating com a good site

Is it a Legit or a Scam? The site itself is clearly legit, but you have to be careful of other. I had cause to investigate the authenticity of an Asian dating site. . "I have a good feeling for you when I read your profile" Screenshot of. A review of, an online dating site for Asian singles. Another great feature of is the personality and interest.

However, it turned out that Asiandating. There are a lot of members who have sworn to the effectiveness of the website, including me, as I was able to find new friends. The website, itself, works.

is asian dating com a good site

However, just like any other social media websites, there is no actual control on the members who are joining in the site. For this reason, there have been some complaints regarding the truthfulness of the information provided by some of the members. You need to be careful of some scammers. Based on personal experience, I met a girl named Stephanie from the Philippines while I was traveling there. What I really like about girls in the Philippines is that most of them can at least converse in English.

This is a huge plus, considering that I do not know other languages aside from English. There are occasional barriers, but as a whole it was good. Unfortunately she wasn't on the same island I was and I really wanted to meet Stephanie, so I arranged a boat ride over. I had thought about going before, but knowing she was there was the deciding factor.

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We had a good time and both when she took me out to eat some Sig-Sig and at her place after. All I can say was she was truly a giver. What Is the Selection Available? No matter what you are looking for asian dating will have it.

However, based on talking with other people it seems like there aren't too many gay and lesbian options. It's still a big no no in asian culture so I would imagine that's the biggest reason.

is asian dating com a good site

One thing that I noticed is that a lot of them are weirdly hot. Not that they look weird, but the sheer number of attractive girls on the site is a bit odd but maybe it's also because I'ms slowly developing yellow fever. Normally, I'd be wary to see if they were scammers or hookers. However, the photos weren't like you normally see. They were in a variety of situations, had filled out profiles, and most actually messaged back without trying to get money from me so if they are scammers then they definitely aren't the usual ones.

There seem to be a decent amount of other white guys, but a lot of them are like mid 30's, have some sort of asian fetish way beyond yellow feverand are fat and bald. This is based on what some of my dates that I met on asiandating. Is it Good for Match Making? Based on reviews I've read by past customers, it's very likely that "Li" was a paid employee of asiandate. Michael,So sweet to see you here. This is a lovely greeting, but why would it be sweet for "Binghan" to see "Michael" here when all she knows about him is that he's a seventy year old man who wants to hear only from scammers?

As for "Binghan" above, why would "Rui" want such a man as a seventy year old in search of scammers to open his door for her? Do you like a sweet and passionate Chinese girl? I am such a passionate sweet lady,you will love to being stay with me forever? Michael Three "sweet" and "passionate" women message "Michael" one after another - are they reading from the same script?

is asian dating com a good site

Doesn't this seem more than a little forward for a genuine woman sincerely searching for a life partner? I can be a good wife. I am for real. I want have you. Can you be mine? How likely is it that a wealthy and attractive 24 year old woman would proposition a 70 year old man whose image she had not seen and about whom she knows effectively nothing except that he wants to hear only from scammers, versus the likelihood that?

How likely, too, is it that if she were legitimate, she would send the exact same message a second time not long afterwards she did?

After several days, the chat pop-ups stopped arriving from asiandate. In any case, the frequency of the pop-ups didn't abate - if anything, it increased. There were pretty much constantly at least one and often around five chat pop-up windows on the screen at a time. The "questionable" letters Within 24 hours, the letters began accumulating in "Michael's" asiandate. Again, most of the women in the photographs looked like professional models. Many of the letter writers purported to have read "Michael's" profile, in which he solicited messages from scammers only - yet here they were messaging him anyway.

Whilst this is strong evidence of fishy business, I've got an even better actual smoking gun to present afterwards, so read on for that. Here is a sample of those quotes from those letters, including any of my comments in grey. You are such a gentle, easy-going, kind-hearted, nice-looking, responsible gentleman. I have a very great first expression for you and wish to know more things about you. I am really interested in you.

I hope I can have a chance know you better, can I? You seem to be the right man I am waiting for. I am very glad to meet you here as I have a strong feeling that you are the right person for me. Can you believe it? It is hard to explain. You are so attractive for me so i have to take the initiative to contact you. Too, several of these letters the very first contact these supposed women had had with "Michael's" profile included such implausibly forward statements as "Do you want to regard me as your special princess in your heart forever?

Those just don't ring true to me as the type of thing a genuine woman seeking lasting love would say to a seventy year old man she'd never met before, especially absent a photograph or any other identifying details.

To give you an idea of the frequency of the letters, around 60 letters arrived within the first nine days - about 6.

Why I believe that is a scam: my negative review

The only real "out" I can see from the evidence in the previous letters section of systemic lying by female supposed clients of asiandate. A reader of this page once wrote to me to let me know that he had evidence that asiandate.

Whilst this might occur to some extent, I doubt that it occurs to the extent that would be necessary to excuse the otherwise disingenuous claims of the letters presented above: Even if it did, though, would you be willing to pay money to a dating website which manipulates your profile without your consent or even knowledge?

is asian dating com a good site

Replicating the results To check that this wasn't some strange anomaly, on 5 July I created another fake account, "John Smith", aged 88 the maximum age it is possible to set for men on asiandate.

I will die within a month, the doctors say. As with "Michael"'s account, I provided no photographs.

is asian dating com a good site