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Durga idol making in bangalore dating. Durga idol making in bangalore dating. Category. durga · idol · making · bangalore · dating. Durga idol making in. Durga Puja is not just a puja for us, its an emotion! This is The first thing we do after buying a new calendar is to chalk about Durga Puja dates, right from Chaturthi(the fou All the accomplished craftsman entertain themselves with making such idols. . Any special trains from Bangalore to Kolkata before Durga Puja?. Durga Puja in Bangalore - beljournalist.info is the most famous Durga Puja in Bangalore. Please join us to celebrate best Bengali Durga puja events.

He gets many items along with him to ready traditional Durga idols, especially the clay from Kumartulithe famed potter's quarter in north Kolkata on the banks of Hooghly. Tarun's father Sudhir Paul was the first idol-maker to come to Bengaluru way back in to design idols for the Bengali community.

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Several families followed suit. According to these artisans, a bagful of clay from Kumartuli is a must among the items they bring. We carry gunny bags of it, especially to give finishing touches. Moreover, its is considered pure," Tarun said. Artisans from Sudhir Paul and sons earlier worked out of garages of Bengali households.

Then they shifted to the Bengalee Association before coming to Cox Town.

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Work begins in June with 16 artisans giving shape to idols. However, it is also observed by some Shakta Hindus as a private, home-based festival. The temple stands as a natural cave within which there is a dark chamber where the idol of the Goddess is placed.

The main festival takes place after seven days. It is considered as an occasion when the devotees invite the Goddess for the festivities. In the evening, the idol is taken in a procession to be immersed in any large waterbody.

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Goddess Durga is believed to be a self-sufficient reservoir of energy. The dates chosen for Durga Puja are based on the time when Prince Rama is thought to have invoked the aid of the goddess Durga, who then legend has it came to battle and ultimately defeat the demon-buffalo king Ravana and his evil henchmen.

Panchami or the fifth day from the new moon is the next important day for this worship. The Durgiana Temple is at a few minutes distance from the Golden Temple. During the period, the city, bathed in light, turns into an open-air art gallery with each pandal vying with the other for admiration. Assam Society of Bangalore Their anger led to fires and thunderbolt.

Introduction The greatest festival of the Bengali community, Durga Puja ranks among the popular festivals in India. The main temple dedicated to Goddess Durga has been constructed in the South Indian style. Each of her ten arms brandished the deadliest weapon of each god. It is dedicated to the worship of Goddess Durga. On hearing the news, the trinity became terribly angry, as a result of which tejas energy began to emit from their bodies which combined to form a female figure with ten hands.

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The last day of the festival is Bijoya Dashami when the immersion of the Durga idol takes place. The community begins merry making, music, dancing and women playfully smear the faces of their companions with sindoor vermilionall as a mark of the victory of good over evil. This is when devotees come from distant places to worship Goddess Durga.

Versions of Ramayana found in North, West and South India describe the Hindu god Rama to be remembering the Surya the Sun god before his battle with the demon Ravana, but the Bengali manuscripts of Ramayana such as by the 15th century Krttivasa describe Rama to be worshipping Durga.

These are the famous Durga clay idol-makers from KumarTuli, north-central Calcutta, innovating with tradition, making Kumartuli-style Ganeshas in Bangalore. As we sauntered in, camera in hand, our curiosity stirred, an artist was immersed in making a frame made of wooden planks and bamboo sticks and almost nothing else in the background, in the pic above.

What is really striking in the way these artisans work is that they use very few tools.

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The basic idol is practically, completely bio-degradable and environment friendly. This skeleton is then tied onto the wooden pedestal made in the earlier step. This step decides the form and structure of the deity and is one of the most significant steps in the idol-making process. Next, a thick coating of clay is applied over this skeleton and allowed to dry. This coating is made of special, black clay mixed with rice husk, to improve the binding of the clay onto the straw skeleton.

This is allowed to dry for a few days in the Sun.