Iveco 35 c 14 dating

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iveco 35 c 14 dating

EXP Website ref.: Bodywork, Refrigerated van. Make, Iveco. Range (make: Iveco), Daily. Model, 35C Condition, used. Date of first registration. First Production Date: Last Production Date: Gearbox: IVECO DAILY III Platform/Chassis 35 S 11,35 C 11 (A2FC13AA, A6FBU4AB, A2NB14A1. The Iveco Daily is a large light commercial van produced by the Italian automaker Iveco since . "Iveco Daily celebrates 40 years of success". Iveco. 20 July Retrieved 4 January ^ "Vieni, c'è una casa tutta da guidare nell'anno che verrà".

Our performance enhancements are delivered ready-to-install. A detailed and illustrated step-by-step guide facilitates installation. Clearly labelled components and wiring also make things really easy.

This makes the installation of the PowerControl really straight forward and, depending on the vehicles make and model, usually takes no longer than 30 minutes. Can I transfer my PowerControl to my new vehicle? You can send it in for us take care of the conversion for you or visit our HQ and let us do the rest.

iveco 35 c 14 dating

The new engines technology should be compatible with that of the current systems. Do I need to report my insurance? Only in Europe What about my vehicle warranty? An increase in performance may lead to the exclusion of warranty claims against the seller and any warranty claims against the manufacturer.

You will receive a comprehensive guarantee package from DTE Systems. These continuously monitor engine signals and protect all the connected sensors which guards against ECU overload. Do the engines emission values remain unaffected? This amount is displayed within each product listing. When ordered before 3pm Mon-Fri an express delivery will be despatched on a Next Working Day delivery service.

Please contact us if you require a special delivery service such as next day or timed delivery or an international delivery service. We will always attempt to provide you with the service that you require.

For all delivery enquiries please Contact Us If you decide that you do not want any item that we have delivered, we are happy to offer you an exchange or refund within 30 days of delivery, provided that it is returned to us in its original and unused condition including in its original packagingalong with the returns note completed with reason s for return.

Items returned without a completed returns note cannot be accepted. Your returns note is included within your original delivery documentation or contact us for a replacement copy. All items returned by post unless faulty are returned at your cost. When returning items by post, you are advised to obtain a certificate of posting available from all Post Offices at no charge. If you post your item s back to us, we will endeavour to send you a replacement or refund your payment within 14 days, providing your completed Returns note is included with the items returned.

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For a Returns form Contact Us Autosessive Collection Depending on the size and weight of the item you wish to return, it may be necessary for Autosessive to collect your goods from you and we will charge you for collecting the goods if they are not faulty. We will inform you if collection is necessary when you contact us about your return. Placeacontainerunderthepowersteeringpumptorecover thesystemoil,thendisconnectoilinletanddeliverypipes 9 and Applytool 2 totheenginebracketstoremove theenginefromitsowncompartmentandslightlypullthe same Properly obstruct the turboblower air outlet to avoidcasualpenetrationofforeignbodiesintothe turboblower.

Undofasteningscrews 22 ,moveclutchcontrolcylinder 23 togetherwithitsbracketandproperlysecureittothechassis. Removethesealingfromring 1 ,thenunscrewthesameand disconnectthespeedindicatorcontrolcable.

Figure 4 Ifitisnecessarytodetachthegearboxfromtheengine,take outthefixingscrewsandremovethestartermotor. Thepowerunitmustberemovedfromtheengine compartment with the greatest care, to avoid damaging the remaining parts on the vehicle, in particularthesteeringboxoilpipes.

NOTE Disconnectexhaustpipe 9 fromtheturbobloweroutlet pipe. Removenuts 14 securingelasticsupports 13 tothechassis.

IVECO Daily 35C14 refrigerated truck

Removebolts 3 securingdriveshaft 4 tothegearbox; remove,ifnecessary,screws 24 securingelasticsupport 25 tothechassis,thenproperlysecurethedriveshafttothe chassis. In case of vehicles equipped with automatic transmission, disconnect gearbox-chassis cable connector 27 fromthecontrolunit.

Spread the gearbox input shaft with Molikote molybdenumdisulphidegrease. Whenmountingit,makesurethepipedoes notcomeintocontactwithsharpmetalpartsorcorners or with any particularly hot parts. In addition, after assembly,thepipemusthavenobendsorconstrictions, itsradiusofcurvatureshouldbebroadanditmustbe secured to the vacuum pump fitting with a suitable clamp.

Tightenhoseclips,if necessary; -nooilleaksfrombetweencoverandcylinderhead,oil sump and crankcase, oil filter and housing, heat exchangerandcrankcaseorfromlubricationcircuitlines; -no fuel leaks frominjection pumpandinjectorlines.

