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erica schoenberg dating

Erica Schoenberg Lingren is an American professional blackjack and poker player. She is a former model, personal trainer, and professional volleyball player . Let's start this week with some less-than-serious news: poker pros Erick Lindgren and Erica Schoenberg got married in Santa Barbara yesterday. Many poker. Erica Schoenberg was equally talented, a pro volleyball player and 2nd in the Irish Open for €, being her biggest win to-date.

A whirlwind romance later, they were wed and even appeared on ESPN as the happiest couple in town.

erica schoenberg dating

Anyway, nothing lasts forever as they say, and 13 years and twin boys later, Harman revealed on Twitter that she and Traniello were divorced — and still, or again, single a couple of years later apparently when she tweeted: If anyone is interested, please DM me. Chad Brown and Vanessa Rousso Married: Does it get any better than that? When they married they became the first couple to be sponsored by the same poker team - Team Poker Pro.

Rousso is still an active professional poker player, and has since found love with her long-time girlfriend Melissa Ouellet, their engagement being announced last year as Rousso left the Celebrity Big Brother house.

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Kara Scott and Giovanni Rizzo Married: Her better half since their wedding in … I do have a pretty good excuse for being late to WSOP this year though Rizzo has also done his fair share of TV poker work, and their shared interests in poker and media seems to be working out well, although Scott still has to fight off her admirers from time-to-time. Back inNorman Chad infamously referred to her repeatedly as Kara Scott Chad, the commentator smitten by the charms of Scott as she ran deep in the Main Event.

About Erica Schoenberg Erica Schoenberg If there is such a thing as predetermination or destiny, Erica Schoenberg is a good example of it. By her own admission, she seems to be fulfilling a destiny set out for her when her parents met years ago while gambling at the Santa Anita racetrack in Arcadia, Calif.

erica schoenberg dating

The two gamblers fell in love and along came Erica on March 25,born while the family was living in Akron, Ohio. With betting in her blood, Erica grew up gambling as a natural pastime. In their spare time, the family would play cards or place bets on nearly everything.

Erick Lindgren and Erica Schoenberg Get Married

The Schoenbergs lived in a small town with only three television stations and not much else to do, so Erica often spent time at the nearby racetrack with her dad. They would gamble on just about anything for just about anything, from pocket change to Erica being let out of her chores.

erica schoenberg dating

Schoenberg has credited those early gambling experiences with helping develop her math skills. In fact, her very first win at a competition wasn't at the felt but at the Knox County Math Championship. Though she had a knack for numbers and an affinity for gambling and card playing, she first put those brains to work in college rather than in casinos.

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While studying for her degree in theater, Erica continued to work on her card skills in a variety of different games. After graduation Erica tried out a few different careers.

erica schoenberg dating

She spent time working as a model and gave pro beach-volleyball tournament play a shot.