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19, Date when powers of old municipality cease "Old municipality" means The Corporation of the Township of Langley. thence southerly along the westerly boundaries of the North-east Quarter of Section 10, Township 8, Lot , Group 2 . Items 1 - 16 Douglas Crescent Langley, B. C., V3A 4B3. Telephone: () Date. FOR OFFICE USE ONLY. Application Fee: $. Receipt No: B. A location map and site plans drawn to scale in triplicate, showing lot boundaries, location. The Township of Langley is a district municipality immediately east of the City of Surrey in . Within the park boundaries are the historic Rowlatt Farmstead, clearly visible . Originally a trading post for Hudson's Bay Company, today it is a small village with restored colonial style buildings dating to the late 19th and early 20th.

With thousands of gold prospectors, many of them American, streaming into the region, the British government created British Columbia as a colony. James Douglas was sworn in as the new colony's first governor in Fort Langley, but New Westminster was chosen as the capital, as Fort Langley was less defensible from an American invasion.

When the gold rush ended, Fort Langley's importance began to decline. Farming and logging took over as the dominant local industries. Together with his sons he owned a quarter section of land on each of the four corners of Yale Road and what now is th Street.

Langley, British Columbia (district municipality) - Wikipedia

At that time, this area became known as "Murrays corner" after Alexander Murray, who drowned in the Fraser River in January while attempting in vain to save a friend. Inthe post office named it "Murrayville". The area between street, A street, 48th ave and 48A avenue is one of the oldest subdivisions in Langley. Of the eight building lots in this subdivision there are still 6 heritage houses built before Mackie as its first elected warden.

Over time, New Westminster and then Vancouver developed into urban centres, but Langley Township remained predominantly a rural community.

The growth of transportation continued to connect Langley Township with its surroundings. The British Columbia Electric Railway was built through the community infollowed by Fraser Highway in the s, and the construction of the Pattullo Bridge inall adding to Langley's importance.

Many new buildings in the area have been constructed in Fort Langley in the past few decades. All new buildings must follow strict style guidelines to match the heritage appearance, unless a variance is granted by the local government. A recent example of this style of architecture is the Fort Mall pictured.

Additionally, there are few franchises in the village and this has raised its profile as a tourist and independent retail destination with hundreds of thousands of annual visitors. This Community Hall was completed inby hired hands and volunteers - the architect was Archibald Campbell Hope, brother of Fort Langley entrepreneur Charles Hope.

Langley, British Columbia (city) - Wikipedia

Today, the hall houses events from community meetings, to craft markets, to weddings. As it was in the beginning, this hall is privately held by the Fort Langley Community Improvement Society, not the Township of Langley, and is operated by a volunteer board of directors.

It is frequented by residents of Langley as well as tourists for its selection of independent businesses and historic character. In addition, roads adjacent to Glover Road such as Mavis Avenue are also home to small shops and restaurants, most of which are indexed on fortlangley. Fort Langley has about eighty businesses and its commercial core has a mix of services, restaurants and retail stores.

In early Januarythe IGA which had served the community since the s burned down late at night. Inthe same owners reopened a new store Lee's Marketkeeping the traditional and mandatory historic appearance that is specific to Fort Langley. It is also a popular destination for residents of Walnut Grove to the West. Museums[ edit ] The Fort Langley National Historic Site is a former fur trading post located in the community which attracts about 60, visitors a year. One of the most popular events is the Cranberry Festival, which began in and happens every October.

Langley, British Columbia (district municipality)

The festival has live music and other crowd bringing features, and attracts over 70 market vendors, selling a variety of goods ranging from cranberry-flavoured and regular foods to housewares, jewelry and more.

In recent years, attendance has topped 60, people. The result of which is a family fun, friendly cultural and heritage themed birthday party attracting over 10, people to the small village. A May Day celebration is held on Victoria Day annually in Fort Langley, consisting of a parade and party in a local park with Maypole dancing.

The majority of roads in Fort Langley break from the numerical grid system used elsewhere in the South Fraser Region and retain historical names. Airport[ edit ] The private Fort Langley Airport has a paved runway and float plane facilities and is located East of the community.

After the opening of the Golden Ears Bridgehowever, the ferry was decommissioned on July 31,