Benefits of interracial dating

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benefits of interracial dating

Many high profile television series feature interracial couples in leading roles. Think Shonda Rhimes: this girl loves her interracial couples and. You're literally making the world a better place. Also: couples costumes. Are you aware of the pros and cons of interracial dating? LoveToKnow Dating had the opportunity to talk with a dating expert about this very issue.

Placing your values above your spouse will only lead to slow, steady and certain destruction of your marriage.

benefits of interracial dating

Therefore, it is important to be well inform and aware of the advantages and disadvantages involved with interracial marriages before taking the big step. Some advantages of interracial marriage include but not limited to: This unique combination of two different races can be of great benefit to offspring of interracial couples when it comes to physical appearance, emotional strength and IQ.

benefits of interracial dating

When you marry someone that is of a different race from yours, it gives you and people around you the opportunity to break negative stereotypes about respective races. It also provides a counter example to ignorant and hateful stereotypes, help others become more open minded to accept other races, which will help create awareness and reduce discrimination.

There is never a dull moment: Interracial couple never lack what to talk about. They always have so many wonderful and diverse things they share with each other such as talking about their childhood experiences, their cultural history, food, fashion, languages and land.

Disadvantages of interracial marriages include but not limited to: Interracial marriages tend to experience high level of discrimination from family and friends.

benefits of interracial dating

Interracial couples may have difficulties in bringing up their children due to the different ways they were brought up by their parents and the background in which they grew up. These differences can cause disagreement amongst the couple.

In other to avoid clashes, it is important for interracial couples to compromise in the areas that they disagree and come together in the areas that they agree on.

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Both Families may have difficulties interacting: Both families may have difficulties in interacting and relating well with each other due to differences in language, accent and intonation and stress pattern in their various languages. If you decide to go ahead and take the leap, do all you can to keep the lines of communication open. Make it a habit to listen to your partner without judging or comparing him or her to previous partners of some other race. Loving them will mean you do all you can to understand that not everyone has had the experiences, privileges or even the problems that you have!

What should you do if your parents or family does not approve of your decision to date someone of another race?

5 Benefits Of Developing Interracial Relationships

I think that would depend strictly upon your age, maturity level, and level of independence. A minor child or a student dependent upon parents for financial support would not have the same freedom of choice as an adult child out on his or her own. If your family has reservations about your mate, don't assume to know why, ask them!

Get clear on their precise reasons for feeling that this person isn't right for you.

benefits of interracial dating

Their reasons may have nothing to do with race, but you won't know that for certain until you sit down and have a mature discussion. Share with them what you see, feel, and love about your partner. Should it turn out that their complaints are related strictly to your partner's race, it's time for you to stand strong for your convictions. Do all within your power to encourage an honest discussion on race, racial stereotypes, family and love.

9 Pros of Interracial Marriage

Are people generally open to marrying someone of another race? To date the AskHeartBeat. Com Interracial Relationships Survey has logged more than 9, responses and been used in dozens of student research reports on the subject all over the world.

Benefits of Interracial Dating Relationship

The vast majority 58 percent of respondents said that they wanted a loving partner and that ethnicity was not at all a consideration in their choice. However, 34 percent report that their families made it a point to communicate that they would tolerate their child having friends of other races, but not romantic partners. More than 25 percent of the respondents stated that their parents threatened to disown them if they ever dated outside of their race! Sometimes the belief systems our family members have about other races are not revealed to us until we bring home someone that doesn't look the way they expected.

benefits of interracial dating

Many young people are shocked to find out that their parents, who always spoke of love and of everyone being the same under the skin, are actually selectively racist.

I can't tell you how many advice request letters I've received over the past ten years from dismayed young people dealing with this very issue. These survey results, coupled with the discussions I've had with men and women of various ethnicities on this subject, would cause me to say that statistically, the answer to this question is "no.

Challenges and Benefits to Interracial Dating

What is your overall opinion of interracial dating? Do the potential rewards outweigh the challenges? I'd have to say that only the strongest people, the most determined to open their mind and spirit to someone very, very different should even attempt interracial dating.