Cinderella 2015 holliday grainger dating


cinderella 2015 holliday grainger dating

IPO Date: Jan 6, Holliday Grainger is best known for her role in the Showtime series 'The Borgias'. Mar 13, Cinderella. Nov 8, Great. Cinderella is a romantic fantasy film directed by Kenneth Branagh, with a screenplay . In June , it was reported that Holliday Grainger and Sophie McShera joined the film as Cinderella's two evil stepsisters, Anastasia and Drisella. . format and release it in IMAX theaters globally on the scheduled release date. Alia Shawkat and Holliday Grainger on the set of Animals in Dublin / Photo Sophie Hyde made her debut in with the ground-breaking film 52 Sophie Hyde's extraordinary work to date,” said Artistic Director and CEO of film Cinderella, and Emmy® Award-winning drama series The Borgias.

She steals the Prince's heart but must abandon the party at midnight. Leaving behind a glass shoe, the nobleman calls for an all out search for his mystery date. Naturally, Lady Tremaine tries to make sure this doesn't happen.

Since Cinderella is often used as a bedtime story, one has to admit that such a reclining position would be a good place to experience this dull, droning effort.

Sure, young girls stuffed to the gills with as much Frozen falderal as their parents can afford will swoon at all the pretty costumes and wanton wish fulfillment, but unless you've got a hankering to see how Shakespearean Branagh can make this material, you'll need a good lie down to recover from this film's lack of excitement.

cinderella 2015 holliday grainger dating

Granted, at the one hour mark, the former Mrs. Tim Burton waltzes in, bringing the anticipated magic that this story has subsisted on for the last years, and suddenly we're awake.

The turning of mice into horses, a pumpkin into a carriage, and some lizards into footmen is fun, and also indicative of what the rest of the movie is lacking. We don't really care for the opening sequences since we know they have to end in Ella becoming an orphan and earning her nickname. But as villains, Blanchett et al are more terrible fashion sense than cruel and heartless. Instead, we are presented with three hapless social climbers who can't understand why the world doesn't dote over them the same way they obsess on each other, and such nonsensical narcissism grows weary after a while.

cinderella 2015 holliday grainger dating

Also, Ella has many well wishers in the small town where she's from. So it doesn't make sense that not a single one of them comes calling once Lady Tremaine takes over. New Moon, The Golden Compass just wants to hit the familiar elements of the story we know and love. His only attempt at invention is giving everyone a backstory. This worked in Alice since Burton was basically taking the Rev. Dodgson and making his ideas is own. Here, it's more theme park fodder with additional merchandising.

The cast is competent, though Lily James is so light and airy she borders on the non-existent. We don't necessarily root for her Cinderella, just the character in general. As her parents, Atwell is unrecognizable while Chaplin seems to have been hired for his permanent hangdog expression.


Similarly, Grainger and McShera come across as ancillary in their own adventure. That just leaves Blanchett, and to say she is a disappointment is an understatement. When we hear that this two time Oscar winner is going to play the evil stepmother, we have visions of chewed scenery and sneered dialogue in our heads -- but that doesn't happen.

Instead, her Lady Tremaine is cut from the mean but misunderstood school of wickedness. When she's not cooking, cleaning and running the entire household, Cinderella finds rare solace in wandering off in the woods.

cinderella 2015 holliday grainger dating

Plus, it's a rare moment when they both can be somebody else for a change. Kit, a prisoner of sorts to a life he never chose, is immediately taken with her, but knows that marrying for love isn't an option when you're royalty. Meanwhile, Cinderella sees the exchange for what it is, a pleasant memory but probably nothing more. The rest of the story plays out as it should—but enjoyably so.

cinderella 2015 holliday grainger dating

With a few little changes along the way that freshen things up thinking here of the scene when the kooky fairy godmother a scene-stealing Helena Bonham Carter shows up to help Cinderella get ready for the ballwatching is nothing short of enchanting. As entertainment goes, Cinderella is as sweet as buttercream frosting but an enjoyable diversion where princesses are more than pretty and boy-crazy.


In the Disney universe, that's progress. In one of her many rude outbursts, Cinderella's stepmother calls her a "hussy. Cinderella has to deal with the death of both her parents at a young age. Cinderella's stepmother also lost the husband she loved the most and dealt with financial challenges after his passing.

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No sex or nudity—only kissing. Some of Cinderella's dresses are a mite cleavage-y.

cinderella 2015 holliday grainger dating

Only of the comedic variety, although Cinderella's stepmother isn't afraid to hurl insults her way on many occasions. There's also discussion of whether animals should be hunted.

One character is asked if she believes in magic and being able to communicate with animals and responds, "I believe in everything.