Ducati 899 review uk dating

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ducati 899 review uk dating

Your chance to win a brand new Ducati Panigale with Bike Social! Simply sign up beljournalist.info within the dates specified in point 8. What's it like to live with Ducati's latest road rocket, the Panigale, for a week's ordinary use? Privacy and cookiesJobsDatingOffersShopPuzzlesInvestor Ducati Multistrada MTS S Touring 'Skyhook' review so it's just as well that Ducati UK has come to an agreement with multiple circuit owner MSV. Read our Ducati Panigale review, the latest addition to the Ducati superbike family All finance is subject to status and income and is only available to UK.

Engine 5 out of 5 You can't possibly need more, all my mates have Fireblades, BMW Srr's and its right in with them no problems, if you get left behind on one of these its your riding skills that are lacking, no shortcoming on the bikes behalf.

Ducati Panigale review

If you do ride it it a half steady manner its amazingly economical too, I've seen as high as 54 mpg on the trip meter, also very easy to keep clean. Ducati quality is second to none, all top quality parts used throughout the bike. The service costs are visible on the workshop wall so you have no nasty surprises. Cheaper to run than the KTM I had before it.

ducati 899 review uk dating

Equipment 5 out of 5 Its what I call a "Complete" bike, its finished as it comes to you, you don't need to fork out for a exhaust pipe or a hugger, screen etc. I put some Evotech rad guards and tail tidy on and that's all it needs, a ventureshield paint protection kit is a good idea as well.

Ducati Panigale Review – Ducati Norwich

It has quite an appetite for rear tyres, I put its 4th one on at 7, miles, the Pirelli Rosso Corsa's don't last more than 2, miles, so I'm trying some Michelin Supersports Evo's this time, fabulous grip from them!

Does everything I need it to do. My first Ducati and wont be the last.

ducati 899 review uk dating

The Ducati splashed down the straights, barking its V-twin sound from the short, mid-mounted exhaust as it headed towards a top speed of more than mph. Torque at low revs is notably improved over theand the Panigale pulls strongly from 7,rpm.

ducati 899 review uk dating

It also changes gear very quickly and effortlessly thanks to its standard electronic quick-shifter, an improvement on the 's sometimes imprecise change.

In slippery conditions on the road the softest engine setting is potentially useful. As well as cutting peak output to bhp with a very smooth throttle response, this automatically adjusts traction control, engine braking and ABS levels to suit.

ducati 899 review uk dating

Handling is very good, as far as can be determined on a wet surface. Its steering geometry is slightly steeper than the 's, improving agility; the narrower rear tyre also contributes to a light yet precise cornering feel. Suspension combines Showa's Big Piston Forks, as used on several Japanese sports bikes, with a similarly multi-adjustable rear shock from Sachs.

In the rain I was glad of the excellent ABS system that is standard, which combines with Brembo's Monobloc calipers to provide very powerful stopping.

2014 Ducati 899 Panigale bike review

Despite the conditions my only real chassis-related complaint was an old one: The is no sports-tourer, and won't be much fun in town. But it promises a higher degree of comfort and practicality, plus enough speed and handling to keep most riders happy.

ducati 899 review uk dating

Following the 's chassis layout means its riding position is slightly more upright and roomy than that of the compact EVO.