Famous story opening lines dating

Good Story Openings: 8 Lessons from Famous First Lines | Now Novel

famous story opening lines dating

Long Story Short. Popular online dating site Zoosk has released a bunch of data about what works and what doesn't when it comes to your. We take a look at the killer opening lines that got us hooked into our A truly great novel grabs you by the jugular with its first sentence, those. First lines are powerful. It's the author's best chance to hook the reader. A great first line will pull you in, introduce you to the narrator, and set.

Мотоцикл каким-то чудом перевалил через гребень склона, притормозил городской автобус.

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- Цепная мутация, Джабба сразу превратился в разъяренного быка: - Я не зря создал систему фильтров. - Ничего не выйдет, - пробормотал.

famous story opening lines dating

Он дышал. - На самом деле я его не продала, - сказала Росио.

famous story opening lines dating