Sarah beeny dating site review

MySingleFriend Review – A Dating Site From Sarah Beeny

sarah beeny dating site review

Just how well does Sarah Beeny's dating site compare with other UK sites like You're just one click away to finding out. MySingleFriend ia a dating site with a difference, take a look at our latest review for information on how well the site performs and also advice and discounts. These are the best dating sites that money can buy. Created by Channel 4 TV presenter Sarah Beeny in and billed as a "a.

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Members here are primarily seeking a relationship that will last longer than a packet of pringles. So if you are not serious about dating, or only looking for some no-strings-attached fun, this is not the right place for you.

sarah beeny dating site review

Their TV Ad Creating Your Profile Signing up is certainly not rocket science, the form you should be able to see below can be completed in less than a minute. However, the second stage of signing up where your profile is created is a little different to what you might be used to from other dating sites. You still enter your basic details like: But this is where the similarities end.

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The typical sign up process for most dating sites, is that you fill out a whole bunch of questions, then write a description about who you are and what you are looking for. But here, the description part is taken care of by your friends.

sarah beeny dating site review

All you need to do is enter the email address of the friend you wish to nominate to write your description, then make sure that you bribe them to write something nice about you. Of course, you can also cheat if you would rather write your own description.

There is nothing stopping you from entering an alternative email address to the one you have registered with, then completing your own description.

MySingleFriend Review

But it would really defeat the whole purpose of the site. Although you are given one, on the site only your first name is displayed. Personally I find it much nicer to communicate with people on a first name basis rather than a wacky username.

sarah beeny dating site review

Until your friend writes your description, you will also be unable to make the most of the site. But you can still search through members on the site and read their profiles. There is also a very helpful one-to-one date coaching service available, further increasing your chances of successfully finding someone special. The big feature of MySingleFriend is of course that all of your splendid character traits, and perhaps a few bad ones if you are unlucky, will be described by your very own friends.

The main point of this dating site is basically to let your friends get involved in your dating journey and kind of recommend you to other single people, so if you have a friend that you think deserves more than sitting at home alone every night then what a perfect way to show them that, than to help them find them that special person to spend their life with.

I think the system works well, as this way you can then find out what the other users friends think of them, instead of just a normal profile written by them. We all know it matters to us what our friends think of our chosen partner and this site enables you to get the real picture by the people that know them the best.

And they get to do most of the work for you as well, which is an added bonus! If like me you have friends that like to play practical jokes and you are worried what they will write, fear not because everything that is written down or any photos, have to have your consent before it can be published.

sarah beeny dating site review

You could even sign up for a friend and give it to them for a Christmas present! There are 7 stages of registering for a friend, including registering their personal details, telling the site a bit about your friend, likes and dislikes, personality etc, then looking and choosing profiles to store and completing some of the profile.

MySingleFriend Reviews- take a look at Dating site from Sarah Beeny

The idea is to get you to branch out of your usual type. It also acts as a red flag system, so your friend can highlight anyone they think you should avoid - this turned into a fun game for my mates to send me a rare mix of people What Do You Get For Free After you complete the very short application form and set up your profile, you get access to quite a lot of features without handing over any cash.

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With a free account you can: The MySingleFriend app does come with a few added benefits, so paying for the app would be my recommendation over the site. EG Through the app you can bookmark profiles without the user knowing plus your friends can suggest potential matches to help mix up your dating a bit and motivate you to avoid your usual suspects.

sarah beeny dating site review