Andreas von bechtolsheim dating

andreas von bechtolsheim dating

Andreas von bechtolsheim dating. Dr. Andreas B. Bechtolsheim, also known as Andy, Ph.D., co-founded Arista Networks, Inc. in and has been its Chief. Andreas "Andy" von Bechtolsheim is cofounder, chairman and chief development officer of network switching company Arista Networks. Much of his fortune. In an interview with Deutsche Welle, IT maven Andreas von Bechtolsheim talks about his best business decision, why he had to change his.

Aged 16, he designed an industrial controller for a nearby company based on the Intel which he then programmed in binary code as he had no access to assemblers. Royalties from the product supported much of his education. Inhe transferred to Stanford University and became a Ph.

Bechtolsheim was a "no fee consultant" at Xerox, meaning he was not remunerated directly but had free access to the research being done there.

andreas von bechtolsheim dating

The modular computer was used for research projects such as developing the V-Systemand for early Internet routers. Bechtolsheim tried to interest other companies in manufacturing the workstations, but only got lukewarm responses.

The three wrote a short business plan and quickly received funding from venture capitalists in Bill Joywho was part of the team developing the BSD series of Unix operating systems, was the fourth member of the founding team.

By the end of the year, the experimental Ethernet interface designed by Bechtolsheim was replaced by a commercial board from 3Com.

Andy Bechtolsheim

Bechtolsheim formed a project code-named UniSun around this time to design a small, inexpensive desktop computer for the educational market. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

June Learn how and when to remove this template message InBechtolsheim left Sun to found Granite Systems, a Gigabit Ethernet startup focused on developing high-speed network switches. In FebruarySun Microsystems announced it was acquiring Kealia in a stock swap. Due to the acquisition, Bechtolsheim returned to Sun again as senior vice president and chief architect.

My motivation never was money. My motivation is to build better products that solve important problems and I have been involved in different companies over the years.

andreas von bechtolsheim dating

When Sun started the key initial product was the work station which at the time was a big new thing and it became a very big business. Later I started a networking company that Cisco acquired, then I worked on a video server company which Sun acquired, so that's how I came back to Sun.

And I am now working with a networking company that I am very fond of which is building networks for these cloud computer datacenters. But in every case the goal was to take advantage of the latest available technology, to solve a problem that needs to be solved.

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This is one of the areas where one can still create new businesses and build better products and build a business that becomes successful in the market. Your latest venture is called Arista and was launched in Can you explain what Arista does and since you have been there for some time already are you itching again to do something new?

Arista did start inbut the product was only announced a little more than a year ago.

Andreas “Andy” von Bechtolsheim - OCP U.S. Summit

In fact, I only became involved with Arista full time at the end of last year, so I have been there actually only about six months. The difference with Arista is we are building a real business company that is selling products and expanding internationally, including in Germany. We are building ten gigabit ethernet switches and in the future the even higher speed 40 and gigabit switches.

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The products are used in large scale datacenters where large numbers of computers get connected to each other to perform cluster type of applications. So the key market force is in fact the cloud computing evolution in the industry. You have been living in the US now for more than 30 years, have shortened your first name to Andy and dropped the von in your last name. After all this time abroad, do you still feel German or have you become an American?

I continue to be a German citizen, so I am not an American national. My legal name is the same it always was. The problem with the von is that in America they combine the von title with the last name and my last name is really so long that it actually didn't fit in most computers anymore.

andreas von bechtolsheim dating

So my middle initial is now v. That's the peculiarity of the American way of looking at German names. Stanford University is considered the cradle of Silicon Valley I really consider myself more of an international person, meaning when I was young I lived in Italy for many years and I enjoy vacation in Europe.

But I could be happy in almost any place in the world. I chose to live in California because that's where the high technology developments are concentrated in Silicon Valley. But if I was doing something different - I may be doing something completely different in the future - I may choose to live in Europe at some point.

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The year is an important year for Germany, marking 60 years of the Federal Republic of Germany and 20 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall. As someone who has experienced most of this from abroad, what is your sense of Germany in the past compared to today? It was obviously a very big change to combine East and West Germany and clearly this was a good thing and Germany has benefitted from that combination in many ways.

andreas von bechtolsheim dating

I've watched Germany really from remote, meaning I see the news articles and stories, but I haven't followed German politics and other evolutions in any detail.

But my sense is that Germany became more open and open-minded as a result of this and clearly a very significant player in the world economy.