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Flip Me™ Dating Launches with a party at the Kimberly Hotel

flipme dating

Listen to this week's radio show where my featured guest, Rachel DeAlto from Flip Me Dating talked about the popularity and ease of the. Today's top Flip Me Dating coupon: Check Out How It Works. Get 1 coupon for Jun 21, FlipMe is a fun and easy way for women to start take charge of their dating life and start calling the shots. Here's how it works: Once a target has.

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flipme dating

Now when you see someone who gives you a tingle, you can casually walk by and place the card in front of them, slip it in their pocket, or hand it to them. The unsuspecting person picks up the card and sees a witty phrase inscribed on the front. From redlining to the opioid crisis to the flint water crisis, we're exploring why and what is making food insecurity worse in the United States. So Flip Me cards give women a chance to literally flip the script and take charge of their dating lives as they do with their careers, their finances, and all other facets of life.

In a subtle way, lady-like way of course. For Rachel, the idea was inspired by her own life. She was quietly eating dinner with her parents at a restaurant one day, when John DeAlto spied her from across the restaurant where he was sitting with friends. Not wanting to interrupt her, he sent a napkin with his phone number to her via the server.

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She called him after three days. Six weeks later they were married. This made them both wonder: How often do people give up in those awkward situations? And Flip Me was born.

flipme dating

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