Alicia fox vs summer rae dating

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alicia fox vs summer rae dating

Date Posted: Sep 1, #1. Advertisement Alicia Fox [​IMG] JoJO . Raw has: Sasha Banks, Paige, Lana, Summer Rae and Bayley That's in favor of. Paige & AJ Lee - SmackDown, July 18, Summer Rae vs. Paige - WWE Main Event, March 7, Summer Rae & Alicia Fox vs. Current champion(s). Johnny (Tamina God). Date won. November 26, 6, Lita (Duel), 02/26/, vs Sasha Banks, Summer Rae and Alicia Fox.

alicia fox vs summer rae dating

Thank god for NXT taking risks on younger talent. The real-life girlfriend of boring Big Cass vs.

alicia fox vs summer rae dating

Both are beautiful blondes. Both are magnificent stereotypes. Both are great wrestlers though Carmella is the better one due to experience.

Summer Rae vs. Alicia Fox

Both of their characters are a subtle but biting example of the failure of the American educational system and the degradation of our culture. Anyway, choose your favorite.

Question 8 The Four Horsewomen vs. The New Four Horsewomen Original! Clearly, this is a Wrestlemania thing. Question 9 Maryse Alexa Bliss You can never have enough blondes. Maryse has wrestled matches before admittedly not in the strictest sense of the word and is much better suited as a valet. Alexa Bliss started as a valet and has become a wrestler.

While still developing, she has shown great progress and is one of the best talkers in the company right now.

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Question 10 Absolution vs. Or that the current WWE Creative could stick the landing. Either way, this would be a damn fine tag match at Wrestlemania. Bayley has gone from being a positive, confident character to a self-loathing adult baby. Question 12 Alexa Bliss vs. Their athletic abilities made the transition to wrestling a sensible one in hindsight. Both are great heels.

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Matches were short, tedious, perfunctory and placed on the card when the audience needed a bathroom break. While Phoenix has since retired, Natalya is still around, though years of terrible storylines have damaged her character. Question 14 Becky Lynch vs. Looks is a matter of preference.

alicia fox vs summer rae dating

Eva Marie seemed to be a holdover from the Divas era—when it was about pretty girls and bra and panties matches. Eva Marie is no longer with the company, which is unfortunate.

  • Layla (w/ Summer Rae) vs. Natalya (w/ Tyson Kidd)
  • WWE fans are asking Mick Foley to give Summer Rae a chance on Raw
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Question 15 Lita Melina Lita and Melina have a strange thing in common. Question 16 Sunny Sable Sunny and Sable never got along. Both were difficult people.

We have another question: Jacqueline was even more skilled in the ring—and considered to be a best wrestler than many men—but was rarely utilized.

Naomi and Cameron are both very, very attractive. Naomi is also an incredible wrestler, while Cameron has degrees in business management and psychology though seems to be more interested in entertainment and hosting since leaving WWE.

Their characters are perfect for a long-term feud: If presented correctly and subtlyyou could have had a return to mids Bret vs. Question 20 Kaitlyn Chyna Both ladies were major weightlifting aficionados who found themselves in wrestling. Chyna had unbridled success with her 9th Wonder of the World gimmick, and was certainly the better wrestler.

That said, when she was given the opportunity, she showed great strides in the ring. Question 21 Tamina Snuka vs. Nia feud at Survivor Series this year. Eva Marie identified professionally as Natalie Eva Marie, is a fitness model, an American actress, and professional wrestler. In yearshe started her major roster debut, and then after in the month hold responsibility of the manager of The Bella Twins.

This all suggest how active and rich, Eva Marie is.

alicia fox vs summer rae dating

She also started starring in the reality television series entitled Total Divas as role of the main cast. Tamina Snuka is an American professional wrestler as well as famous actress, presently signed to WWE under the brand- Smackdown and identified by the ring name -Tamina.

Rosa Mendes is a beautiful Canadian model, who is now a retired professional wrestler and served as a professional wrestling manager in her career.

Mendes was too a leading cast member on the E! Reality series entitled Total Divas, adding to her salary. Charlotte Flair is an American professional wrestler and she was previous personal trainerwho now serves in WWE. Paige is an English professional wrestler as well beautiful actress who works as diva in WWE under the ring name Paige, working on the Raw brand.