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dating agency cyrano ep 5 raw

Dating Agency Cyrano. Watch full dating agency cyrano ep 5 sub espaol episode of Dating Agency Cyrano Series at Dramanice. Cyrano Dating Agency Ep. Drama series "Flower Dating Agency: Cyrano" is a prequel to film "Cyrano Yoon Seo - Min Se-Kyung (ep); Lee Kwang-Soo - Choi Dal-In (ep). Jun 11, Dating Agency Cyrano: Episode 5 a bitch lately, by the way, and that means I'm taking over recaps for Dating Agency Cyrano. EPISODE 5 RECAP I really liked episodes 4 and 5, especially the scene where Arang.

Min-young briefs the team on the stats: Su-ah works as a ghost in an amusement park how fittinglives with only women mom, grandmaand only attended all-girls schools. Byung-hoon mocks Min-young for her inability to identify the target, and she huffs to her skeptical team that she can pull this off. This leads to a bet: If she succeeds, she can order Byung-hoon to do one thing. If she loses, she has to do something for him. Min-young films herself as she begins the mission, adopting a romance guru tone as she offers advice.

They move to the next step: Using Moo-jin as a test subject, Min-young coaches Su-ah to think of him as a girl and look him in the eye. Why is this hard? Before, people would whisper about her or treat her like an outcast, so she hid behind her hair. Then, she found that it was less difficult being feared than being ignored.

But something happened recently to make her change her mind and decide to buck up her courage. We see it in flashback: Su-ah gathers to watch a magic show at the amusement park, but gets shoved around and pushed back.

She shrinks back in her usual way, until someone taps her shoulder, then clears the way for her to step forward.

dating agency cyrano ep 5 raw

It also leaves behind his old watch, which she finds dropped on the ground. She thanks Moo-jin for his great idea, not seeing Byung-hoon smiling smugly behind her. Then she asks about Yi-seol oh so casuallyand hears that she was going to marry the other theater head, Do-il. Then Moo-jin informs them that the boss must have seen the video footage, which means he knows about the kiss.

Arang hangs his head.

dating agency cyrano ep 5 raw

Byung-hoon joins them and first offers Arang a Cyrano business card and an employee discount, HA to have them work on the case for him. Hm, was this a test? She calls him a coward, shrinking back after saying it. We see Moo-jin sitting outside with the fan, creating the romantic breeze.

He sees through the denial and says that he saw everything. But he still likes her. And so we begin. She suggests they count the score even, since she did kick him, and they smile. But then Byung-hoon feeds him his lines over the comm: She looks like she wants to kiss him, or maybe hug the emotionally stunted man for growing some feelings, and gives him a big proud thump on the shoulder: His only instruction is to let the target make her choice.

He finally speaks, telling Se-kyung that he likes her for real: I could never like you as much as he does.

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Just as your feelings have changed, what if his do? She arrives at the alley, but finds it empty. Aw, he kept it all this while?

dating agency cyrano ep 5 raw

Se-kyung runs on, searching the neighborhood for sign of Ho-yeol. Moo-jin rides up to find Arang sitting alone nursing his broken heart, and gives him a shoulder to lean on. There he is again, sitting with a lonely cup of ramyun, head hanging. She raps on the glass, then sticks that band-aid on the glass. It lights up his face in the most heartwarming way. The girl might have just left. Byung-hoon just replies that the guy was going to make things happen, but had to suffer a bit for it.

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I do appreciate that this is a consideration, since the matchmaking meddliness of elders is no joke. Moo-jin offers to take the recon trip to the hospital to confirm, since he can visit his grandmother as a cover story.

He apologizes, not having realized this would put her so ill at ease, but Hye-ri tells him to go on and run his errand while she waits outside. Granny finds Hye-ri sitting alone and offers her a lollipop to help with the gloomy face.

Hye-ri explains that her older brother spent the end of his life in a hospital like this.

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On to the mission. She sends him to retrieve Hae-shim, and then Moo-jin locks the door on them after cutting the lights. They decide to wait it out for now, and in the meanwhile Moo-jin takes his grandmother out for some air.

The air in the locked supply room gets stifling, probably more from the tension than anything. Mirroring the scenario is the one in the surveillance van, with Min-young and Byung-hoon feeling similarly awkward and ignoring the reason for it. Hae-shim admits that the one nice thing about this is that they get to be alone together. She pretends she was fooled by Granny too, and though he seems pretty aware of the ploy, he agrees to stick around.

The Cyrano team is dispatched to various areas of the tower to keep an eye on the couple. Hae-shim takes a look at the thousands of locks fastened by happy couples as little tokens of their love, but the sight makes Chul-soo even more uncomfortable, if possible.

Hm, a painful past experience, perhaps? Or a lost loved one?