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dating detective games

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Loop16 generated a heartfelt "Thank You" video to round out the stream, before finally taking the hour stream offline. Shortly after this, players received emails with the subject line Waking Titan has Ended. The contents of the message were as follows: The developments that took place during Phase 3 were somewhat concerning, but together we have set in motion truly world-shaping events.

We will continue to inform the Citizen Science Division of privileged information or any need for collaborators on a new project. But we do have a few loose ends to tie up with you before we move on, so let's proceed.

First, we're pleased to announce that all 10, Level 4 Atlas Passes are in production.

dating detective games

Note that due to transit times for mail, some may take several weeks to be delivered. It's been an amazing journey for all of us. I've watched you thrive and achieve from those first Phase 1 radio ads all the way through the intensity of Phase 3. I've been impressed at every turn by how brilliant you've been, how voracious, how kind, how thoughtful. It's been an honor and a privilege. On behalf of the Atlas Foundation, and on behalf of the world, thank you.

We hope it will answer a few key questions you have about our program, and about what comes next. Season 2 Prelude On December 27th,Waking Titan media was revived in order to tease a second season of phases. The tenth glyph went live on Wakingtitan. Players also began receiving their physical Level 4 Atlas Passes in the mail.

The man emphasized that the CSD get plenty of sleep in preparation for the next phase, before handing live drop recipients a memo from The Atlas Foundation. Phase 4 Phase 4 of Waking Titan began on March 26th, Phase 4 would kick start a new "season" of the ARG, which would go on to span another 3 phases. This process puts you into a deep sleep while keeping you conscious of your actions, allowing you to act freely within the Dreamscape.

dating detective games

Play in the most realistic virtual worlds possible! Whether you are playing alone in an exciting single-player experience, or enjoying a real Massively-Multiplayer Online Game with friends: Every texture, sound, smell, and taste will be true to life.

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Their Research and Development sector has very strict employee guidelines, with they use to reserve the right to legally penalize employees who fail to share any and all findings from employee conference tours.

One man who failed to comply with their stiff guidelines, a man named Mr. In fact, Zheng decided to completely diverge from his planned tour path in an attempt to learn more by himself. By this point, Mr.

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Including the tests of an unconventionally operated version of their headset, that had cost the lives of many test subjects within their labs, and caused others severe brain injuries.

The CSD were contacted by Dr. Nadeau had taken Arnaud into their care to study the unusually high amounts of brain activity detected during his unconsciousness. The account began reaching out to players for assistance in establishing connection to Myriad's Satellite API, Satcom. At the end of this phase, we were able to successfully determine the best personalized procedure to wake Arnaud: And the remaining five glyphs on the Waking Titan website were unlocked at once, and then solved shortly thereafter.

Phase 5 Began on June 1st, However, since I am the homicide supervisor, I am always on call. I usually start my day between am, depending on the LA traffic. First thing I do is meet with the members of my squad, as they get their morning cups of coffee. I then transition the conversation into getting updates on their current investigations and their investigative plans to solve their cases.

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Next, based on the teams of detectives' availability, I determine who is going to be on call with me during the week they get to pre-schedule what weekend they have in advance. I then usually do a series of administrative functions: But that's only the case if we didn't have a homicide overnight. When a murder occurs it is rarely during business hours; it is usually between 10pm and 3am.

So, on those days, my watch officially starts when I arrive at the crime scene. I then assess if more detectives need to be called in to start early and start handing out tasks to be completed. Some of tasks can be locating and interviewing witnesses, re-canvassing the crime scene for additional witnesses or evidence, locating and downloading surveillance footage, booking evidence, searching through criminal data bases, and meeting with other law enforcement officers, who have expertise in the area where the crime occurred.

I oversee all of this and monitor the investigative team who is assigned the case and the teams that are assisting them. I also meet with the area captain and the bureau chief and update them on the status of the case to help assist them in the assignment of uniformed officers in the area for future crime prevention and apprehension.

I also meet with gang intervention personnel and discuss the potential of retaliation because a high number of the murders in 77th division have some relationship to street gangs.

The victims are not always gang members but the suspects usually are. All of this tends to make for long days and end of watch is rarely what it is scheduled to be. What makes for a really good day on the job? I am fortunate that every day is a good day on the job. I have the privilege of working with and supervising arguably the best detectives in the world. What makes a special day, is watching the detectives put together their cases and solving them.

It is satisfying to watch a team of detectives getting excited that they just got their suspect identified or have a enough evidence to file a case against a murderer. It is exciting to watch a detective interviewing a suspect, and getting that suspect to make admissions or confess to a murder. It is also rewarding to hear one of the detectives get the call from the district attorney that a jury just convicted a suspect who is responsible for a murder.

These days are special because we can then explain to a family that we know who is responsible for killing their loved one. How long have you been a homicide detective? What's changed over that time? I began working as a homicide detective inand technology is the biggest change over that time. When I first started working cases, we didn't have computers.

dating detective games

We use to handwrite all reports and then typed them on a typewriter.