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The country's transportation, communications, and power infrastructure is relatively poorly developed. Sincean emphasis has been placed on developing new industrial capacity and rehabilitating the economy. The statist economic model, including nationalization of the key jute industry, had resulted in inefficiency and economic stagnation.

At present, rapid population growth, inefficiency in the public sector, and restricted natural resources and capital continue to impede economic development. On the other hand, economic policies aimed at encouraging private enterprise and investment, denationalizing public industries, reinstating budgetary discipline, and mobilizing domestic resources are beginning to have an impact. Underemployment remains a serious problem, and there are growing concerns regarding the ability of the agricultural sector to absorb additional manpower.

Independence was gained on The terrain consists of mainly flat, alluvial plain, with hills in the Southeast, with a climate which is semi-tropical with monsoons. Bangla and English are spoken by Bengali, nonBengali Muslims, and other ethnic groups who are of mainly Muslim and Hindu faiths. Lake Constance also written as An annual Celtic music festival is hosted on the Swiss shores of Lake Atmospheric Science Data Center The Terra spacecraft is managed EPA Science Inventory The Lake Fork of the Arkansas River Watershed has been adversely affected through mining, water diversion and storage projects, grazing, logging, and other human influences over the past years.

The Population Reference Bureau's PRB Japan Representative joined the mission on a study tour during August to directly observe reproductive health and family planning, women's empowerment, and micro-credit at the grassroots level. The representative hopes to raise the Japanese public's awareness of international nongovernmental organization NGO partnerships in order to encourage them to help rural populations in developing countries.

You can find English speaking people but do not expect the CNG drivers or ricksha-walas to speak English. If you don't get what they are saying just smile and repeatedly mention your destination, or ask a passer-by to help translating -they are always happy to do it.

By boat[ edit ] Boat launches to Barisal departs from Sadarghat every evening DAC is the primary airport serving both the city and the country. There are international flights available from most continents.

Biman Bangladesh Airlines [59] is the flag carrier of Bangladesh, and is connected to approximately 18 international destinations, including London. Although, these services change frequently due to financial issues. Additionally, there are two more international airports in the Sylhet, a north-east divisional city, and Chittagong, the south-east and second largest city of Bangladesh, respectively.

These two international airports are also well connected with many parts of the world with direct flight from and to many Asian and Middle Eastern countries including China, Malaysia, UAE etc when Sylhet airport has direct flight from London, where a huge number of Bangladeshi origin people are living particularly from Sylhet region.

There are frequent services from surrounding countries. Biman operates flights to most of these. Pakistan International Airlines has flights from Karachi. Cathay Dragon operates flights from Hong Kong.

From lateBiman started direct flights to YangonMyanmar twice a week from Dhaka. Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport is modern and reasonably efficient. However, excessive numbers of mosquitoes seem to inhabit the baggage reclaim area, so be sure to wear long sleeves and cover your legs and feet. Immigration can take a notoriously long time during peak hours 45 minutes plus as the system is manual and there are only 2 lines for foreign passport holders.

If you want to go from the airport to old dhaka by bus, go from the airport to the main road m and ask the people to help you to cach a bus to Gulisthan or ask the bus drivers it's easy, a lot of bises go that direction.

It's take h depend on trafic, 20Tk for the ticket, the entraiment is free: Kamalapur Railway Station Dhaka is connected to most major cities of Bangladesh by rail, often more than one service per day. The Maitree Express [60] provides direct nonstop service from KolkataIndia.

Dhanmondi Lake Dating Quotes

It is the first international rail service in Bangladesh. Since it was converted to a fully air-conditioned train, it has become very popular. It is sometimes hard to get a ticket now.

The train had also been criticized for requiring a long waits at the border crossings on both sides. This led to the authorities moving the border checks to the origin and destination station and cutting the running time by over 2 hours starting mid It is generally recognized as being a much safer, speedier and less stressful experience than going by bus. The journey to Dhaka takes 10 hours 50 minutes, and the train to Kolkata takes 11 hours 45 minutes.

It carries air-condiftioned Chair Car and air-conditioned First Class Compartment accommodations only 4 coaches of each. By bus[ edit ] Being the capital and geographical centre of Bangladesh, Dhaka is the natural hub for the country's bus companies. There are several bus stations around Dhaka, each of them serving a different region of the country. The stations are not for the faint of heart, being extremely crowded and noisy.

Sayedabad bus station is for buses to and from the eastern half of the country, including Sylhet Division and Chittagong Division. Sayedabad is currently very chaotic due to the building of a flyover. Roads have been dug up, and traffic is very slow. CNGs in the area all overcharge due to the lack of any order. Gabtali bus station is for buses to and from the western half of the country, including JessoreRajshahi Division and Khulna Division.

Mohakhali bus station is for buses to and from areas north of Dhaka, including Tangail and Mymensingh. There are occasionally services to and from cities in the north-western portion of the country, such as Bagura.

Luxury buses serve locations dotted all over the country. These private buses are air-conditioned, spacey and usually have reclinable seats. They all have ticket offices around town, the most well-known being those at the Pantapath. Green Line serves many major cities, with approximate times and prices listed below: The private bus companies listed above also run cross-border services from India.

