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i kiss dating goodbye movie

20 years after "I Kissed Dating Goodbye," Joshua Harris encounters If we exceed our Kickstarter goal by $6K (CAD) we can take this film. I Survived I Kissed Dating Goodbye follows author Joshua Harris as he pursues new insights on dating, sexuality, and relationships in a soul-searching. In "I Survived I Kissed Dating Goodbye" follow author Joshua Harris as he faces Movie. CommunitySee All. Highlights info row image. 1, people like this.

This is a minor source of heartbreak for me, which ironically is exactly what courtship was supposed to help me avoid.

I am now fond of the CS Lewis quote: To love at all is to be vulnerable. Josh and Jessica did well by examining IKDG in light of the larger cultural influences that were present inas the story of the purity movement is bigger than IKDG. I appreciated the diversity represented in the interviews. The speakers came from different traditions or intellectual backgrounds a secular columnist! The moral here is very old: We wrote some rules, but our rules created new problems.

i kiss dating goodbye movie

I am reminded of Elijah in 1 Kings: It was interesting to hear more about the "purity culture" in the late 90's that served as a cultural influence to the book. The film sparked a lot of discussion between us about societal and Christian influences with regards to dating and marriage and the role that sex plays in the whole scenario.

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In some ways I feel that the book has been unfairly scapegoated for the failures and shortcomings of the whole purity culture. It is sad to hear that this book was taken as the ultimate guide to successful dating relationships and ultimately marriage. Perhaps it is this approach to the book, that has been the source of much of the hurt that has been experienced.

Josh's ability not only to face his critics, but to examine the influences on his own thoughts and beliefs when he wrote the book is refreshing. It definitely sparks conversation about how to navigate relationships in the 21st century.

In the documentary, you can follow Josh's journey, get interesting insights from a variety of different perspectives readers, critics, experts etc.

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At times, the documentary felt slightly redundant. For example, the observations that Josh's book was held up as a Bible and that marriage should not be "the ultimate" thing were pointed out several times in different ways, so at some point I felt "yeah I get it" ;- But apart from that, the documentary was really well-done - nice visuals, good pacing and good camera work. I highly recommend this documentary.

Even the fact that an author was willing to question his own book publicly deserves respect, I've not seen this anywhere else. As someone who grew up in the evangelical subculture influenced by IKDG, my friends and I have had a lot of conversations about some of the issues addressed in this film. The homeschooled wunderkind who first made a bang with his New Attitude magazine, triggered a full-out explosion with his debut book, I Kissed Dating Goodbye.

I Kissed Dating Goodbye Video Part I Love HD Movie

It went on to sell over a million copies and to impact countless lives and relationships. Sponsor Become a Patron But twenty years have passed and a lot has changed since then.

i kiss dating goodbye movie

Josh got married, began a family, pastored a megachurch, endured some gruelling trials, moved to Vancouver, and pursued graduate studies.

And along the way he began to re-evaluate I Kissed Dating Goodbye and its two sequels. He began to grow concerned that his book, though well-intentioned, had caused as much harm as good.

He began to wonder if what he espoused there was wise and, of even greater concern, biblical. He mapped out a journey or project in which he would listen to people who had been impacted by his work to learn how it had influenced them.

I Survived "I Kissed Dating Goodbye"

He begins by describing some of the recent blowback against the book—mostly people taking advantage of social media to describe how it had negatively impacted them.

He sets up Skype calls with a whole list of people to hear their concerns and gather information about how they had benefited or suffered because of his books and the wider purity and courtship movements.

And then he sets out on a journey around North America to speak to a variety of people who were damaged by his book and had spoken against it. There are lots of stories to be told and lots of critiques to be offered.

What does he conclude along the way? Some of his conclusions are interesting, though, in retrospect, kind of obvious. The book subtly elevated marriage as an ideal state and singleness as something unfortunate and undesirable—a temporary state God meant to resolve.

i kiss dating goodbye movie

They also spoke of purity as a binary state that depended entirely on virginity. Virgins were pure and those who had lost their virginity or had it stolen from them were impure. And who would want to marry an impure person?

i kiss dating goodbye movie

The old enemy legalism—salvation or sanctification by manmade rules—was not far behind. In this case, courtship was elevated as the mark of godly people while dating was denounced as the mark of ungodly or apathetic people.