Tightenfittingsifnecessary; -checkthatinjectionpumpcontrollinkageallowstheflow regulation to perform its full travel in both directions. Whenpositioningtheengineintheenginebay, takespecialcarenottodamagethetoppipeofthe power steering and the soundproof-heatproof claddingoftheenginebay.

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Slackenoffthetensionofthebelt 1 usingaspecificwrench ontheautomatictightener 2 andremovethebelt. Release the automatic tightener 2. Figure 6 Assembly Fittheflexiblebelt 3 equippedwithtool 2 onthepulley 4 andapplythetoolonthepulley 1.

Fitthedrivering 5 ontheflexiblebelt 3 andfasten theringonthecompressorsupport. Turn the drive shaft clockwise until the belt fits perfectlyonthepulley 1.

Removethefan 10 fromtheelectromagneticcoupling 8. Disconnect the electrical connection 9 from the electromagneticcoupling 8. Take out the fixing screws 2 and 3 and remove the mountingtogetherwiththeelectromagneticcoupling 8.

iveco 35 c 14 dating

Takeoutthescrewsandremovethefixedtightener 4 and theautomatictightener 5. Removescrews 7 ,thendisassemblepulley 6. Removethewiringfromthetimingcover 12 anddismantle this.

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Takeoffthecap 2 andremovethesoundproofingcover Disconnectthepipes 19 fromthepipe Disconnecttheelectricconnection 28 fromsensor Takeoutthefixingscrews 26 andremovetheexpansion tank 29 ;disconnecttheelectricalconnectionforthelevel indicatorfromtheexpansiontankandputthetank 29 aside appropriately. Takeoutthescrews 23 andremovethebracket 22 fixing thesoundproofingcover Removetheplugs 24 fromtheoverheadandtheplug 14 fromtheoilpump—vacuumpumpassemblymounting.

Turnthecrankshaftclockwisesoastobeabletoinsertthepins 25 throughtheholesintheplugs 24 intothe relevant holes of the camshafts and pin 15 throughtheholeintheplug 14 intothecrankshaft. Loosenthescrew 17 securingtheautomatictightener 16 andremovethetimingbelt Inserttool 8 intotheholeofthetoothedpulley 7 and into the corresponding hole of the overhead to prevent changingtheassemblypositionofthetoothedpulley 7 inthe followingoperations.

Loosenthescrew 9 fixingthetoothedpulley 7 and,usingtool ,drivethepulley 7 outofthecamshaft. Rotatetheenginebytwoturnsinitsdirectionofrotationuntilthepointof tool 1 engagementintothedriveshaftisreached. Verify, undertheaboveconditions,thatreferencehole 5 isfoundwithinindex 4 as represented in box C ; otherwise, the aforesaid operations shall be repeated.

Afterassembly,thebelt 10 tensionmeasuredusingtoolmust beasfollowsinthefollowingpoints: Keepingthescrew 2 stationaryandusingasuitablewrenchonthehexagon oftheplate 3 ofthetightener,turnitanticlockwisetocoverthereference hole 5 locatedonthefixedportionofthetightener seeframe B. Removethetools 6 and 11 forthetiming.

Turntheengineinitsdirectionofrotationby8turnstobeabletoputthe tools 6 and 11 backintodothetiming. Intheseconditions,thenotchesofthetimingbelt 10 mustcoincidewith thoseofthepulley 7 andthegear Turntheautomatictightener 1 clockwise,positioningitasshowninframe A.

Turnthetimingbelt 10 asshowninthefigureobservingtheprecautions below. The arrowsmustcorrespondtothedirectionofrotationofthebeltandthe notchesmustcoincidewiththoseonthepulley 7 andthegear Ifrequiredtofitthetimingbelt 10 onthepulley 7 ,removetool 8 andturnthepulley 7 clockwisebynomorethan halfapulleytooth. In certain conditions overrun: This self-learning process is carried out on each single cylinder.

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Therefore,replacinganelectricalinjectorinvolvestheneed ofreprogrammingthecentralunitbyenteringtheIMAcodes of new electrical injectors and resetting the rectification factors ZFC ofthecylinderconsidered. Replacingallelectricalinjectorsextendstheneedofresetting to all the rectification coefficients ZFC of each single electricalinjector.

iveco 35 c 14 dating

Productiondate ElectricalinjectorsarenotassignedanymoretoclassesMin 01 - Med 02 - Max 03 ; therefore, flow rate deviations from design values are detected, during final check step, by the manufacturer on each single injector and printed with I. Fit a fresh gasket 12 onto the electro-injector 10 and fit this in the overhead.

Iveco Daily 35C14