There are no travel options from Myanmar, as the border is closed. By car[ edit ] It is possible to cross from India via private vehicle. Visa formalities take a notoriously long time. The border with Myanmar is closed and heavily militarised with land mines. By water[ edit ] Most ferries arrive at and leave from the port in Sadarghat of Old Dhaka. This area and the streets surrounding it are unbelievably hectic, so allow plenty of time and keep an eye on your valuables.

If arriving at the port, fight your way to the left on the frontage road and then make your first right; this turns into Nawabpur Road and leads north to the hotels.

Dhanmondi lake dating

Even if you aren't staying in this area, it's easier to walk several hundred meters north to catch an onward rickshaw or taxi; the ones near the port are at a constant standstill. The Rocket Steamers named P. To Barisal is Tk and Tk in first and second class respectively, while the ride to Khulna will run Tk for first class and Tk for second. The Khulna trip takes hours. Chandpur is a second major river station, located hours from Dhaka and hours from Barisal.

Numerous other boats are available for short and long distances. Head to Sadarghat or Badamtoli ghat about 1 km further west and ask around. Tickets cannot be pre-booked and bargaining is likely necessary. Get around[ edit ] Old Dhaka Well Dhaka has wide range of transport systems from cycle-rickshaws to buses to water buses. A public transport system is existent which is on a reformation process. However, Dhaka suffers from choking traffic which causes extensive travel time.

Rickshaws, Old Dhaka By cycle rickshaw[ edit ] Cycle rickshaws or simply, rickshaws, are the most popular form of transport, and good for short distances, mainly on side streets. They make up the bulk of the city's horrendous traffic, and charge around Tk 30 to 50 for a 15 minutes ride in Banani, Baridhara or Gulshan - less in other parts of Dhaka.

Negotiating a fare beforehand is essential as a foreigner. Rickshaws are not allowed to cross most of the main roads. If you're a woman, it's particularly inadvisable to ride around alone in rickshaws after dark; you're a slow-moving target asking for trouble from thugs and muggers.

By auto-rickshaw[ edit ] Auto-rickshaws, locally known as 'CNGs' named after compressed natural gas, their fuel source are abundant and have meters, which drivers can sometimes be persuaded to use. The meters start at Tk 25 for the first 2 km and Tk 7 for each subsequent km, but you'll likely have to negotiate a fare instead. The city becomes very congested at times, so allow plenty of time for getting around. Given the plethora of all forms of transport, if you're having trouble getting a decent fare with a driver walk a few feet to the next one.

Not all are out to gouge you, so better to find the honest ones and give them your business. Occasionally a driver will demand more money on arrival; the best way to deal with this is to hand over the agreed or metered fare and walk away.

Make certain from the start that the driver knows where you're headed, unless you can direct him yourself, as they often have limited local knowledge, but will always say that they know where somewhere is, and take you 'round the whole city searching whilst the meter ticks. Take a card with your hotel or hostel written on it so that you can actually get home.

Having a card for the hotel with the address makes this a lot easier. By taxi[ edit ] Taxis are hard to hire from streets so you will need to book one. There are a few types taxis, some yellow and some black, some white, all with meters.

Black taxis start the meter at Tk 25 but usually you have to negotiate about the fare. A ride between Old Dhaka and Gulshan in a black cab will probably cost you around Tk Yellow taxis have slightly higher standards in terms of comfort but are more expensive and will probably cost you Tk Black and white taxis are typically in notoriously poor condition and lack air conditioning.

Yellow taxis are required to have air conditioning; the fleet consists mostly of Toyota Corollas, with some Mitsubishis and Hondas. But if you are a foreigner, a CNG is in many cases the better option because in a car, you are clearly visible as a foreign passenger which will in many cases attract many beggars and street vendors.

By bus[ edit ] Buses run routes on the main roads, but are often horribly crowded and noisy, signed only in Bengali and aren't likely to be of much use to travelers. But there are some buses which only take passengers if seats are available at least in theory, but compared to the other buses they are usually not very crowded and you have to buy a ticket at one of the bus counters in advance.

During the rush hour, it can be difficult to get a seat and maybe you will have to wait in line with the other passengers. But taking the bus is cheap and once you found out which bus you have to take and where you have to get off, it is possible without speaking any Bengali. But going by bus takes usually more time than going by CNG and buses are also frequently involved in collisions. Save yourself a headache and take a rickshaw or CNG, or for long distances, a comfortable, air-conditioned bus or train.

For more info on buses in Bangladesh, see the Get in section. By car[ edit ] Driving a car in the capital can be a nerve wrecking experience. Officially, cars drive on the left, although the reality can be different. Locals will often zoom down the wrong side of the road in an attempt to overcome the traffic.

Traffic police monitor most intersections in the city, in an attempt to keep the traffic flowing. Many intersections have been upgraded with traffic signals, but these are often ignored by both drivers and traffic police, who will direct cars as they see fit.

There are some options for car rental, with Europcar [61] being the notable Western brand name. The Government's Virtual Bangladesh website [62] has more options. Many companies may also offer the option to rent-a-driver for a number of days; it is common for most middle to upper-class locals to have their own drivers.

If you plan to do a lot of sightseeing in one day, and don't want to deal with the CNGs, hiring a car and driver is by far the most pleasant way to get around. By bike[ edit ] Many locals often use bicycles as a primary form of transport.