Celebs dating normal people

Dream Come True: 15 Celebs Who Don't Mind Sliding Into Their Fan's DMs

celebs dating normal people

But celebs dating regular people, via real life meet-cutes, provides the Internet with the type of romance novel fodder that is not found when two. 20 Celebrities That Ditched The Hollywood Dating Scene And Married Regular People Maybe there's still hope that normal love can conquer all? 4. The idea of dating a celebrity is but a distant dream! Love knows no limits and there are actually plenty of famous people out there who ended up in long-term.

Allegedly, Damon jumped behind the bar to get the attention of Barroso, who proceeded to shout at him for being where he shouldn't be.

celebs dating normal people

His cheeky actions certainly caught her attention though - just 2 years later, they were married. The bright lights and frivolous festival atmosphere must have got the couple in high spirits when they first met there in One year later, when the festival rolled around again, the two were reunited for another summer of music and love and they shared an intimate moment on the festival's iconic Ferris wheel — kissing as it arched in the sky, the festival's twinkling lights glowing below them.

Celebrities Dating Normal People | Famous People Who Date Non-Celebrities

Famed for his charm and good looks, he met his now-wife under slightly embarrassing circumstances, he admits in interviews.

During the after-party for the show, his eyes met Bagshawe's, and they became instant friends, laughing at the circumstances under which they were meeting. The couple didn't go on their official first date which casually took place in Florence, Italy, by the way for another 12 years! The rest is history.

20 Celebrities That Ditched The Hollywood Dating Scene And Married Regular People

Volunteer work for charity. Scarlett Johansson and Romain Dauriac These two lovebirds met after getting inked by the same tattoo artist. These 20 actors are proof that, when it comes to love, the heart wants what it wants. Damon had been shooting the movie Stuck On You in Miami, Florida, when he visited a local bar where Luciana Barroso was working behind the counter.

They struck up a conversation, which led to a date, which led to a marriage.

celebs dating normal people

This notorious ladies man swore off marriage after getting divorced at a young age. The couple wed in However, that was a year ago, and neither has tried to move forward with filing. For Saldana, privacy is paramount.

celebs dating normal people

Inthis Friends star married her long-time boyfriend, Michael Stern, who was otherwise an outsider in the celebrity world. To Kudrow, it was more important to marry someone who knew her before she was famous than to bag a celebrity hottie spouse. However, inaccording to The SunMillar spoke out about the relationship and claimed that Ryan had been unfaithful and also mentally abusive.

But the worst was the mental abuse. According to Jhe told Disney Dreaming that he's apparently open to dating fans, saying, "Yeah, I would [date a fan]!


I wouldn't limit myself by saying I wouldn't date someone. He was even rumored to have once romanced Kylie Jenner. Isaac, Taylor, and Zac, met their wives at their concerts, which Zac revealed during an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

celebs dating normal people

He spotted his wife in the crowd and thought she was adorable, he even had the stage manager go stop her from leaving. Former One Direction singer turned actor, Harry Styles, said he would date a fan, according to the publication M-magazine. The outlet quotes him as saying, "I would date a fan. I think if you like someone, then you like them anyway, whether they're a fan or not. I don't think that would change how you felt.

If they were a fan of the group, I think if anything that'd be a bonus. The couple were married inand now share two sons, Joseph and Jakob. I'm sure the thought crossed her mind — that if I didn't get sober, I could potentially lose all of that stuff.

celebs dating normal people

I could have lost the band, too. She was one of his many fans, but Starr clearly took notice of her, because in she went with him to Greece, and inthe couple were married when Tigrett was aged InTigrett gave an interview about her relationship to French publication, Le Chroniqueur via Wogew blogspotsaying that when Starr first asked her out she was excited. Our first date was a little silly. We just walked around the block for a while, gossiping and talking because he had to go back in the Cavern and play again.

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After a couple of months, I began to realize that I was infatuated with him. Seventeen magazine quotes him as saying, "Yes I'd date a fan. People talk about fans like they're mystical creatures, but they're just normal people.