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James Andrew Michael (born September 26, ) is an American record producer, songwriter, mixer, vocalist and musician. He is currently the lead singer of the rock band Sixx:A.M. album, "This Is Gonna Hurt", which debuted at #10 on the Billboard Hot and its second track, "Lies of the Beautiful People", went No. A man of many skills, James Michael's resume includes record producing, 2 Volumes that SIXX:A.M. will launch in , you can find Michael's credits for. Apr 6, Mötley Crüe Producer and Sixx:A.M. Vocalist James Michael Talks Shop Michael has a lengthy history with Sixx, dating back to his writing In this day and age, with record sales down, with the costs of going to a studio, you.

So this record kind of became a celebration of that, and in a way, as we dug into these influences, the history of music kind of became the book. So we found ourselves actually having a book to create to, but it was just this incredible lineage of music that has inspired us over the years.

We wanted to be very blatant about that. You never have five or six songs that sound the same or has similar tempos and stuff.

And yet we call those rock records! Nowadays, the perception of rock music has become very narrow. We wanted to kind of break that down. We wanted to remind ourselves and people that there are a lot of different kind of rock music and when you look back at those times of records that were very diverse and went on a totally different journey, we still call those rock records.

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We wanted to kind of break those walls down and not be narrow in our thinking. You wanted to put the freedom back in rock… Yeah, I think so. We wanted to put the freedom, the rebellion… All of that. But the vintage part is really more about the spirit of it and the concept of record: Was that the whole point? It kind of became the point. We knew we wanted to do a cover song and one day Nikki sang the first line to that song and said: What I love about the production on that song is that we wanted to really shift the focus of the listener, we wanted to shift the focus back to what the message and the lyrics of that song were.

I actually used a vocoder on my voice on the chorus of that song, and I did that for very specific reasons.

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A lot of people today in the pop music world are starting to use vocoder again, so to them it has a very modern sound to it. So that song in particular is really doing that beautiful dance between the new and the old.

We knew it was kind of going to be at the back end of the record. But, yeah, I think it was a really perfect way to close out the record. And so it was a real perfect way for Sixx: So as soon as we finished making the record, we went back into the studio and took these lyrics and took these songs and shifted those.

This alternate version of this one song ended being one of my favorite moments on the entire recording of Modern Vintage. When we did that song we were really, really leaning on the Bee Gees for just the feel in the vocal arrangement and stuff like that. I think that stays very true to the concept of Modern Vintage. I love that song. So they kind of held that funk, almost disco type of vibe, but I think in the typical Sixx: I think that people are really going to be able to relate to that song for that reason.

Some songs on the album sometimes have a kind of Muse feeling… Oh, cool! Do you have any affinities with this band? I think that I love Muse because Muse clearly loves a lot of the same type of bands that we love. Yeah, I love that kind of stuff and I was excited that we were able to work that into that song. This Is Gonna Hurt was different from The Heroin Diaries and this new one sounds pretty different from the two previous albums.

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Is it important to not limit yourselves and try to make albums that have each a distinctive personality? We see no point in making the same record over and over and over and over.

I thank god for them and for all of their records. All three of you in Sixx: So does that actually allow you a special freedom with that band? And think that that freedomthat risk taking, is where some of our most special moments come. Were you taken by surprise with the success of the band? Then one day we got a call saying: You mean, this is a real album?

When we were creating stuff we always said: So it was a really exciting shift for us. But have you discussed about adding a permanent drummer in the band? I think that we would have to see. What are you thought about that retrospectively? What was your feeling about the fact that the work you did for other artists had more success than your own stuff? Yeah, I did a solo record in called Inhale. Nothing is external anymore. I could recall Saints and make an adjustment of 1dB and a half if they wanted it.

Any sacrifices going from analog to digital you make up for in cost and ability to recall. What led you to production and engineering? Who are your influences? I would have to break my career down into parts. Freddie Mercury and Paul Rodgers are artists I love, who became my idols. The list would go on and on — any particular recording I loved, that producer would become a hero.

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Chris Lord-Alge and Mike Shipley, who is a friend, colleague and hero. You also play a number of instruments. I would learn out of necessity. I was 14, my dad was paying for sessions and the engineer was padding the bill by working slowly.

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I would think, I can do this quicker! Necessity was always behind me expanding my horizons. I would love to play harmonica. I taught myself sax for a while. Are you a collector? Do you endorse anyone in particular? I am a huge Line 6 fan, and I love Eleven. I was one of the first to use it unabashedly. I have a Gibson ESa jazz guitar that I love for its deep, rich, mellow sound. I go to them for specific reasons, for that character orthat tone, but there is no particular favorite.

We always hear about the bass and drums being in the pocket to create the backbone of a band. How do you build that with bass and guitar? What it comes down to is getting capable musicians, locking it in, and then finding the pocket is easy.

Some of the songs on The Heroin Diaries were years old. How did you keep them modern and fresh? What was added, musically and technically, and how did you keep them from being just an experience of living in the past? Those are great questions.

First, an old song is an old song if it was released a long time ago, and none of those songs were ever released. I wrote four of the songs: If you wrote it ten years ago and release it now, then it becomes what modern is.