Dating singapore places to eat

14 Affordable Romantic Singapore Restaurants That Won't Break The Bank

dating singapore places to eat

Singapore Food Reviews And I thank the people who have dated me for proving that. .. Romantic Places to bring your date in Singapore. Find the best Date Night restaurants in Singapore. Search by location, price and more, such as Symmetry, Burnt Ends, The Lokal, based on millions of reviews. A gorgeous view of Singapore's skyline is sure to make your date unforgettable. Here are the Best restaurant views of the Singapore skyline.

Best Food & Restaurants for Date Night in Singapore, 2019

Perfect for special occasions, this two and half hour sail is complete with live music, delicious food and tipples. All aboard, say aye!

dating singapore places to eat

Royal AlbatrossOpposite S. Post-sunset, head to the terrace, where majestic palm trees surround the facade of the restaurant.

dating singapore places to eat

Once a fine dining restaurant, this sea facing Italian spot is now dressed casual. Paper white walls, dark furniture, high ceilings — everything about The White Rabbit is just so pristine. On the menu, Modern European plates take centre stage.


It is a beef stew infused with red wine and valrhona chocolate. Do not be turn off by the idea of chocolate in your stew for it is a dish that is perfectly executed to provide that sweet and savoury balance. Topped with crabmeat, mackerel, chilli and coconut, this creamy dish will keep you wanting more with how well the flavours come together.

dating singapore places to eat

It is an ideal place to experience French dining at extremely worthwhile prices. The set varieties served here are of good quality and affordably priced. Trapizza A casual, pizzeria overlooking the sea, this is for the beach-loving couples.

23 Most Romantic Restaurants in Singapore of all time - TheSmartLocal

The open-air layout lets you enjoy the cool sea breeze while dining on a selection of wood-fired thin crust pizza and pasta dishes. Les Bouchons Ann Siang This small and quaint diner spot will transport you to Paris through its doors.

  • 14 Affordable Romantic Singapore Restaurants That Won’t Break The Bank

Parisian style steak is always one degree rawer than usual, so if you want a medium-rare steak, ask for medium doneness and so on. An affordable yet really good steak restaurant date.

I think romance in Singapore is getting rife.

23 Most Romantic Restaurants in Singapore of all time

And I thank the people who have dated me for proving that. Having a romantic dinner also helps set the mood for the perfect night to come. Ask me at McDonald's if I want to your girl and I'll say hold up son. To help those in need of romantic ideas for special occasions and anniversaries, we've put together a list of the most romantic restaurants in Singapore to make it easier for you to plan.

dating singapore places to eat

We've also separated them into 3 categories. Unlike the first two categories, in this last category your wallet will not be crying. Romantic Restaurants with great ambience These restaurants have splendid ambience with romantic vibes perfect for special romantic occasions. White Rabbit Dempsey Hill Can you see wedding balls already?